We can see it from this documentary this year

In fact, we can see from this documentary this year that there is still some gap between him and the management of the team in terms of communication and dialogue. It’s not like there is a gap between him and the management of the team. That’s right. Sometimes he criticizes whether or not to renew his contract, how to sign a contract with the team, and the door is not clear. His level of integration and participation is certainly not as good as James .

In this way, the right to speak is so decisive for me. In fact, I think it must be caused by such a big environment that the players of different times in NBA have different weight to speak. But I have to mention that the modern champion lineup that the Laker team can build, or more accurately, it can come from the trading market.

If we talk about Davis, the end of this season means that his contract has expired, and the Lakers will definitely use the top salary.

But what do you think of Davis and James, under their two big contracts, looking forward to next year or two or three years from now? It seems that the atmosphere of the two superstars is very good, and the atmosphere of the whole team is very good. I’m the management of the Laker.

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The Cavaliers could be this summer or this off-season or something

As for the breakup, how can they quarrel? Their contract has expired. Yes, he doesn’t quarrel. He just doesn’t renew his contract. That’s right. In fact, from this point of view, it also implies the thunder. The Cavaliers may enter the playoffs this summer or this off-season or some actions. Although Paul will enter the playoffs next season, I think it’s very likely that the thunder will win this year Paul’s deal.

The value is very high. I think it’s possible to give Paul and the education team more opportunities to this young man. I know such a thought of the team management, and I also choose to leave such a state of pursuit, which may be several years before I return to the playoffs. Yes, actually, as far as I know.

Recently, Donovan didn’t renew his contract with thunder because thunder’s long-term goal in the future is to rebuild and train young players. After all, they have several 10 draft signings in their hands. In fact, there are a little more than ten draft signings in the long term. That must be an attempt.

Donovan, a time line for training rookies, chose to leave because he didn’t want to be the so-called charger coach. So I think the reason why he chose bulls is that he really liked them. In fact, there are some gifted players in his hands. I think how difficult the function is now. Why are the card friends in his hands.

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