Brave men are brave and brave!

Let’s talk about the warriors. So far, we haven’t done much for the warriors since the finals. The main reason is that, in the case of the Lakers and the Rockets, well, some defense teams in the east also have problems about losing their leadership. The Raptors, ah, really don’t take enough care of the warriors. So we said in this program that some warriors, warriors and warriors fans are also in this fan group. The operation is not a few, but also the majority. So, in this program, we have a single program to say that some warriors fans are just concerned about the future of the warriors, right? Next year, there is no expectation. We are mainly looking forward to the 2010-21 season.


What kind of changes, then, er, consulting us or asking questions for us, ah, thank these netizens for their trust in us, right? Your question? Ah, your request is the driving force for us to move forward, or some warriors are right about this question. Let’s look at it this way. If summer is of course a high probability event, if the warriors take the lead in the summer, Durant and Thomson, plus Curry’s contract salary cap does not change significantly, then Green’s contract is basically. The warriors are getting farther and farther away. We should talk about this issue from the near and the far

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Russell a top salary

It’s said that Russell is excellent or not, we have to observe again. From 1.19 to the 2010 season, we can determine what kind of player Russell is. But for many teams, there is no chance and no time to gamble on many teams in Lhasa. We are considering whether to give Russell a top salary, including the current nets team. We are not sure or there are rumors. We have accurate information for Lhasa to sign for the nets for five years, and the top salary does not indicate that the nets are either. He is skeptical and hesitant, so I think Durant should stay in the warriors with a high probability, and go to the warriors and Y team with a small probability. This team should be the basketball and nets team, and the basketball team should be the basketball team. Can win, Durant, under the circumstances, must be able to win, Owen must be incidental, these two players should be trapped together, if not, then Durant to the basketball nets team also has no greater significance, it is better to stay in the warriors.

Be more appropriate



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Jim, I don’t understand your world!

Western sales, compared with the East’s ability in position 4-5, especially position 5, supports the mini center position. In other words, after the 76ers signed the contract, they would have to sign if they didn’t sign a hundred billion yuan. This possibility can be dealt down by the bucks and intercepting Hu in the second quarter. In the past year or two, hofford, just use this strength, we will never worry about it Doubt, the latter’s, ability, is just doubtful, hofford, this premium contract for the last two years.


In the last two years, the third year and the last two years, his contract of 30 million will certainly bring negative impact on the team. So, finally, ah, the 76ers, even if it is lost, will still have a certain competitive ability to enter Butler next year. It is also able to make a conclusion. We still need to see whether the action team has wood. More supplements, if not, the two sides will have such a smooth transition operation. I support the 76ers to be able to stand in the East. The next year or two will be competitive. Simmons has also kept his big contract. So, in the next three years and four years. It depends on the follow-up, whether the contract can be fulfilled or not, and its value is hard to say. In addition, it also depends on whether some patrol teams have follow-up supplements. Then we know that in the last year, these Eastern teams did it at the last moment before the trade began on February 1. From ah, these teams are in the last minute, increase the size, so is it possible for bucks to top up at the last minute

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Liang Na’s in the Spurs

The biggest interests, first of all, he has to compete for good results. The second bullet of the team can appear as the core leader of the team. Of course, the core leader has to rely on his own strength to fight for it. He was still with the group yesterday. Fang you level of leadership de and Paul George joined the clippers, who is the absolute core of the clippers, who is the team, boss right? Some netizens said it was a large amount, I said not necessarily, ah, Paul George is poor, Paul George. It’s because there is no honor. Leon Nader just has a good environment. Liang Na’s in the Spurs, and the leader only has the basic contradiction. Paul George, if you go, can win the championship. Don’t you believe it? Ah, it’s very stupid to press people with honor and not to take English. When O’Neal ran three championships to join the heat, do you think that O’Neal is the absolute core of the heat? I believe you can not have such an understanding. Durant only took a champion in this MVP and joined the warriors in this MVP. The Warriors used to have the double MVP.


MVP is a championship. It’s easy to crush Durant, but you can say that curry is better than Durant. It turns out that Durant is better than curry. Durant is the top super in history with the same level of history as James. Explain what team player’s ability is the key, ah, not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods. It’s better to put two players in a team and you can compare them. If they can become the core of the team, the absolute core depends on their own strength to play out.

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Inherit the great legend of No.23!

If a large number of players join the Rockets to broadcast the Laker, then these players will join in with the base salary. If the quantity is too large to go to the clippers, they will stay and be hazy. Then they will earn their share of English, right. I’ve played. I can’t play for nothing, right? He’s in the lineup. Ah, throughout the lineup, ah, point guards, dragons, James, point guards, Rondo James, ah, there’s still a better one missing. There’s still a qualified backup guard. We should sign another one. Ah, cool dog can’t do it. I don’t feel what’s big, Jianshu, other positions. Ah, some of his positions No.1 and No.2 should not be a little weak. Ah, in addition to this action, there is Denny green, who looks a little bit more like him. Not too big. Ah, this kind of contribution I don’t think there is too much contribution. I have to think about ways to make a move. Say again, the position 35 to 35 is very, thick, very, thick. There are so many, tall, tall and powerful.

timg (4)

Tall and powerful, strong inside players, front line players, so many inside players, ah, this team, you dare to go up, feel up, it is also a bit strange, ah, the trend of the opposite sex, ah, the Laker team, it is difficult to have this line-up, ah, play slowly and play success rate. Run, slow down, answer killing, playing physical, quality, ah, this way, the other side’s small forward, the other side’s team are all destroyed, reflected in the inner advantage, ah, don’t throw shooters on the outside line, no shooter is not important, so one or two years old is almost the same.

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he XX team blocked the Kanter

The blockade was as like as two peas. The XX team blocked the Kanter. Now it is, the first half is the same as ours. Kanter is the news law, Walker, the guard, Tatum Jalen Brown.


Ward recalled that it was surprising that Hayward also went into the first serve and then hit. The score of 25 plus, ah, 25, er, this 25 point, is the birth really good, is it really healed, is it really good? Ah, ah, my personal feeling is that it is hard to refuse. Well, we have to look at Hayward’s state of scoring, ability, performance on the court, shooting rate, explosive power and so on when he was in jazz. I believe it will not be back to that time. But we have to say, er, this is not normal. Hayward can’t, taste Jun, it has been 25. It’s not normal. A game or two is not enough to explain the problem. We need to observe for a long time. Although the Celtic team can’t compete with 76 players, I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, what’s the characteristic of Celtic team? It’s good at cultivating young players. So it’s called the regular season. It’s all about the playoffs and the standard to play regular season games. So, you can see the record behind this team. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. The top four in the West and East are the basis of this ranking. Now, ah, Celtic’s, of course, it’s more than that. It’s like staying in the West.

He also wants to win the championship. He has this ideal

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Abandoned Owen!

Let’s talk about basketball and nets vs. Grizzlies vs. Er, this game was also taken to watch. I added a little at half-time. Let’s talk about my personal feelings. I played three games, the nets played three games, Owen scored and scored three. The average score is 30 points per game. Of course, how many points can you get in the end? Is it not very clear? But from my personal point of view, if I come to know Owen, it is very likely that this year, Owen will have a very good chance to reach the scoring king. We have to go to see, because in the early years, Owen had this ability. But without this, he left the Cavaliers and joined the Celtic team after leaving James. But, ah, Owen, ah, chose to be a character like James, or chose to take the road of James. He wanted to become a blank.


Well, the absolute core of the team is all-round, Wang, right? But in fact, it is, er, in this respect, it is slightly inferior, right? Er, we have been saying that if Owen reaches the scoring king this year, I think it is right and should be ah, Owen has such strength, but he has no idea. Realize that you are as like as two peas.

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You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis

In those cases, the direct performance of non dominance is that this player is not lethal, in other words, there is no free throw. Some players can see that they can also score more than ten points and more than ten rebounds per game, right? Ah, 15.6 points or even 17.8 points, plus 11 or 12 rebounds. As an inside player, you can see the data.

timg (31)

It’s OK, right? Because when you hit 20, you can become the league’s first-class center. Ah, more than 20 plus 10. Ah, you can become a super center. But even if some players hit this number close to the data, they still can’t become the inside line with lethal force. It’s worth affirming that these players don’t. Even more than, first-line blue collar players, not as good as, because the price of functional single and no outstanding contribution, outstanding contribution is reflected in sports, you can score, play rebounds and be able to kill the opponent is a very important indicator for the inside players. You can change the opponent’s structure. In other words, you kill the opponent’s inside players, or the players who focus on your players to protect the goal. After that, your outside players can attack in the opponent’s hinterland. In fact, it is a strategic strategy. Sorry, oh, it’s a kind of strategic play, so you see the Super Center, ah, the super interior line, they can not only score and grasp, but sometimes the rebounding ability will be a little poor, it doesn’t matter, but they must have the ability to kill the inside line to create fouls. This indicator is very important. You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis, right.

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The net is broken! be more in name than in reality!

Let’s talk about today’s several games, one game, another game between the Lakers and the bulls, the Celtics and the Cavaliers. Ah, let’s talk about the other two games. The factory didn’t watch them. There wasn’t so much time. The Laker team played the Bulls themselves. It should be bran. We have to play this game like this. We have found a problem with Anthony Davis in these games. We have to play a few more games and then play a few more games after the game. When there is enough or I think I can say it, I think I can say it. OK, this is about love. Davis, it’s bad news. First of all, the world will talk about the bad news for the Lakers. Secondly, let’s talk about Hayward. Oh, let’s talk about the Cavaliers and Celtics. Hi ward, I’ve been saying 30 million and 35 million recently.

timg (4)

I still think it can be traded. If it is calculated in this way, two points are full, medium, 39 points. Ah, now the game is finished and the average is 20 points. If you play 35 million, you can’t play 20 points per game. I’m really sorry for your price. Then can you play later? Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. Or I’m not optimistic about it personally. I can achieve 20 points per game. First of all, the team should cultivate him to be the first, second and Walker.

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Cannons are not needed

There are more teams imitating the warriors. There are more than half of them in the league. It seems that you can win the championship by typing. In fact, these teams are. Go a wrong way. All of us have to take bayonets to fight for bayonets. Cannons are not needed. Zhengyin’s No. 1 and No. 5 positions are replaced. Right? Those with advantages are also replaced. Those without advantages are worse. The whole league is in chaos. Now you can see these games are slowly and slowly reflected. Justice 5, as long as you are strong enough, these players can play a huge advantage in the team. Right, the 76ers don’t have the NBA. This game is ugly and ugly. Right, the Nuggets, you can play without passion, right? It’s the same with other teams, including bucks. It’s the core of the tactics. Without Lopez, you can’t play this game. The Lakers now have two towers in the interior, right? Those three-tier twin towers, mountain pagodas, right? They reflect the great advantage of the heart. Right? Because there are such players in the fifth position, including XX, he also saw his own problem. One is that Capella is a woman.

timg (4)

If you don’t fight enough, you have to use Tyson Chandler. Right now, in today’s Chandler game, Chandler and caper are playing 32 minutes plus six minutes, in other words, 48 minutes. I don’t have a time game. It can be seen from the technical statistics that there is always a camp big brother in the No.5 position on the field, even though it’s coffee. Not so, the camp. But, he has always been like this, big has developed a habit, right, is to use it as a mini center forward. Howard can play this position with 2:0. It’s normal for him to play in this position. Starting is also a normal response.

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