A chance to play after work

The second, also, insinuates the first, the condition is that your physical condition is good. If your physical condition is not good, you can’t have enough, um, enough balls. At last, when you hit the back, we said that Anthony’s 60 home pitches were almost aimless, and the ball couldn’t be played. It really couldn’t be played.

This netizen, er, said that KULI ah often clocks 50 points in three quarters and doesn’t have a chance to play after work. We have to analyze this problem. Does a player have a lot of time and opportunities in his whole career and long career? Can’t he get 60 players in one game? Obviously. It’s not an excuse. It’s feeble to say this kind of excuse.

I’m a member of Kobe’s team. You have to tell them that you three Capricorns clock out and get off work, so you can’t reach 60. So how did Kobe’s 81 score come from? How did so many 60 come from. Also, is it a cheat? Is it Iverson, Kobe bridge, Iverson, Coby, O’Neill, McGrady, or something like that? They have never pruned the clock to get off work? If we all want to attribute these factors to, ah, curry Durant.

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There is also a terrier who is so interested

Just short of the quality of the last two shot put points, it gave infinite opportunities. That’s McKee. This kind of show turned to lay up, turn over, jump shot, ah, you heard right. McKee also had turn over jump shot. In that game, there was turn over jump shot. Do you think McKee had the strength of turn over jump? He couldn’t make it.

Finally, to sell a chicken, to win 10 plus 10 plus 10, shanshuang’s data, according to McKee’s excited, too excited, too long, finally these three pairs are not counted. Anyway, um, there is such a thing in my memory, which is also a joke in the league. There is also a terrier who is so interested. You can go through the information to have a look. Ah, so a triple double may be a very important thing for some players.

For weishao, now we have a chance to touch the eggplant three or the triple double king in history. There is a chance to touch all the three pairs of jealousy are difficult to enter the arms, ah, this may be a kind of idea or an idea of Wei Shao, just like curry to all the three points, three points record can enter the arms, but it may be a concept, but someone else curry does have this strength, is also born.

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It seems that there has been a qualitative change in this way of playing

In particular, the team has, um, I think if I look at it like this, it’s almost like a warrior, right? Durant curry Thompson, it’s almost like this. Um, basically, it’s a copy of the championship mode. Um, I don’t know what kind of panacea the Bucks have taken this season. Compared with last season, it seems that there has been a qualitative change in this way of playing, a kind of sublimation. It’s better, brother. We have to observe it through more games. Ah, basically speaking, it’s OK. 89. I’m sure.

Basically, this kind of play will continue all the time. So, er, can we still stay in the East 123? Next, let’s talk about the hot topic recently, which is the hot topic in the past two days. James, about the news about the Lakers, I know James is so good in front of the media. Maybe he said something wrong again. That is, in the media interview, he is suspected of recruiting Anthony Davis. Today, he is a big fan. Yes, he is suspected of this.

However, it can be said that, er, it won’t last long, so we won’t give these young players a lot of time. Well, in such a season, 82 games in such a season, the basic thing is to make sure who will stay and who will leave, so there will be big names next year. It’s certain that players will join the captain of the Los Angeles team, because James is an ambitious man. James will never allow it. He just gives you too much time. I came here to win the championship. I came here to play in the finals, right? I didn’t come here to train young players for the Los Angeles team.

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The key is that the players who deal with the ball are Durant

Thomson can keep the right to guarantee the hand every year. Thomson, ah, I think that a Cole’s care is still very in place. A little bit of the Durant, a little watermelon, then this one in Curie. Make up all the hands. Ah, 17, 18, 9 times, uh, help you to make it up.

Otherwise, it is also a damage to the whole team. After all, the team, in many critical moments, or, uh, should we say it is the basis or the need for the three people, curithompson and green, to lay the foundation well, the key moment is that Durant is needed to stand out.

We see it every time we see. In the space station, the key is that the players who deal with the ball are Durant. So Cole has obvious bias on this issue. He believes that the fact that he is not in dispute with Durant and less believes in Kuri is a fact can be reflected from one side.

The difference between Durant and Kuri is different. So for James to lead the Lakers, they can play in the top four. Can we? Personally, it is very unlikely because you are not a player of quantity. I am still convinced Durant will believe that Durant will believe it is impossible.

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Even when the three young players came together to play Spurs

Of course, yes, Kobe has the ability to assist, to pass the ball, to smell and to understand. In this position, you want to ask Kobe to play point guard. OK, he can, believe it or not. But Thompson, if you want him to play point guard, he can’t do it. If you ask him to end, he has to end.

But ha, what kind of a player is Deng? We have also seen that from shooting guard to point guard, he also won the MVP scoring champion with assists, which proves that his strength was as early as when he played spurs and heat in the thunder three years. A player’s potential: at that time, the thunder team’s three young harden did not reach 156 points per game. He was the main controller.

Even when the three young players came together to play Spurs and heat, they were Williams and harden for most of the time. So at that time, harden had the ability to control the ball, which is essentially different from Thompson, so Thompson’s ability is never to think of, Jihad, this height is absolutely impossible. At that time, the Rockets were, er, two years ago, I remember.

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The big brother or the modern basketball players must go out and develop


But this is Collins, an internal player, 4-5, 5, right, right, no technology, and, fuck. Right. Right. 50% is it? Are you high? Like now, if you put it on this kind of inner line network, you can see that 67% of Chengdu is because those who don’t pay attention to it now are right. When defense is available, it is right. It’s all empty. He’s like O’Neill. He’s about 5-86-7 by-7 times.

What is the rocket team? Well, this coffee is super high. The hit rate is right. It depends on how much O’Neill hit rate is. It’s hard for dobbyneil to see that, right. So, it is really a combination of games. The game on the field is too rough.

Right. The big brother or the modern basketball players must go out and develop. Well, a snake becomes a superstar. A parallel road must be able to be met. Then there should be a three point in the field. If you can put 1.5, then it will be very powerful. I will give you thumbs up. It is impossible to throw it on the Internet. If there are more than two on the head, it will not be possible to plunder.

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It’s a little less than 58 points

All through, prove that my MVP is not a real name. You can see the ability of Hardon. Well, I think you can understand basketball basically without rainstorm. It’s a little less than 58 points. 60 plus ah, as like as two peas in the year, Kobe is really the same.

This score is more than assists, many rebounds and bullies 060506. Kobila comes out to compare five points, namely, scoring rebounds, tackling and assisting shots. I can go, look, ah, well, I said I think that maybe in all directions, leading Hagen in a single field score is not that high, there is no top other links.

The three data scoring rebounds should be all-round lead well. Well, well, I can only say that, well, it’s a great game, but you can see that the Rockets are not good enough to fight the hard work now.

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The concept of the small ball era that 12345

The concept of the small ball era that 12345 has been played by the warriors or led by the warriors has been very vague. Now we are talking about 12345 just functional. Well, it is clear that the 12345 is just functional. Come on, name, and don’t eat me in the real market. 12345 is the position.

That is, functional is very important. What function do you play on the court, so what position do you reflect, so we say that the Rockets team is only 135. O’wei didn’t understand this 24 weeks ago, because there is no such function on the cabinet. If you can’t understand us, then we may not be on a level. Right. I can’t help it. I can’t help it. I will tell you that I personally feel this thing.

It seems that I have said very thoroughly and very simple position of rocket team No. 1. On the one hand, hardenbauer has the ability to organize the ball with the master control ability, and can play double guard in position 2, but they still play in series team for more time. So Hardon is wrong with this kind of play right now.

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What kind of lineup is the Rockets in today

No front lineup, seamless, freedom is death five small ah, right? You say card, villa can also say death five small doesn’t matter, kabela also switch also changed, you think kabela is four can completely no problem, as long as he changed, we always emphasize that we now basketball position concept is very fuzzy ah. It’s to judge the position of the player from the perspective of functionality, right?

What kind of lineup is the Rockets in today? Three guards and three small guards Gordon ha added, that’s right. Inside, inside, coffee, those. Tuckers Dennis told you which is the middle wind. His brother is the center, and his brother is the substitute of center taktin kabela. Then you go with the tiger, and you follow the NBA director. You don’t like it.

You say that it’s not right. He played 400000 small games, right? He doesn’t have a center lineup. This is the lineup. Do you understand. Ah, who’s going to top the coffee? Does kabela need to top it? Is it necessary for someone to top his position when ecabella is not here? Does he also need to top it? Does 2345 chase? The Rockets’ lineup can be infinitely switched. It’s called the concept of infinitely changing defence. How can this be done this time.

It may change the environment

Yeah, of course, it’s really bad for this team. Really lazy. I think Davis, who is very poor, has wasted a lot of youth in this team.

Ah, this team, if it is a bad team without him, it is a poor boy without a father or a mother. An orphan has no one to claim it. It’s really pitiful. This place is not a good place. It is not a good place to bring in any big players. Cusins, ah, come here. Yeah, most of them are cheated. I think it is also cheated. Well, there is no way. It can’t be mixed with the kings. It may change the environment.

Maybe there will be some breakthrough. So it is true. If there is no injury last year, it is also a good thing to play playoffs. Breakthrough, first round, and the elimination of pioneers are also a bright point. Right, you have to say, well, if there is a team of corhins this year, well, it’s no problem playing playoffs, right, right, but what stage can I reach? Well, I think it’s hard. If you play modern basketball, you have to play double high doubles.

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