“American Spring Festival Gala” comes again. Who is the champion? It’s the least important thing

The 52nd “super bowl” of the United States was held at the United Bank Stadium in Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win the final title.

But for Chinese audiences, the appeal of rugby matches is still less than that of midfield star performances and advertisements, and NFL is only remembered in China on the day of Super Bowl.

What’s more, because this year’s “super bowl” was not held during the new year, after the freshness faded, the overall attention of social networks is not as good as before.


NFL has set up an office in China as early as 2007, which has been nearly 12 years. However, it is an embarrassing fact that most Chinese people’s impression of NFL is still outside the competition, watching concerts and advertisements.

In the view of Yang Ruiqi, general manager of NFL China, it’s a shortcut to attract more “traffic” if you want to really get attention in China like NBA.

“We are still promoting NFL through media, especially social media. On Weibo, we will publish a video collection of the game, telling the audience what excellent teams and players the NFL has, so that they can learn more about football. “

NBA open training center! Lakers return time

At present, there are more than 1.26 million new crown infections in the United States, but the NBA is still actively exploring the possibility of a rematch. The league has previously announced that teams in areas where home ownership has been lifted can open training facilities after May 8 local time. According to various reports, the traineers, nuggets and Cavaliers will reopen on time.

Among them, Knight’s prevention and control measures are the most strict, and the training hall is only open to players who come to the training voluntarily. There is a temperature measurement link before entering the stadium. Only one player and one assistant are allowed to use a single basket, and the coach will wear masks and gloves. The Cavaliers will give each player at least two basketballs with the player’s name and number written on them.


The Cavaliers are only 19-46 this season, second to last in the league. No one expected that they would be the first team to resume training. The training time is earlier than the championship teams such as clippers and bucks. That’s what the Cavaliers are all about.

But there are still many teams unable to restart training on time, including magic, lone ranger and heat’s training center, which is expected to open as early as next week. State policies vary. The mosaic team wanted to open the training center on time, but Texas delayed the opening of the gym and other training facilities to May 18, so it failed to do so.

How did the Yankees outfielder Aaron judge do in 2017

In the statcast data, which marks a new era, judge’s performance in 17 years also proves his strength advantage. The average speed of batting is the first 94.9mph in the whole league, the average speed of high flying ball / flat flying ball is the first 100.2mphbarrels * in the whole league, and the rate of barrels per position of Giancarlo Stanton, who is the second, is 12.8%. The rate of barrels per position is 11.0% in Stanton, which can be translated as “playing really hard”, and the decisive variables are the speed of batting (exit velocity) and the angle of hitting (launch angle).


If a batting event has a batting rate of more than. 500 and a long-term batting rate of more than 1.500 at the same speed and angle, the batting event will be listed as barrel. The feature of the data is that the attack is completely regarded as an independent event and the defensive factors are eliminated. Based on statcast’s measurements and Yankee Stadium’s friendliness to hitters, it’s not hard to understand that judge’s single season home run / fly ratio has reached the highest 35.6% in the past decade. In addition, the pure strength advantage of the strike and the control of the high roll to flight ratio (less than 1) make it reasonable to reach a babip of. 357. -Finally, I will briefly talk about the influence of judge off-site. Less than two months into the league, Yankees built judge’s chamber in right field. According to two friends working in Yankee, the wood decoration cost of the whole section is hundreds of dollars. But because of the name of judge, an ordinary right field seat has been given value. Justice Sonia Sotomayor made a lot of earned media when he appeared in judge’s chamber on August 31.

Who is better than sumo and NFL lineman?

Sumo is fierce when it collides on the field, and lineman is fierce when it collides on the football field. Sumo wrestlers are generally heavier than lineman players, and their daily training is for this face-to-face nude collision. On the rugby field, lineman put on the protd7853c33327fe4465ed08007fd1cea8d_720wective equipment. At this time, when facing this group of people who want to intercept for a living, sumo wrestler’s instant explosive power and sumo wrestling technology are useless.


Chaoqinglong once offered a reward of 10 million yuan to challenge the national experts under the rule of not allowing slapping the face. As a result, he won eight consecutive games, one of which was against Japanese American football player qingjiatuo. His physique was bigger than that of chaoqinglong, and his strength was absolutely no loss. His weakness was that he had insufficient skills to deal with the wrestling.

The sliding friction is equal to the pressure times the friction coefficient

Olive players and sumo wrestlers with the same weight, from static starting speed to collision, the force with the highest speed in the middle is large. Junior high school physics is the momentum conservation of senior high school physics, and the force is positively related to speed and mass.

Why does Harry, with an average of 3.5 points, become Rodman’s only friend?

“In San Antonio, you can talk to me, but I may not answer you.”

Although Rodman has been retired for a long time, at the age of 55, he still behaved like a prick in an interview with reporters.

On October 1, 1993, the Spurs traded Sean Elliott, their new all star small forward, to Detroit and brought back two rebounding titles, Dennis Rodman.

Like many scouts, the Spurs management knows that Rodman’s arrival will give the team a rare energy, but at the same time, they know that this guy can do anything outside the stadium.


So, how to let Rodman really into the team has become a headache for the whole team.

When Rodman first came to San Antonio, his teammate, power forward Terry Cummings and his family had dinner in a local steak house. They saw Rodman alone, so Cummings went to invite Rodman to sit with them.

To his surprise, Rodman didn’t even raise his head in the face of the hero who helped spurs rise in the general’s time, and directly ignored the existence of Cummins, as if there were no one around.

The premise of reconstructing realistic oil painting style

Since the 21st century, the development trend of global integration has been clearly placed in front of all mankind. Due to the collision of various cultures, human beings are not only facing the challenge of economic globalization, but also facing the impact of various cultural phenomena. In this environment, China’s contemporary art circle has formed a diversified and loose pattern. In this kind of big cultural atmosphere, any kind of artistic idea and style is difficult to occupy the absolute leading position. In this so-called background of globalization and diversification, maintaining national cultural characteristics should be an important issue for all countries to consider. -A country without its own cultural characteristics has no cultural voice. It is one of the most important problems to find and establish its own cultural symbols with contemporary and historical continuity in front of every country, as well as China. China should reconstruct contemporary cultural symbols and paradigms.

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Since the late 20th century, Chinese cultural circles seem to be used to the new forms and theories of various schools and the lively display of different opinions. The trend of modern art and avant-garde art in the middle and late 1980s has changed the previous cultural pattern, enriched the field of cultural expression, brought about a certain degree of prosperity of culture, changed the excessive political meaning of the previous culture, and showed new autonomy in artistic creation.

Coca Cola also wants to advertise

In April 2000, Coca Cola announced the restructuring of its business structure. The company has set up four business divisions, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa and new operatin$PTZHKLG]6%5(PA9L7SQRASenterprises. The head of each division will report directly to daft, chairman and general manager of Coca Cola.

Daft’s first act in office was to order four business divisions to stop advertising at the same time. Daft’s decision was strongly opposed by the advertising manager on the grounds that Coca Cola’s sales performance would be seriously affected. Daft insists on his own opinion. He believes that Coca Cola has become a well-known beverage brand all over the world. There is no need to spend a lot of advertising funds. The saved advertising expenses can be used to invest in raw materials.


However, in daft’s first year in office, Coca Cola’s total sales fell by 35%, and there is a continuous decline. Daft’s leadership has been seriously questioned by the group’s senior management. In this way, daft has to resign. The analysis from the four business segments also failed to satisfy daft. For this reason, daft was puzzled. He began to doubt his practice. Is the view of the advertising manager right?

One evening, daft walked to Atlanta’s Olympic square for a walk. See a teenager on a skateboard, sweating to the drink shop to buy drinks to quench thirst. He took a drink from the shelf at will, and Coca Cola stood in its place.

Daft was a little surprised, so he asked the teenager why he didn’t choose Coca Cola? “So many drinks, why should I choose Coca Cola?” the teenager replied Daft was even more curious, and wanted to ask some more questions, but the skateboarder boy bowed forward and left with his right foot on the ground.