The most important one is called the root of disease

Now, a sense of freedom, the lineup, the book of many young people, very talented young people, but you have the feeling that their talents have been buried. I don’t know whether the training can’t keep up with it or that the team system has been relatively lack of management. Ah, I always feel that their talent has not been realized. In addition, sibodu has a famous one This alliance.

A very famous feature is that he will take the star of the team, playing time, to the horizontal lira. Basically, you are the main force of his team. You play 35 minutes and 36 minutes every game, and you can’t run away. So next season, ADI Barrett or the Blue Shield will be good.

If they stay in the team, ah, the playing time must be appropriate and guaranteed. Then we have been very optimistic about whether Mitchell Robinson, who can’t play, is afraid to become the biggest winner next season. After talking about so much about the good part of the cell, the scene will finally have a chance to tell us why you gave us a C.

Almost, I was almost convinced by you. I changed the score. Ah, let me ask you a question. Besides Dolan, the biggest problem of the Knicks is defense. I have a big enough problem with Doran. This is the most important one. This is called the root of disease.

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If Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, his data will be very good

Face up, if Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, his data will be very good. But I feel that even if Wei Shao comes to the Knicks, the Knicks may still be unable to get out of the mire next season, and may still be a relatively backward team in the East. Yes, the main problem is not awe or the boss of the Knicks, but we will talk about it in the next program.

During the draft convention, ah, let’s take a look at a series of Nix’s rice fat operations in the draft convention. It’s also very interesting. If Weisheng comes to the Knicks with a beard, he comes to Brooklyn across the net, and there are big brother Durant and three elder brothers harden playing the finals level.

Basketball, although Manhattan on the other side is in this golden Manhattan, Wei Shao can only carry a four piece rotten signboard with a group of young people, but may not even be able to enter the playoffs. In fact, I am also very sorry for Wei Shao, a player.

The contribution of this data on the field is really history, level, and his player is very personal. Do you remember when Wei Shao broke the news that he wanted to leave the Rockets, he said what kind of team he wanted to go to? Generally like this older player.

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