We can see it from this documentary this year

In fact, we can see from this documentary this year that there is still some gap between him and the management of the team in terms of communication and dialogue. It’s not like there is a gap between him and the management of the team. That’s right. Sometimes he criticizes whether or not to renew his contract, how to sign a contract with the team, and the door is not clear. His level of integration and participation is certainly not as good as James .

In this way, the right to speak is so decisive for me. In fact, I think it must be caused by such a big environment that the players of different times in NBA have different weight to speak. But I have to mention that the modern champion lineup that the Laker team can build, or more accurately, it can come from the trading market.

If we talk about Davis, the end of this season means that his contract has expired, and the Lakers will definitely use the top salary.

But what do you think of Davis and James, under their two big contracts, looking forward to next year or two or three years from now? It seems that the atmosphere of the two superstars is very good, and the atmosphere of the whole team is very good. I’m the management of the Laker.

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The Cavaliers could be this summer or this off-season or something

As for the breakup, how can they quarrel? Their contract has expired. Yes, he doesn’t quarrel. He just doesn’t renew his contract. That’s right. In fact, from this point of view, it also implies the thunder. The Cavaliers may enter the playoffs this summer or this off-season or some actions. Although Paul will enter the playoffs next season, I think it’s very likely that the thunder will win this year Paul’s deal.

The value is very high. I think it’s possible to give Paul and the education team more opportunities to this young man. I know such a thought of the team management, and I also choose to leave such a state of pursuit, which may be several years before I return to the playoffs. Yes, actually, as far as I know.

Recently, Donovan didn’t renew his contract with thunder because thunder’s long-term goal in the future is to rebuild and train young players. After all, they have several 10 draft signings in their hands. In fact, there are a little more than ten draft signings in the long term. That must be an attempt.

Donovan, a time line for training rookies, chose to leave because he didn’t want to be the so-called charger coach. So I think the reason why he chose bulls is that he really liked them. In fact, there are some gifted players in his hands. I think how difficult the function is now. Why are the card friends in his hands.

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The most important one is called the root of disease

Now, a sense of freedom, the lineup, the book of many young people, very talented young people, but you have the feeling that their talents have been buried. I don’t know whether the training can’t keep up with it or that the team system has been relatively lack of management. Ah, I always feel that their talent has not been realized. In addition, sibodu has a famous one This alliance.

A very famous feature is that he will take the star of the team, playing time, to the horizontal lira. Basically, you are the main force of his team. You play 35 minutes and 36 minutes every game, and you can’t run away. So next season, ADI Barrett or the Blue Shield will be good.

If they stay in the team, ah, the playing time must be appropriate and guaranteed. Then we have been very optimistic about whether Mitchell Robinson, who can’t play, is afraid to become the biggest winner next season. After talking about so much about the good part of the cell, the scene will finally have a chance to tell us why you gave us a C.

Almost, I was almost convinced by you. I changed the score. Ah, let me ask you a question. Besides Dolan, the biggest problem of the Knicks is defense. I have a big enough problem with Doran. This is the most important one. This is called the root of disease.

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If Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, his data will be very good

Face up, if Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, his data will be very good. But I feel that even if Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, the Knicks may still be unable to get out of the mire next season, and may still be a relatively backward team in the East. Yes, the main problem is not awe or the boss of the Knicks, but we will talk about it in the next program.

During the draft convention, ah, let’s take a look at a series of Nix’s rice fat operations in the draft convention. It’s also very interesting. If Weisheng comes to the Knicks with a beard, he comes to Brooklyn across the net, and there are big brother Durant and three elder brothers harden playing the finals level.

Basketball, although Manhattan on the other side is in this golden Manhattan, Wei Shao can only carry a four piece rotten signboard with a group of young people, but may not even be able to enter the playoffs. In fact, I am also very sorry for Wei Shao, a player.

The contribution of this data on the field is really history, level, and his player is very personal. Do you remember when Wei Shao broke the news that he wanted to leave the Rockets, he said what kind of team he wanted to go to? Generally like this older player.

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Clay’s losses on the defensive end include a part of the offensive side

However, I feel that fortunately, the latter transaction may save the warriors who are about to collapse in a certain extent. It is true that this transaction will not let the warriors return to the championship line in my opinion, but if the warriors have done something in the playoffs next season, they can’t read it, and it can really make up for it.

Clay’s loss on the defensive side, including the offensive side, is actually a little bit outdated and less than we expected in terms of the return thunder gets in this deal. It’s not like those styles, right? It’s the lions who talk big, right? Because next year we know 21 years is.

The NBA draft year, but the warriors’ first round draft right is basically not lotto, and this first round signing is still protected. Yes, but in fact, the value of this chip is not particularly high. Then why do you think thunder and lightning want to make this deal? Anyway, the first thing that jumps into my head is conspiracy theory.

I think the thunder is still facing the Clippers. If the Clippers don’t play well, this is not a conspiracy theory.

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The Bucks boss is very sincere

In the long run, let’s not say it in chronological order. I think it’s more reasonable to follow the sequence of the plot. Let’s first focus on the two deals of the Milwaukee Bucks, the regular season champion of the Eastern Conference in the past two seasons. Now it seems that there is only one transaction, right.

Big oolong, yes, this is also a very topical news, that is, the Milwaukee Bucks first completed the transaction with the Kobayashi team. That’s right, the New Orleans pelicans sent Zhu huoledi and a second round signing for the bucks.

Yes, bradeso, George Hill, three first round signings and two future first round draft swap rights. I think this deal, first of all, we should give applause to the bucks. It can be said that the Bucks owner is very sincere and disappointed again in the playoffs last season.

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What does that prove before we realize James’s greatness

What does that prove? Before we realized James’ greatness, we were used to the secret of his great $100. Almost no one could take 100 dollars from drosa’s hand because he offered to provide a strategy of summer politics. In the Eastern Conference semi-finals, drozan and the Raptors played James with nothing.

JJ looks competitive in the regular season team is vulnerable to the all-out James, and in the middle of the season, the gatehouse has completed two deals with the actual staffing of the Raptors against discriminators.

They got Sergie from the magic team of Warcraft, and the T-T tank from the Suns for bacca. The goal was very clear. They increased the risk and improved the sports ability. However, they underestimated James’s destructive power. We should feel embarrassed, we should feel angry, we should be born.

In the climate of losing to Kiki in a row and so on, Casey became a little bit out of shape in the face of media interviews, while his favorite player, Deron, directly appealed to the world for help. If anyone could find a way to stop LeBron James, I would give him $100 in the second game of the series

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I really realized that I really had a chance to go to the NBA

Big sky division rookie of the year and division best lineup first team, bilard’s average score in sophomore season increased to 19.9 points. It was not until the sophomore season that I really realized that I really had a chance to go to the NBA.

In fact, Lillard said this, but fate and Lisa, but fate and Lillard had a joke, just when he was full of hope for his future, his basketball career suffered a major injury.

His toe broke, because of this injury led to Lillard’s absence, most of the junior season, but also because of this time, magic, and then Lillard ushered in the senior season, attention ushered in the rebirth, the whole senior his game average.

He scored an average of 25:24:5 a game, which made him once again the division’s player of the year. At the 2014 draft convention, general manager of the Blazers, Neil olshi, signed Lillard with his 16th in his hand, and Lillard stepped on his own.

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The word speed became the winner and loser of the game

Grizzly coach Feist, his anger, his angry remarks brought a fine, but brought Grizzlies after a ray of life, sharp season, Chapter 4, critical moments of Africa.

During the pause, frown tightly and shout speed four times. Don’t think the highest score. Vocabulary has nothing to do with the grizzly spurs, which are the countdown teams in the league. The word “speed” has become the winner or loser of the game. Here for the Grizzlies, the word “speed” has become the winner or loser.

When you and Conley, the one side shooter in that volume, are brilliant in this series. They speed up one big four small, change the attack of all kinds of vehicles and horses from falling position to base, and the ground is bigger than the chance to be small and quick, except Conley Tony Allen’s injury, maybe Grizzlies used a large number of them in nisgreen.

It is green who are flexible and flexible, which makes the past seem a bit clumsy. Grizzlies recover those sheep farms and get tianwangshan. On morality and Parker, they decide to take over the game. They pull the dog lightly and surprise them in time. The big score is 2-2.

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In the 21st place, the nba1 staff came to him for statistics

You know what? I’m still half American, and Popper made excuses, so he wrote about my 2011 draft day when Parker came to Madison garden square in New York, garden writer in the green house. To the 21st, the nba1 staff came to him for statistics.

He came on stage, and I went down to the stage to hold my memories, and when I had one minute left on my watch, I didn’t have to change my mind.

Having to go back to his seat, Red Auerbach, the old patriarch of green mountain green, saw the leader of the greatest player, Parker, who lost his position and stayed there. The Spurs began to actively discuss the deal before he was selected more than ten times.

They didn’t succeed in the exchange for the top players and draft rights. They were all nervous all the way. They watched several retired teams with only vacant seats. They let go of Parker, so they got to the 27th pacer, who also needed it. David Stern, President of NBA, announced that the Pacers had chosen eyelashes

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