Clay’s losses on the defensive end include a part of the offensive side

However, I feel that fortunately, the latter transaction may save the warriors who are about to collapse in a certain extent. It is true that this transaction will not let the warriors return to the championship line in my opinion, but if the warriors have done something in the playoffs next season, they can’t read it, and it can really make up for it.

Clay’s loss on the defensive side, including the offensive side, is actually a little bit outdated and less than we expected in terms of the return thunder gets in this deal. It’s not like those styles, right? It’s the lions who talk big, right? Because next year we know 21 years is.

The NBA draft year, but the warriors’ first round draft right is basically not lotto, and this first round signing is still protected. Yes, but in fact, the value of this chip is not particularly high. Then why do you think thunder and lightning want to make this deal? Anyway, the first thing that jumps into my head is conspiracy theory.

I think the thunder is still facing the Clippers. If the Clippers don’t play well, this is not a conspiracy theory.

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The Bucks boss is very sincere

In the long run, let’s not say it in chronological order. I think it’s more reasonable to follow the sequence of the plot. Let’s first focus on the two deals of the Milwaukee Bucks, the regular season champion of the Eastern Conference in the past two seasons. Now it seems that there is only one transaction, right.

Big oolong, yes, this is also a very topical news, that is, the Milwaukee Bucks first completed the transaction with the Kobayashi team. That’s right, the New Orleans pelicans sent Zhu huoledi and a second round signing for the bucks.

Yes, bradeso, George Hill, three first round signings and two future first round draft swap rights. I think this deal, first of all, we should give applause to the bucks. It can be said that the Bucks owner is very sincere and disappointed again in the playoffs last season.

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What does that prove before we realize James’s greatness

What does that prove? Before we realized James’ greatness, we were used to the secret of his great $100. Almost no one could take 100 dollars from drosa’s hand because he offered to provide a strategy of summer politics. In the Eastern Conference semi-finals, drozan and the Raptors played James with nothing.

JJ looks competitive in the regular season team is vulnerable to the all-out James, and in the middle of the season, the gatehouse has completed two deals with the actual staffing of the Raptors against discriminators.

They got Sergie from the magic team of Warcraft, and the T-T tank from the Suns for bacca. The goal was very clear. They increased the risk and improved the sports ability. However, they underestimated James’s destructive power. We should feel embarrassed, we should feel angry, we should be born.

In the climate of losing to Kiki in a row and so on, Casey became a little bit out of shape in the face of media interviews, while his favorite player, Deron, directly appealed to the world for help. If anyone could find a way to stop LeBron James, I would give him $100 in the second game of the series

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I really realized that I really had a chance to go to the NBA

Big sky division rookie of the year and division best lineup first team, bilard’s average score in sophomore season increased to 19.9 points. It was not until the sophomore season that I really realized that I really had a chance to go to the NBA.

In fact, Lillard said this, but fate and Lisa, but fate and Lillard had a joke, just when he was full of hope for his future, his basketball career suffered a major injury.

His toe broke, because of this injury led to Lillard’s absence, most of the junior season, but also because of this time, magic, and then Lillard ushered in the senior season, attention ushered in the rebirth, the whole senior his game average.

He scored an average of 25:24:5 a game, which made him once again the division’s player of the year. At the 2014 draft convention, general manager of the Blazers, Neil olshi, signed Lillard with his 16th in his hand, and Lillard stepped on his own.

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