Mlb30 team 30: rattlesnake has a rough road ahead, reorganizes rivers and mountains to wait for posterity

MLB has entered spring training, and 2019 season is on the way. In order to help new and old fans get familiar with the current situation of each team as soon as possible, Tencent sports launched a 30 day 30 team special for reference. Today is about the Arizona rattlesnakes.

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Team: Arizona rattlesnake

Division: Guolian West District

World Championship: once (2001)

Last season: 82-80 (Third Division)

Team attack index: 0.707 (league 21)

Team self blame score: 3.72 (league 4)

Head coach: Tori lovello

Last season review:

2018 is a crucial year for the future strategic decision-making of the pellet. The start of the season continued last year’s good performance, with a wave of small climaxes in the top two of the league in April, followed by a decline in performance due to injuries of several major players. Before the all star game, the overall performance showed a strong track of January and weak track of January, once occupying the top of the western region of the League of nations.

There is still a lot of hope to enter the playoffs after July, but the management did not burn the farm in exchange for a fight, but chose the rookies with low trading ranking to strengthen the bullpen. Coming to the key September, the team was totally weak after injury and conservative trade, and failed to qualify for foreign card after losing the playoffs with dodge and Loki.

What is the renewal level of the first MLB person with $430 million? More than the sum of Kuri + harden contracts

During the off-season, players trapped in the free market have accused the owners of MLB major leagues of being stingy and unwilling to offer big contracts. However, with Machado and Harper signing at a high price, such talk is self defeating.

On March 19, major league baseball announced another signing. Mike trout, the first player in Los Angeles Angels, will renew his contract,.

This surpassed Harper’s previous record of MLB’s largest contract, and even became the largest single contract in professional sports history.

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Such figures are very abstract, and it is difficult to understand the specific meaning of the contract. However, when we compare this contract with the contract value of NBA players that fans are familiar with, we are surprised to find that the value of Trout’s contract is greater than the total contract value of the current two players, Curie and Hadden.

What is the level of $430 million? More than kuriharden put together

Curry is the highest paid player in the NBA this season, reaching $37.45 million. He has a five-year contract with the Golden State Warriors, with a total value of about 201 million. Rockets James Harden is the highest contract player in NBA history, with a total value of 228 million US dollars for six years. The combined contract pay of the two is $429 million, which is $1 million less than the $430 million in trout.

Bear coach Nicky: trubisky understands attack better than I do

Although the media are keen to “recommend” the new quarterback to the bears, the team still has confidence in Mitchell trubisky.

Manager Matt Nagy said: “I know he works hard, he knows we want him to perform better and we want to work hard to provide better guidance. Now we can’t be tied to last year’s performance, which is equivalent to getting bogged down. We just need to be better next season


Ryan pace, general manager, has expressed the same opinion before and will keep trubisky. But pace has yet to decide whether to implement the trobysky fifth year option.

“For him At present, what we need most is to watch back the video, which we will do in the next few months. He is an expert in this field. He needs to understand the attack better than I do. I think that’s the ultimate goal I also hope that he can make it clear that this is his future direction. “

Crazy! Dodge hit 8 home runs to crush rattlesnake to set a new MLB opening game record

Two years in a row in the world series is a painful memory for any team, but the Los Angeles dodge has proved that they have come out of the defeat.

In the opening game of the season held at home, dodge played the same area opponent Arizona rattlesnake without any weakness. He hit eight home runs in succession, and the team beat the opponent 12:5 to get off to a good start with the strong shooting of Liu Xianzhen from South Korea.

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In this game, dodge equalled the team’s single field opening record, and also set a record of the largest opening battle in the history of the major league. The last time the team shot that much was against Milwaukee Brewers on May 23, 2002, a game known for Sean Green’s big four.

Enrique Hernandez, the second baseman who hit the double shot, was excited: “we’re guessing if it’s a record, cool!” Ross streeplin, the unused pitcher, also enjoyed watching: “we’re going to win every game with eight hits.” He is the first pitcher of the next game, playing line so well is bound to be a huge psychological incentive for him to win the shot.

Quarterback Patrick mahoms: wants to play for the chieftain for a long time

The super bowl is another testament to Patrick mahome’s position in the NFL. The 24-year-old Kansas City chief quarterback is the second youngest starting champion quarterback in history and the youngest player to win MVP and Super Bowl titles.

Given that mahames has just finished his third season, it can be said that his career is just beginning. Asked about the renewal, mahames stressed that he wanted to stay at the Emirates.

“For me, this kind of thing will be handled by others,” mahoms said at a press conference after the super bowl. “Obviously I want to stay in the chief for a long time, I understand that. I also want to win a lot of games here, and for me, it’s natural. I’m in a great team. I have an excellent team to work for me, so it’s for me to trust others, find the best way to complete the renewal and have the best teammates around me to complete the renewal at any appropriate time. ”

Andy Reid, 61, gave a negative answer when asked if he would consider retiring. And one of the reasons is mahoms.




“I don’t know. I didn’t think about it. I still like what I’m doing, “Reid said. “I have this young quarterback here, which makes life a lot easier every day. I’d love to come to work every day and know that I can coach him and his teammates. Brett Veach knows how to win and who we like to work with. So he brought in people like that and made me enjoy coaching. So I really don’t want to retire here. ”

The combination of mahames and Reid may mean that the chief will continue to be competitive for the long term. In the seven years that Reid has led the chief, the chief has been a regular in the playoffs. But before mahames became the starting quarterback, the chief won just one of five playoffs. Under the leadership of mahoms, the chief won four of five playoffs and entered the United States Championship for two consecutive years.

Such a performance is exactly what the chieftain expected three years ago when he chose mahoms. And now the title also proved that their big up trade was worth it.

What exhibits are included in the surface treatment exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany?

The Stuttgart surface treatment exhibition in Germany is jointly held by Messe Stuttgart, a Stuttgart exhibition company, and Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover, a Hanover exhibition company in Germany. It is held every two years.


Since 2008, it has been held in Stuttgart International Exhibition Center, with two pavilions, and held at the same time with other related professional exhibitions, which will attract more professionals to visit. The main contents of the exhibition are electroplating, cleaning, pre surface coating technology, industrial plasma surface treatment, nanotechnology, textile materials, measuring, testing and analysis equipment, etc

The surface technology geography exhibition brings together all the surface treatment technologies and methods to promote the development of surface treatment, surface finish and surface coating. The exhibition shows a broad market coverage and creates an ideal marketing environment for all suppliers of surface treatment technology and applications. What’s more, the value that exhibitors and visitors at O & s have personally experienced is how to join in every stage of the industrial processing chain that is driven by application-oriented surface treatment technology.

Vietnam Touton oil and Gas Exhibition

Vietnam International Oil and gas exhibition is the only professional oil and gas exhibition in Vietnam. Vietnam professional oil and gas exhibition provides the highest level exchange platform for experts in the industry in ASEAN region, which plays a great role in promoting the exchange and cooperation of oil and gas industry in Asia and the world. It is also the best time for China’s oil and gas equipment manufacturers and oil engineering companies to enter the Southeast Asian market.

At that time, Southeast Asian countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia and other countries will show in the form of national exhibition groups. Vietnam’s oil and gas industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and is the fourth largest oil producer in Asia after China, Indonesia and Malaysia. With the establishment of ASEAN Free Trade Area, there will be more than 7000 kinds of products with zero tariff in the area, which will further stimulate the economic development of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and will also promote the development of petrochemical industry.

Scope of exhibits

mechanical equipment: Petroleum drilling tools, oil well equipment, offshore equipment, offshore platform, welding technology and equipment, separation equipment, oil tank equipment, lifting equipment, hoisting equipment, sealing, anti-corrosion, heat preservation, ventilation equipment, lifting equipment, geophysical exploration equipment, remote monitoring equipment, refrigeration equipment, maintenance equipment, turbines, turbines, turbines, turbines, various metal pipes and Rubber hose and its connecting device, electric transmission device, its assembly, hydraulic crane and various supporting equipment and chemical machinery, etc

Instruments: valves, positioners, transmitters, transformers, temperature sensors, stabilizers, recorders, filters, measuring instruments, gas measuring instruments.


Other exhibits: filter screen, screen, steel structure, safety system, alarm system, operation process control system, pipeline protection system, experiment and simulation system, danger control system, emergency shutdown system, drilling platform, oil and gas pipeline and its safety All petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas products, such as gas gathering pipe, insulating material, indicator light and indicating equipment, incinerator, Jack, water dragon fire hydrant, electrical engineering operation, drilling tool, furnace, fire protection device and fire extinguishing device, explosion-proof device, well completion, fracturing proppant, etc.; drilling platform, steel structure; insulating material; indicating equipment, etc

Pump valve: valve, pump, compressor, fan, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, Jack, boiler, furnace, pressure vessel, cooling machine, flange, pipeline, hose and its connection device, industrial explosion-proof product, industrial power supply, electric transmission device and its assembly, and various supporting equipment and chemical machinery, etc

Do you know the Hamburg aircraft interior design and equipment exhibition?

Germany Hamburg International aircraft interior design and equipment exhibition relx The group is the world’s largest aircraft interior industry exhibition and the leader of the global market in the aircraft interior industry. It has gathered many famous airlines, top suppliers and professionals in the aircraft interior industry in Europe and the world. The latest aircraft interior design, leisure and entertainment facilities in flight, communication and passenger service will be displayed at the exhibition.


In the last exhibition, 500 companies from 70 countries participated, and 11000 visitors visited the Hamburg International Exhibition of aircraft interior design and equipment.

Scope of exhibits

Related to aircraft interior design: Cabin management system, cleaning, cockpit door, connector, design studio, environmental system / air conditioning, fastener, finishing, floor, food / food service equipment, kitchen and kitchen equipment, hardware, in-flight entertainment and communication, indoor paint and anti-corrosion, toilet and waste equipment, lighting / LED, materials, OEM / aircraft manufacturer, storage open Pins, plastic molds, power supplies, refrigeration, repair and refurbishment, safety, emergency and safety, seats, services / consultants, signage and billboards, upholstery and textile, acoustic equipment, uniforms, curtains and shutters, wiring and fiber optics

Wu Lei’s handsome young oil painting is classical and elegant

Wu Lei, who grew up in the camera, has profound facial features and increasingly distinct edges and corners. He has a pair of affectionate eyes that are fearless, alert and warm in a scarlet. Oil painting like handsome young man, sitting quietly in front of a white wall, with red and green as a companion, like the people in meticulous painting, clean classical and elegant. Wu Lei, who has a three-point gentle and steady sense of gentleness, has become a bright young man in the sun. He becomes friends with mischievous Mickey Mouse and roams in time with the naive and naive self hidden in his heart. From the invincible youth of sunshine and vitality to the full-fledged youth spirit, there are many surprises from Wu Lei.




Ice hockey mania again how to build the most successful season in ten years

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Among the 31 teams in the NHL League, hurricane Carolina has been unknown for many years, with no particularly commendable results or superstars. Even if we return to the playoffs 10 years later this year, many people don’t think the team can go far. However, hurricane fans don’t think so. They not only believe in the team, but also enjoy every game.

It’s not too late to go back to the playoffs in 10 years

Four or five hours before the start of hurricane’s first playoff home game, fans have driven to the parking lot outside the stadium, eating barbecue, listening to songs, drinking beer and playing various games. From time to time, there was a smell of roast pork on the grill, Kanye West and country music were playing in the car, and the parking lot had obviously become a playoff carnival for fans.

It’s unbelievable for the players who have come to the team soon. Because they think the fans here have lost faith in them. Center Sebastian aho said: “I’ve heard stories about how great the fans are here. In the two years I just came here, what I saw was obviously different from what I heard before. But now, I really see it. ”

When Hurricane won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 2006, it successfully ignited Carolina’s passion for ice hockey, but then it cooled down as the team’s performance declined. From 2009 to now, the hurricane team that hasn’t entered the playoffs in 10 years seems to be abandoned by fans.