The word speed became the winner and loser of the game

Grizzly coach Feist, his anger, his angry remarks brought a fine, but brought Grizzlies after a ray of life, sharp season, Chapter 4, critical moments of Africa.

During the pause, frown tightly and shout speed four times. Don’t think the highest score. Vocabulary has nothing to do with the grizzly spurs, which are the countdown teams in the league. The word “speed” has become the winner or loser of the game. Here for the Grizzlies, the word “speed” has become the winner or loser.

When you and Conley, the one side shooter in that volume, are brilliant in this series. They speed up one big four small, change the attack of all kinds of vehicles and horses from falling position to base, and the ground is bigger than the chance to be small and quick, except Conley Tony Allen’s injury, maybe Grizzlies used a large number of them in nisgreen.

It is green who are flexible and flexible, which makes the past seem a bit clumsy. Grizzlies recover those sheep farms and get tianwangshan. On morality and Parker, they decide to take over the game. They pull the dog lightly and surprise them in time. The big score is 2-2.

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In the 21st place, the nba1 staff came to him for statistics

You know what? I’m still half American, and Popper made excuses, so he wrote about my 2011 draft day when Parker came to Madison garden square in New York, garden writer in the green house. To the 21st, the nba1 staff came to him for statistics.

He came on stage, and I went down to the stage to hold my memories, and when I had one minute left on my watch, I didn’t have to change my mind.

Having to go back to his seat, Red Auerbach, the old patriarch of green mountain green, saw the leader of the greatest player, Parker, who lost his position and stayed there. The Spurs began to actively discuss the deal before he was selected more than ten times.

They didn’t succeed in the exchange for the top players and draft rights. They were all nervous all the way. They watched several retired teams with only vacant seats. They let go of Parker, so they got to the 27th pacer, who also needed it. David Stern, President of NBA, announced that the Pacers had chosen eyelashes

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How long is design

When we were still texting, you were at my first call and I wrote a three meter lead, doesn’t, but it doesn’t matter compared to the way we ended the season, because we know what’s important once the playoffs start, and I really feel it.

How long is the design? I also understand what needs to be done to maintain a good state in April, may and June. It’s not important to have a regular complaint. It takes the next two and a half months to decide whether to succeed. It’s true that everyone should be aware of what it is like to fight in the NBA like this.

Playing in the fierce League, no matter how you look at it, is a kind of strain. However, the old-fashioned way to escape is to take turns to play against the mainland Kurdish Ramond greenclay, Thompson and Andrei igodara in the game lost to the Spurs on March 11.

And Kevin Durant has been suspended because of knee injury. Then the team won seven consecutive victories without Durant’s warriors. During the winning streak, the recovery on the defensive side was impressive. They could win 16 points per game, which also stimulated Curry’s heart, which made her fever.

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I have the strength, can let her low arrogant head

He was the first to turn around and look me in the eye, and in front of me, the jumper, fantastic opening, he’s great, arrogant, O’Neal reading any shooter.

I have the strength to make her low and haughty head Yao Ming has made a panoramic view of their career, biting the two only played Bo 13 times in the regular season, and the data are as follows: Yao Ming is, O’Neill is pomelo.

Yao Ming scored 18.6 points, Shaquille O’Neal 22.9 points, Yao Ming 10.5 rebounds, O’Neill 9.6, blocked Yao Ming per game. O’Neill 2.5, from the data, we can see that the strength of the two men is equal, both played a full, new level, from 2013 to face O’Neill’s field score has been steadily increased.

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The growth of Jerome brontatum has been amazing

As long as Owen goes here, the people still show their expectation for other people’s education. What he needs most is the team and Claude, plus the veteran who comes out in the summer, it’s really daydream. All of these things exist than the beginning of the big deal, the continuous discussion, and the discussion will continue in the days to come.

And also have to admit, must classic this operation, even if not this season also want to have a big operation, like, although unwilling, but this itself is a gamble, of course, accepted all this season, at least from now on, which is the Cavaliers, only Billy Jun more hope to break through the Eastern team, but even if, in fact, it really makes money The Celtics have been injured a lot this season.

The growth of jerun brontatum is amazing. As long as I have good health, I have to work with Owen. They really can’t compete with James who is older for another year next year. Moreover, this season’s defensive loopholes have never been solved.

There is no holding point in the team that can share the attack pressure. Even if James can rush out, he will face the strong man in the East. He will be the warrior who will return from curry for a while, and there will be several people. His identity seems to be entangled in this way.

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Risk of repatriation

In the daytime, selling fake sunglasses and watches near the Acropolis, tourists could sing Christmas songs at night, and they could not make much money.

He is hungry every day, and there is no guarantee of living. Some customers will be surprised that he has a height of 73 meters, which is 2.19 meters. However, he thinks that these praises are not as good as buying a pair of sunglasses.

The letter brothers, who become illegal immigrants, are always nervous. The children dare not do it. They are afraid to disturb the neighbors. Once the neighbors complain, the police may knock on their door and ask them to show the immigration certificate and the new car after landing in the NBA.

As a substitute for bucks, SF always tweets when he drinks smoothie for the first time. Because he is too excited, he has to manually refuel his car. If he eats a hamburger in a hamburger shop, he has to announce that this is the taste of America. Really, is the United States great? When watching the live game with his teammates.

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Byrd led Celtic to the championship in 80-81 season.

The 80-81 season is the second season for Byrd to enter the NBA. This year, he averaged 21.2 points, 10.9 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 2.0 steals per game, leading the Celtics to the championship.

During the playoffs, he scored per game, rebounded per game, played time and steals per game. He was the first in the team and the second in the team in terms of assists per game. At this time, there was no best lineup player in the Celtics team, and he finally won the FM in this year.

This time, the main reason for getting fmvp is that Maxwell won 28 points and 19 rebounds to help the team win.

In this game, he won only 12 points. Although Byrd’s field average data was better, MVP was still given to max. Weill. In this way, Bob lost an fmvp, but Byrd cared about the data and honor.

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The Clippers use their guard skills, which is defense

Bartz and Carlisle had two centers, one big and one small, with 28 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in the first three quarters, while the Clippers couldn’t find a center to match her. However, although she was four points behind in the fourth quarter, the Clippers used their guard skills and their housekeeping skills were defense.

The situation turned around. The score exceeded the last quarter in the last 4 minutes and 51 seconds, and the desperate got 19 points. Two days ago, I summed up the defense of the basketball court as the 16 character Jue clipper team. It’s a derogatory term.

16 words, which are not elegant, but contain the true meaning of basketball defense. What are these 16 words? They are called shameless and shameless, jumping up and down, smearing oil on the soles of their feet. What they mean is the entanglement of one-on-one defenders. The representatives of strength are Beverly and Smart’s opponents.

Test, he has fans who like her, and most of them don’t like Beverly, because it will embarrass the stars you like and sometimes get hurt. In the fourth quarter, when you admire you, there are two consecutive excellent steals. The first time is right. Monterey Morris entangled in the whole process, and the process can only be described as insipid.

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The Lakers lead by a big score

When he came on the court, the Lakers led by four points and contributed five points and two rebounds in seven minutes. Xiao Li fans and Jeff Green successively robbed the Lakers on the court with vigor. The lead reached 13 points at the most. He only played these seven minutes, but the positive and negative value of seven minutes was serious.

It was from this period that the Rockets suffered the loss of their small lineup in the last game. Because the video of the second half is the focus of the research. Even if no tactical solution can be found, we can also emphasize defense. On the contrary, this game is related to defense.

The important data have all fallen to the lowest since the start of the playoffs, including scores and losses in the three second zone. Then, the comparison of rebounds and the chance to win fast break by defense. In terms of scoring in the three second zone, the Lakers have gradually strengthened their knowledge.

The longer the rebounds that completely crush the Rockets, the fewer and faster they attack the whole court, so there are only two points. According to this momentum, it is only a matter of time before the Rockets are eliminated. As the main general, harden’s state is quite difficult to understand. He only scored one goal in the first half, got eight points by free throw, and only 15 points after three quarters.

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So 27 points ahead in the second and third quarter

At that time, I was very dissatisfied, and no one knew how they communicated during the half-time break in the dressing room. The third quarter was extremely melodious. In the same way, they got the fourth foul. This time, they were under the basket, Howard, as usual, opened his hands and arms, and then because of the machine.

The Nuggets had only 41 points in the second and third quarter, and the Lakers had 67 points and 27 points ahead. This is because some machines suffered from foul trouble. Although they insisted on staying on the court, unfortunately, he played against this in 2.8 seconds before the end of the third quarter.

Maybe there was not a foul outside the three-point line, so this foul was his fifth. I also said at that time. If Malone was in the last minute or two of the third quarter, let him go down and have a rest. He should take five fouls into the fourth quarter, although he was in the fifth.

Obviously, in the fifth position, the Lakers not only surpass the strength, but also succeed in the strategy. I believe that this psychological deterrent will exist in the series. In addition to fouls, ah, it was decided that there were as many as 10 Mistakes in the second and third quarters, so that the Lakers caught mistakes and scored 12 points in the fifth position.

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