It’s who’s comprehensive and who’s ability

The ability of ten cans is better than that of curry. You don’t know who knows the goods. You also compete with me for the champion. You have to know the history to compare.

You only know the five years and the ten years now. In the whole history of NBA, why do you say that the number of champions in curry makes enemies for the champions? And who is Durant? But second, we have to say that 60 is a sign that you don’t have. Is there a pearl in the crown?

Do you understand this reason? You can see why Jordan can surpass all the players in the history because all his awards and all his honors have perspective. From this point of view, it’s not who won the championship several times, it’s who’s comprehensive and who’s ability. 60 companies are stronger. It’s a sign that they are entangled in their whole career. You and TAN Chao have no 60 companies.

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The clippers have already made assists

The Spurs, the warriors and the Clippers are the team captains. Of course, we have to clarify and explain our tone and emotional color in the program. For example, if we want to beat up, who doesn’t mean that the beaten team is slandered by us.

That’s not what we mean. It’s just for the needs of the program. It’s just for the needs of the program. There’s no such meaning of slander. Of course, if you want to play well, we also praise you, right? It’s like the first round warriors captain, the first western team captain, the eighth Western clippers. We know this team.

Ah, it’s also strange. It’s really strange to play in the playoffs. It’s strange to blame who? It’s strange to blame the Los Angeles team. It’s not winning. You see, in the end, it’s the clippers, right? It’s the Clippers in the eighth position. We’re right, right? The clippers have already made assists. Harris sold, all assists, assists, the Lakers, ah, you play the playoffs, right? If I don’t play, I can’t change it for you. It’s not enough to save a long time.

Right, the Lakers, ah, really don’t win, really don’t win, say it again, ah, it seems to be mentioned in this issue. Ah, in fact, it’s very simple. I think from the development of things to now, step by step, the resignation of Magic Johnson and so on, almost the general manager and so on, it’s criticized and so on. It seems that I have resigned or dismissed. I forgot to explain. The owners of both teams want to make a trade. The owners of both teams have this tendency, right? The people who are stuck below are, er, stink, shit in the pit, stink in the pit, your stone, right? They are not willing to compromise. Magic Johnson, we said four 14 before.

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This thing is really, you have to be brave enough to say that

This thing is really, you have to be brave enough to say that. It’s just bullshit. Er, if Simmons doesn’t hold the title of CB, he doesn’t hold so many halos, so much media attention, I even think such a player will disrupt the plan. For this level, ah, two rounds, three rounds, the playoffs, this level, ah, we should go to play the substitute, sincerely, we should play the substitute, play the starting point, not right, organize the team, not right, not right, no assists, not right, no long-range shots, not in the middle, not giving up the threat.

You can’t play with the team or other players, right? You can only, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can.

If there is no threat, he doesn’t have to care about you. It’s just to defend which pass line. Well, you can shoot right at will. You can shoot right from three meters away. You can do whatever you want. Maybe Simmons can play on the bench. It’s probably a better choice to bring a substitute.

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It’s necessary to discuss whether we can play any position in the first four playoffs of the Western

It’s very troublesome. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, such as how much the contract will be given or not. Well, when will it be given? At this time, I’m already in a mess, especially now I’m going to take an elective course. When he is about to start, he is in a mess.

Well, the problem we are considering is not next season, but next season. Next season, we know that he has basically faded out of the championship stage. Well, for example, when he sponsored the championship stage, he once reached the finals and played in the West.

It’s necessary to discuss whether we can play any position in the first four playoffs of the Western Conference finals, so let’s say, we, er, we’re going to have another program in the next few days to talk about the contract between Thomson and Durant. Look at the end.

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I think that a hundred million in 14 years is much better

Well, now there are news, media and professionals. They are optimistic that hofford will get an annual salary of more than 110 million in four years. It’s quite terrible. I think that a hundred million in 14 years is much better. It’s more than 110 million. If we can really get it, we’ll be forced to play a little bit on both sides of the face in the NBA.

Well, we’re very happy, but we’re happy, we’ll play a little bit on both sides, so we don’t want to repeat it. Let’s write a script. Let’s talk about my personal experience. I’m afraid of opinions. This story should be developed like this. Celtic team has a lot of internal and external troubles. Don’t think about the championship.

The eastern championship is also a dream, right? For hofford to jump out of the contract, Owen now. If you’re not sure whether you’re going or staying, well, just think of hofford. You’re 33 years old, young and strong, and you’re rich and powerful. It’s too small to take a 30 million contract now. You should jump out of the contract and sign a four-year and five-year contract. Look, guitar.

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