Who is the best in the NBA?

First of all, Kobe.

What’s more, I have to choose Kobe Bryant in the face of detailed, reliable and well documented data. Of course, according to the impression, it’s OK to choose Jordan, big dream, aopang or something.

So, in order to avoid disputes, I give a limit:

In the 21st century, Kobe Bryant is the most powerful player in the NBA.

Although the proportion of singles has been reduced, its importance is self-evident. When the running tactics fail and the whole is prevented from dying, there must be a person standing up to solve the game with his own ability. Singles can ignore the system, only depends on the individual play of stars, in the bayonet red, fighting defense playoffs, especially valuable.


The age appropriate stars, in this statistical advantage, such as Durant, LeBron, Wade, Anthony, this time period coincides with the peak; and the old generation of singles, such as Iverson, McGrady, arenas, due to early retirement, failed to make the list. The new generation of Hardon, Owen and curry have not been on the list because they haven’t played long enough. As for Kobe Bryant, the peak period of 00-04 was not included, and the decline period of 14-16 was counted instead, so the data was underestimated, but even so, the data still dominates the position of the leader of the singles, and Kobe Bryant is in charge. Add a word more, Hardon’s peak period happens to be the last two years. If you add the data of the last two years, he should be on the list, and the ranking is not low. But if you really fight, you can’t use this trick, and the effect will be greatly reduced.

Ask NFL active service which outside take over ability is stronger?

The ability to take over is directly related to the passing level of the quarterback. For example, Thomas and Sanders lost their luster when Manning retreated. Normally, Green Bay Rogers’ takeovers (Adams and Nelson) are generally better. Adams’s total number of yards this season is average (20 out of row, more short and medium passes), but TD is the second highest in the league, with no efficiency to speak of. Steeler’s AB has big ben to feed the ball is always Daniel. This season, the total number of yards to receive the ball has already ranked first, TD number ranks third. If playing FNFL, AB is absolutely the most reassuring choice (PPR) or the first round of non PPR. Michael Thomas, the sage, was raised by an old pig. He was a young man. The eagle’s Jeffery was good in the bear before. It’s better to change the team (now fourth in TD). If he hadn’t played in the last two games, there would have been no suspense for him to reach the second place in TD this season. The giant Beckham (Jr.) and the ugly Eagle Julio (Julio Jones) belong to the corner of their own absolute strength. Lao Jiang, I prefer the red bird’s Princess (Fitzgerald), and he matches the ginger quarterback bubble (Palmer) perfectly. The exception may be the German Hopkins. He can become the king of TD under the quarterback who is below the average level, and his total receiving yards can also be ranked fourth. That’s great. Of course, this is also related to the German tactics. The German takeovers are always very supportive. There’s no need to cover everything. It’s almost there.

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Why do pitchers deliberately throw bad balls?

First of all, I want to say that the landlord has good observation ability. I always feel that this is not like the question that people will ask soon after contacting baseball, but for the convenience of discussion

On this kind of question, it’s better to put it. Let’s talk about the experience.

What you said is true. It’s a kind of default match to throw “bad ball” after “two good” in professional baseball, and it has a proper term

It is described as “waste pitch” in English and “wandering ball” in Japanese, but its definition and function are in the United States and Japan

There are divergences in the world, so we will not extend them in this question for the time being.

After two good pitches, the pitcher deliberately throws the bad ball, which is the result of a long-term game between professional pitches. This process is very similar to the Russian roulette with 1

The difference between a bullet and three bullets is that if the premise changes, both sides of the Strait will live and die.

And in understanding, we need to start from the respective logic of casting, and then expand one by one.

Pitch count – there are 12 cases in total, which can be divided into three types according to the advantages and disadvantages (underlined is the advantage max):

???pitcher advantage: 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, 0-1

???hitter advantage: 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 2


Did MLB buy some baseball caps in the store?

n the United States, there is a major league baseball, aka baseball, or MLB for short. The baseball caps worn by players in the league are produced by a hat making company, new era. The League also gives the copyright to another clothing company, which can use the logo of the bat, some of its teams and players, MLB, on its products. If we understand MLB as NBA, then new Era is Nike. It not only produces players’ styles for competition, but also popular styles for daily use. Then MLB (clothing company) is a “private” enterprise with NBA investment authority. Its logo (league, team, player) has been authorized by MLB (professional baseball), but he is not the one on the MLB (professional baseball) field. Simply put: new era is the official hat of MLB. MLB is the official partner of MLB.


What should we learn from Japanese advertising marketing?

I used to work in Japan, also for work reasons, and for a long time in Europe and America. I can’t say that Japan’s advertising and marketing methods must always be the best, but I believe they must be the most suitable for Chinese people to think and learn. In fact, Wang Shi and Lei Jun are also “Pro Japanese” in Internet thinking, Wang Shi once said that since he first visited Japan in 1986, he began to learn from Japan. At that time, he had not yet done real estate. He finally practiced a way to learn from Japan and combine it with the modern enterprise concept of China. This is also the purpose and significance of my writing after returning home from work, that is, to share the thinking mode of Japanese Internet that we should ponder and learn, and to connect with Chinese Internet.


After all, objectively speaking, Japan’s Internet is far ahead of China’s. for example, as early as 2001, Japan was the first country to introduce 3G technology. Today, our products and services on the mobile can trace the shadow left by Japan. For example, the familiar Emoji (emoticon), this is NTT in Japan DoCoMo launched a small module of e-mail editing service in the first year of 3G. Its humanistic feelings and the most original and natural way of communication design can be described as commendable.

Why are the NFL and MLB divisions the League of nations and the United States, while the NBA and NHL are the East and West?


The competition in the professional league is serious; it has no sympathy for yamari. The eastern and Western divisions are convenient because the alliance is too big. They are synchronic. The division of the League of nations and the United States is a historical legacy and a result of competition in professional alliances. In a professional sport, if there are different top leagues, there must be competition. Talent competition, capital competition, market competition, honor competition. There are three results of competition: bankruptcy, annexation and merger. Typical of bankruptcy is ice hockey. In the early stage, Stanley Cup was the competition of three alliances, namely, Nha, pcha and wchl. Later, PCHA went bankrupt and became the competition between NHA/NHL and WCHL/WHL. Then the WHL collapsed, and the Stanley Cup became the NFL championship trophy. Typical of annexation is basketball. The NBA annexed the ABA in the summer of 1976. In the 1976 season, the ABA couldn’t hold on any longer. Three teams went bankrupt in the middle of the season. In the end, four of the six teams entered the NBA. The NBA has 18 teams in the 76 season. NHL also annexed the WHA in 1979, joining four teams.

Cai Chongxin acquisition of nets how much revenue, nets team value?

Turning the clock back to 2013, when fans mention the nets, it’s reminiscent of Billy King’s suffocating big deal and the Russian rich who are rumored to have bought the nets just to launder money. Because the nets paid nearly 100 million yuan in fines but could not touch the O’Brien cup at all, prophoff, who bought the nets with a checkbook, was also regarded as a big fish from overseas in the eyes of fans. In fact, instead of losing money, Mr. prophov made more than $2 billion in Brooklyn trawling – according to an interview with his aides by Forbes.


In 2013, Billy King’s “coquettish operation” was not a puzzle in the eyes of fans. This big deal of introducing Kevin Garnett and pierce made the New York nets team start their own brand, which is an effective attempt to occupy the New York market.

This “dark moment” of the nets didn’t have the same effect on prokhov as the outside world. On the contrary, prophov successfully used the nets to make a profit. In the second round, prophov has made a series of construction since he bought the basketball net team with 200 million dollars in 2009, and made a net profit of 2 billion by selling the team with 3.3 billion dollars. This is a real bull with a long-term vision.

Behind the legalization of MLB marijuana is the collision of new and old concepts of the four major American sports leagues

At the winter meeting in San Diego in December 2019, MLB and MLB players’ Union announced that marijuana was officially removed from the list of prohibited drugs in MLB. Since then, the supervision of marijuana will be the same as that of alcohol. The new policy of compulsory inspection and voluntary treatment will be adopted for athletes who have excessive marijuana intake The regulations will take effect during the spring training period 2020.


The impact of MLB’s move will not be limited to MLB itself, but also to other four major professional sports leagues in the United States.

MLB’s drug system for marijuana is imperative. Before that, MLB had imposed severe penalties on athletes who used banned drugs: those who had positive urine tests for the first three times would be banned for 25, 50 and 100 games respectively, and those who had committed a fourth offence would be banned for life. However, MLB’s attitude towards marijuana was loosened as early as 2002: since 2002, MLB has stopped marijuana drug testing for major league players and focused more on the screening of drugs that can improve the physical function of athletes. By the end of 2019, marijuana will be removed directly from the list of prohibited drugs.

In addition to the new MLB in the legalization of marijuana, NHL is the most progressive League among the four major sports leagues. For those athletes who take too much marijuana, NHL will only p

Artist’s new helmet design: the United States

If you are one of many NFL fans and tired of wearing the same old Jersey as your favorite team every week, then we have some great options for you. These excellent concept designs for all 32 NFL teams use boring old helmets + uniforms and bring them into the 21st century. But keep in mind that these are just concepts, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll see these designs actually coming to market. For comparison, we created a side-by-side image of the current helmet (1) and the concept helmet (2-4).


1. Chief of Kansas City

Not all heroes wear Cape, not all KC players wear fashionable Helmets In fact, they don’t know, because their helmets are smelly now, ha! Each of these bad boys provides a new and refreshing look that can be considered as an old design. 2. Buffalo

The huge blue buffalo occupies the side of the helmet, a classic modernism. This may be one of the only helmets I won’t touch, but we found some unique designs to compare.

C2 is a more modern interpretation of the classic retro red helmet, which was worn at the height of the 1990s. Of course, their “heyday” consisted of four consecutive entries into the super bowl and then losing. C3 switches the script to royal blue to match the Jersey. C4 increases the depth of these alternating stripes.

On the strategy of advertising marketing

The strategies of advertising marketing are as follows:

1. Value promotion can be regarded as brand extension

A good product should be supported, not hindered. However, if the dynamic development of the market has created a demand or desire, then extending a brand can be regarded as increasing the value of the original brand – such as no sugar, no sodium, low cholesterol, no artificial additives, biological decomposition after discarding, recycling, etc.


2. Appropriate brand extension

If brand extension is used as a way to deal with competitors, the practice of participating in competitors is very risky and expensive. Enterprises should make sure whether the brand extension really meets the market demand through market research.

3. Distinguish primary and secondary objectives

Usually the main goal is to create sales performance or profit. Is the goal of brand management to control the whole market? Or to meet some local needs? Do not let the core products and its extension products compete with each other in the goal, and their goals should be complementary.