the group Kwai Chung praised the player

I believe you don’t care too much about the victory. The heat don’t care too much about the missiles. They just care about the clippers and the Lakers. Then the Lakers are not dynamic and don’t say much. Anyway, it’s so difficult to play us in the playoffs. I said, again, mainly about the fast hand, the first successful, trading, parents crying Maurice to torture what data, we have seen, many of our programs this year, ah, including the group Kwai Chung praised the player, uh replied. Can be close to 20 points, three-point shooting rate of more than 400000, but also can shoot 2.6 2.7 per game, not worse than Dell fans, not worse than Duncan’s efforts. This is a very excellent player, the key is that he has psychological advantages for James, the Clippers side.

I can tell you responsibly that if the Clippers are not injured, it will be the finals team this year. The Laker fans may not be happy, but you have to accept the facts and face the reality and wait for the opportunity to flash. Now, how strong is the Clippers? I tell you, there is no team in the West that can win the Clippers in the normal, opposite and inferior position. He now has more three-point shooters, and the strength of the front line is also strong, both inside and outside are balanced. Don’t discuss it any more. His interior line is in accordance with his taste, whether it is excellent or not. This is no longer important. Even if the missiles, the clippers have to fight outside to shoot three-point hits, and the three-point hit rate is not the Clippers’ opponent. It is really self humiliating. In this transaction, the Clippers did not pay any price, I simply said. With a handwheel ring for a championship finals ticket is very cost-effective, value, very high, then the Lakers have no chance, there is no possibility that the answer is yes, but the balance of victory has been reversed, to the side of the clippers, the Lakers want kidney.

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Inside or inside, or the winning magic weapon and life gate of the Lakers, the Lakers still have a kausins to form four inside lines to play double towers. This is the only hope of the Lakers. There is no second way. Let’s talk about it later.

West Germany

Since then, the French team has equalized the score, and the two teams have entered the extra time game. The French team soon scored two goals, three to one, leading the extra time game, timg (6)which made the French happy. But since then, Rummenigge has fought with injuries, and West Germany has magically chased the score to three to three in penalty shootout C. Another semi-final was Italy’s elimination of Poland by penalty kick. Another farce happened in France and Kuwait. From the comparison of strength, France was obviously superior to Kuwait in the process of competition, which also confirmed this. The French team played, which was unusual, calmly under the leadership of Platini, Hicks in the 48th minute.


The Sheikh took a 3-0 lead. Although Bloch recovered a goal for Kuwait in the 75th minute, the mentality of Kuwait was very depressed. Before the end of the game, gireiser scored the fourth goal for the team. However, at that time, the Kuwaitis players did not move at all, so after the goal, they protested that they did not hear the referee’s whistle. The failure to intercept the opponent’s goal should not be included in the dispute. The chairman of the Kuwait Football Association, Prince Fahd, rushed into the stadium from the stands to protest against the referee and threatened to lead the team out if the verdict was valid. Maybe he was confused by the chaotic scene. His thoughts were the former Soviet referee, stupa. After the judgment, FIFA still decided that the ball was effective and the French prince was punished with a fine of 8000 pounds. Of course, for the rich prince of Kuwait, the money was not only a drop in the bucket. In fact, Italy and Brazil were not in the same starting line in this semi-final qualification competition.

He’s an NFL legend

Rugby is their biggest sport in the United States, and it is reported that the annual Super Bowl Final is a holiday for many Americans. At that time, many people asked for leave to watch the game, so rugby is the most successful business League in the United States.


American Football League has a great influence in the United States. Michael Jordan is the representative in the NBA, and the Super Bowl League also has its own representative, that is Brady. He is a legendary NFL player who has won six Super Bowl titles. Some people say that Brady is like the NBA’s James. In fact, in terms of influence, Brady is obviously better, but in terms of personal assets, James has to throw out his street.

This season, James’ annual salary is 35 million dollars, while Brady’s annual salary is only 20 million dollars. Although there is a big difference between his annual salary and that of James, he is the king in rugby. James is only 34 years old, and Brady is 42 years old. Many people say it’s not easy to earn 20 million yuan at the age of 42.

New foreign aid takes over bressard periman: jet attack can be very dangerous

The New York jet attack team didn’t perform well last season, ranking only 31st in the league, 32nd in the number of advance yards and average number of advance yards per attack, and 25th in the league in terms of attack success rate.

A new member of the team who joined off-season believes the jet attack team can rebound in the new season.

“I think we can really get very dangerous, I think it’s everyone’s expectation for the new season,” said breshad Perriman, who took over recently.

The jet signed perrieman to replace Robby Anderson, who left for the Carolina panther. After a disappointing start to his career, Perriman made his best performance last season at Tampa Bay pirates, finishing 36 catches and reaching 645 yards and 6 times.


Of course, it’s not clear if Perryman will continue to perform well as the No. 1 or No. 2 outsider in the jet attack team. The jet has no other good catcher to draw the attention of the opposing team.

In addition to Perriman, jet catcher also has excellent slot catcher Jamison Crowder, who also performed disappointing first round show Josh doctson, this year’s second round show Denzel MIMS, and close forward Chris heanton Herndon) and le’veon bell, who can play a role in passing and attacking.

Of course, perhaps the most important thing is whether quarterback Sam darnold can play well in the third season.

McCarty brothers: nervous about participating in the training camp during the epidemic

Like most people, the McCarty brothers are trying to figure out what it’s like to return to training camp in the coming months and what the start of the new season will look like.

After novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in recent NFL players, Mccati McCourty and Jason Mccati (Jason McCourty), who played the role of new England patriots, discussed the anxiety of returning training in an interview. The Devin players were also interviewed.

“I think everyone is nervous, because the norm is that we just need to train – we work hard, we build relationships, we lift weights together, we work together in close space. Now it feels like it’s all taken away from us, so I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what it will look like, “said Devon McCarty as a podcast. “I love how many players focus on things other than football and I think we will continue to do so. But for me, figuring out the future of the game seems to be the most difficult thing right now. To be honest, we hope we can, but I don’t know if we can figure it out. ”

Jason McCarty talked about the difficulty of bringing players together, especially when the NFL players’ Union recently recommended that players stop organizing training privately.



“When you talk about the future, if it’s hard for 10 people to just get together and do something like passing training, it’s crazy for 53 to 90 people to train in the training camp. So I don’t know what will happen. ”

The league is still working on guidelines for players to return to the team’s base, and they are still determining which rules will ensure the safety and health of the players as much as possible. At present, the McCarty brothers and other players can only wait.

Players’ Union recommends players suspend training

Under the influence of the COVID-19, the NFL players’ Union recommended that players temporarily stop organizing their own training activities.

On Saturday, the medical director of the players’ Union, Dr. Thom Mayer, issued a statement recommending players not to “train together” until the start of the camp.

“Given the current resurgence of new crown cases, medical staff agreed that players should not organize their own training activities,” Meyer wrote. We want all the players and their families to be healthy


At present, NFL has a number of cases of infection, an unnamed 49 players in Nashville training test positive, including Ezekiel Elliott, a number of cowboys, Texas players infected, Mustang guard Kareem Jackson also confirmed his test positive.

When the team facilities are temporarily closed to players, many players choose to train in the local park, high school or university. Kyler Murray, the cardinal quarterback, has plans to organize training privately and run in with xinwai. Jet quarterback Sam darnold is also training in Florida with rookie Denzel MIMS and others.

Why is MLB rematch difficult for other leagues?

Among the three major leagues whose season has been interrupted or postponed due to the outbreak of the new championship, NHL recently took the lead in passing the plan of the second round, and the plan of 24 teams entering the playoffs won the overwhelming majority of votes. The NBA is also striving for the July rematch, and is currently working on the details of the rematch of 22 teams in Orlando. The source said that this plan has a great probability of passing. In contrast, the progress of MLB’s rematch seems to be much slower, especially in the recent years, the league and the players’ Association have carried out several rounds of saws. There are huge differences between the two sides in the rematch games of 50 and 114, and the income distribution plan has their own words. This situation worries baseball fans. The shadow of the 1994 strike has not completely disappeared from the baseball world. Why can’t MLB keep up with the other two leagues? What are the special obstacles facing baseball’s return?

The biggest resistance of MLB is obviously from the schedule. Unlike the other two leagues, which are nearing the end of the regular season, it remains to be seen when the MLB will start. The trickier problem is that unlike basketball and ice hockey, which are played in closed venues, baseball is still an outdoor sport, although some pitches can use a roof. The season starts from spring training and ends in the autumn classic. It is unimaginable for some teams in cold areas to enter the winter schedule.

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Therefore, NBA and NHL only need to make playoff plan, which is obviously much less difficult than MLB arranging the whole season. The former has chosen the rematch plan suitable for their respective sports characteristics, while baseball is in a dilemma – it needs enough regular season games to determine the qualification of the playoffs, and it also needs to let the season end in time, otherwise the world series may become a snow war. Naturally, holding playoffs at a neutral home in a mild climate is also an option. But not all markets are willing to give up such an opportunity to hold large-scale events. At present, the league is considering to put forward 50 regular season replay plans to the players, on the one hand, it is also forced by the schedule pressure.

Why did Byrd play so badly in the last game of the 87 finals?

Bird has a back injury. Byrd averaged 44.1 minutes in the playoffs. Celtic, bucks and pistons won the game only after winning seven. (in the double overtime battle with the Bucks G4, Byrd only took a 2-minute break to lead the team with 42 points, while in the G7, Byrd got 31 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists from 21 shots, 9 shots, and 8 assists to lead the team to the Eastern Conference.) Celtic bench basically has no firepower. Bill Walton was injured early. Main players such as Angie, Parrish and refrigerator were all absent because of injuries. While Byrd was injured for a long time, and Showtime Lakers, famous for fast-paced and counter attack, were very tired to play in G6. Even the commentary said “he looks tired out”. And because Angie, Parrish and refrigerator are all lower limb injuries, which affect the running ability, the positional battle needs Byrd’s non ball running position to pull the formation, which makes Byrd’s poor physical fitness worse. At the beginning, Celtic can compete with the Lakers in positional warfare. When Byrd is not strong enough, Celtic positional warfare can not open the situation basically. They can only feed the ball to the low position McHale and Parrish singles, and then play the iron and eat the hat under the supplement of the Lakers.


The Lakers are also knowledgeable about the old opponent who has played many times. Once Byrd catches the ball in the position where he is good at scoring, he can’t make a comfortable shot, and Byrd’s breakthrough will encounter many people’s encirclement and suppression.

New crown epidemic is the catalyst of international great change

On the whole, the new crown epidemic is a catalyst for a great change that has not been seen in a century. It not only strengthens several trends that have emerged in the international situation, intensifies various existing contradictions in international relations, but also brings more uncertainties to the international environment, making the world face more risks and challenges. The world has entered a more turbulent and uncertain period.


The world economy has been severely impacted

First of all, the epidemic has had a serious impact on the world economic development, and intensified the ebb and flow of international forces. In this context, on the one hand, the trend of multipolarization in the world is expected to further develop, but on the other hand, the risks and twists of the process of multipolarization are also rising.

The negative impact of the epidemic on the global economy is immeasurable. According to the comprehensive evaluation, the decline of global economy and trade will far exceed that of the international financial crisis. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the epidemic will bring 90% of the world’s economies into recession, with the growth rate of – 6.1% in developed countries and – 2% in developing countries.

Only a few countries, including China, may be able to maintain positive economic growth. The world trade organization expects global trade in goods to shrink by more than a third this year. The epidemic not only led to a serious recession of the global economy, but also seriously impacted the global total demand and supply, which disrupted the original industrial chain and normal operation order of the world economy. This situation exacerbates the difficulties and challenges faced by countries in their economic recovery.

How to make the raw materials and production of heat transfer film?

The evaluation of a kind of thing must start from its raw materials, because the production of raw materials directly determines the quality of the finished products of lettering film, especially the high-quality glue and color powder can enhance the quality of lettering film products, and the good lettering film products can be created only when the materials in the early stage are ready. The adhesive layer and toner used in our lettering film are made of materials from world-famous enterprises, which can minimize the possibility of separation of the color layer and the adhesive layer, and also reduce overflow. Of course, in the production of lettering film, we should pay attention to coating machine, production process, quality detection system, etc., so that the quality of lettering film can be guaranteed. Then we need to talk about the characteristics of the lettering film. Take TPU elastic lettering film, a popular product on the market, for example. This lettering film has a soft hand, can be stretched and covered with high coverage. The key is easy to carve, cut and discharge. It is not deformed after high temperature pressing.


At present, most of the lettering film products are mainly printed on bags, clothing and other textiles. Finally, it should be said that if only to achieve the characteristics of lettering film is not enough, the reason is that heat transfer film products are mainly used in clothing, which needs to be close to the skin of the human body. So through the professional testing agency rigorous testing can better let customers rest assured! The products of our lettering film manufacturers have passed SGS inspection and Oeko-Tex test of textile environmental protection certification unit (heinstein, Germany), and they are confirmed to be safe and non-toxic.