the Rockets also have 51 points

I remember and said that, but you should not think of the nets. It will be swept by 0-4. Have you ever said that this is not right for anyone? Hit whose face? You can see that today’s 76ers are very terrible, with 51 points in a quarter. I remember last season or last season, a little forgotten. Oh, it should be last season.


Er, the Rockets also have 51 points in a single quarter. The memory of 51 points is very deep in the third quarter. It seems that the third episode of the third season or the fourth episode ah, the second episode forgot the last one and a half minutes. I still watch it. 43: I was thinking about the last minute and a half, 90 seconds and 8 seconds. How to get 8 minutes? It seems that 53 seconds took 8 minutes. Er, I hit this 51. I played 51 points in a single quarter. The scores after that were super fast and super fast. It seems that there are so many points. A little bit forget, er, two-thirds, one two-point, how to calculate 3 + 3 + 2, er, how many people can see the horror of his attack? We said, ah, this round of series, ah, just play the net, er, enbid is strong and suppressive. Strong suppression of the inside line great advantage ah, today’s NBA fouls affected by the impact of 20 minutes, 10 rebounds more than 20 points, if you travel time enough under the circumstances of 30 plus 15, ah, there i

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Cousins is doomed to bankruptcy!

We saw it today. It’s so irascible. Do you see it on tiger? It’s also a video. After watching this kind of thing, he wants to see it more to help you understand it. When Charles Barkley was interviewed, he said that the data statistics are very good. It’s a good thing to see. I can’t finish all the content, can I? I just choose an important part in the middle to share with you. It’s wrong. Yes, research shows that interview and interview in the program show that professional athletes will retire in the future. In the next two years, 80% of the people went bankrupt, and 80% of the professional athletes went bankrupt. Two years later, ah, this is an amazing number. I believe it is also a normal number. You will remember these things in the future. Charles Barkley was interviewed.


But the United States or not to mention this American professional basketball player, we only have basketball. Well, I found that this is only the basketball team. After two years of retirement, the bankruptcy rate of the NBA is 80%. What kind of information can I give you? I’ll tell you that you don’t just watch this news and finish reading it. I’ll tell you that NBA money is very important in NBA. Some people talk nonsense. Then you think Thompson warriors don’t give top salary Thomson. To stay in the warriors

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Super Saiya!

You can see if it is. Ah, um, signing Howard or, um, Williams, they will also be involved, and they will be helpful to the recruitment work. Er, there will be news then. It’s the people in this circle who are also in this circle. It’s mainly the manager’s position decided by these two points. Is this the greatest possibility? It’s too general. The law has the upper hand. Er, James’s influence means this kind of influence.


OK, let’s talk about the Blazers vs. the thunder and the Pacers vs. the Celtics vs. the Pacers vs. the Celtics. It’s the same thing. I’ve talked about it before. It’s really disgusting. Actually, it’s ugly. Enjoy it. It’s OK. When we reach the home Pacers, we’ll just follow the same old pattern. We’ll say what they say. We’ll never be sentimental. But in the end, we’ll be ammunition smooth and objective. In terms of objectivity, we’ll grind to the end. If the Pacers want to grind to the end, there will be a victory, right? The last game was Owen. You can only bet on this one without Owen. In this game, Owen is invisible, right? At the last moment, he will be invisible at the last sentence. The whole court will lead and play for a minute or two at the last minute. There will be Owen in the grinding wheel factory.

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I think the NBA is all about the report on COM

O’Neal, two point shooting is high, right. But can you say that he’s a two-point king? It’s impossible, right? Because it has range. His hit rate is concentrated in the basket, and it’s impossible to call it a two point middle distance. So, I think it’s not accurate enough to give curry the title of three point king. It’s not accurate enough. The three-point king is really a three-point king. Besides, he is different from any other player. Kuri carries this sniper gun on his back. Ah, for all range players in the generation, you should know that other players are three-point line players standing at the three-point line or fixed projection point. Take a sniper, right? There are limits to a sniper, but there is no limit to the sniper gun in Kuri. You have to do this to have the level. Therefore, I think the NBA is all about the report on COM. Ah, reward, good, but also from the side, flatter and deal with it.


I think it’s very accurate. If you want a ring, you should remember these four words. Ah, there will be opportunities in the future to discuss the problems above in the library. We can introduce this matter and our example.

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What is a ball?

It doesn’t matter if you blackmail any stars, right? But from one side, it can also reflect your slander of James and the excessive praise of curry. What content did he receive? He said so, and wrote thousands of words. There are a lot of contents. Let’s seize the key points to mention that Curie created the thief and the era. I’ve seen it in many places. It must be the fans of Curie who advocated it. It’s no problem. We’ll have some personal discussions on this matter, first of all. In this era, ah, in or in the repository of the age of warriors, for example, the era, it’s really too big. Ah, yes, it’s normal to praise and praise in the library. It’s absolutely normal, right, but there should be praise.


I think, ha, praise should be measured, otherwise, you are just exaggerating. You are exaggerating too much. If you are too flattering, you will lose weight when you climb high. Ah, I believe that KULI will come down from the altar one day. There are too many abdominal muscles. Ah, everyone shouts to fight. Do you know? Hum, let me talk about the era of small balls, the creation of Curie, and the era of small balls. First of all, we do this program for a longer time. I hope you can listen to it patiently. First of all, you should make clear what the era of small balls is and what is the era of small balls.

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Mead has long-range shot ability

Xiaojian, ah, we should make good use of our own weight advantage. The area I mean is the body. The area is not a mobile editor. Xiaojia’s pace is not as fast as it used to be. We should make good use of our own weight and defense area.


Otherwise, the body area, ah, in the sports fitness experience, right? Push Simmons and embid as far as possible, ah, push it beyond the three-point line. If a friend says that Mead has long-range shot ability and three-point ability, let him cast, and if there is no problem, you can let him. He is not the mainland. His shooting rate is so amazing that you can let him go. If he is under the threat of killing him in the morning, you might as well let her stay outside, right? Fight those things. Wang Wang team still has to eat and go home. I don’t know who will be able to stand it or not. So in this case, you will let her steal the stones around you. Do you believe that he is 20? Smelly and Baba? He will steal 20 chips outside. In case of any inaccuracy today, he will steal 20 chips. Hurry up. How many hits are you going to make? If you don’t know, ah, in the case of inaccuracy, ah, the game will be over. Ah, the game will pass directly. Let’s open another wave of the 76ers. Er, the Raptors will take away one wave directly

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The 76ers, that’s how to claim

I think that’s the embodiment of the coach’s level. Ahem, it’s not the embodiment of the team’s strength, but the embodiment of the coach’s level. Finally, I’d like to talk about it. I’d like to have a look at this when I go back at night. The 76ers, that’s how to claim, limit, quantity, that’s to make him 45 points higher, ah, the playoff record should be right, Leonard, ah, is not the representative of high score, he is playing a stable hit rate, ah, hiccup is flat, light take a 27 8 points of this kind. There is definitely a problem with the defense of the 76ers with 45 points. Is it by Simmons or by Jimmy Butler? Yes, it’s just a waste of time. How do you think about it? It’s better to limit the others.


In this way, it’s more practical, because Leonard can’t be defended. Ah, a superstar player, you can only do it. The limit is limited. That’s all.

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Curie was really when you were 28 years old

Anyway, if I stop to record for you, Williams is the sixth game. Oh, it’s the breakthrough with the ball, and it’s often in reality. Let’s go on holiday. Ah, the encirclement circle is surrounded by three people, and the ball will fall. Ah, as we have said in our program, we didn’t read the data. Oh, we didn’t see your data. It’s not that much. Before us, we played the game ahead of time. We did the program in advance and quarreled.


To be honest, I don’t like this kind of player. It’s not because the game is lost. Ah, it’s really so easy to use. Under the circumstances, we won’t be wandering for so many years. Ah, it’s useless. Don’t tell me. The cost is that it is very contractible to him, but he is an alien. Well, why do we say these words? Because it is different from the era when death was five small. The era was younger, all of them were 27-8 years old. Curie was really when you were 28 years old, so calculate it. It’s 27 years old, it seems to be seven years old. Anyway, these players are very young, with fast steps and good flexibility. Right, they can be expanded to guard against theft and can be taken back from the outside. The 90 pairs in that era were, um, quite outstanding. They were excellent, but Durant took this one after he came. Since the beginning of the conventional play stability, because there is a blood lesson, we have always said that we can still play. Under the circumstances of Wen, why should we play floating? Right? I still need to be stable. The most important thing is to win the champion, right? It’s the warriors’ set of death five kids. If you want to scrap one, it’s the whole system. It’s a mess.

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Fight Leonard!

What the 76ers need to do is to play a good attack, because the opponents are not. Defense is really too strong, individual ability is too strong, right, so to play their own attack is the most important, well, you have to go to the barn Raptors to win, this is not your way to win the Raptors, the Raptors win.


All of them are high scores, and men score high to fight opponents, so today is a great test. I won’t say, the strong suppression of Nb, ah, you want to strengthen teeth, not to say, you can think of teeth. You have to make clear, right? We said before. Opponent, you can’t take advantage of it, can’t take advantage of it, right? In the first game, as we said, ah, it’s a mess to be a dog. Well, Peter, if you can’t open this point, you’re a strong point. Well, you are the advantage point, right? It’s the treatment. The power is not other teams. Most of the time, there is nothing to steal. The advantage point is that if you can’t fight this point, then the team will be finished. I’ll tell you, it’s over. When dealing with a small family, a shield will blow you up. Ah, a pair of them will give you a shield and block you back. Right, how many sharp weapons do you have to use? I can’t kill you with atomic bomb. Under the circumstances, I will take two iron robes

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Rockets to have some luck

Nuggets don’t have the second core point, the third and the fourth core opinion of gender is not clear, his core. I don’t know. It’s the same as Celtic team. Only Owen has an absolute core point. The other two are the second, the third and the fourth. You can’t figure out who the team is. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you 30 years old? 40 years old? You can’t understand the boss. Under Double B, it’s a mess, but.


This time, the team is strong. The good thing is that their defense is still excellent. The first-class team of the league is very good, right? But the Nuggets are not like this. So, the recent opening is like this. This game is very good. Of course, we also support the Nuggets. This is why the nuggets can get through smoothly. With the warriors, er, this, Bo Yibo, we can only say that we have a fight. If we have friends, we can say that they are the Nuggets. How can you say that they are giving away their heads? I didn’t say I was determined to tell us that the pioneers gave the heads, but it didn’t mean that the heads were given away. It doesn’t mean the pioneers and the Nuggets. It’s just that the warriors are too strong. You see, the Rockets are the only one that can compete with the warriors. You see, you can compete with the warriors. Fat man from the field intuitive sense, then, the Rockets warriors, ah, not competitive ah, er, we say the third game is very difficult, we expect the Rockets to have some luck ah, standing on the level of luck, on the basis of this luck can beat the warriors.

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