Hall of fame quarterback nemas: it’s hard to believe Brady will leave the Patriots

Joe Namath will always be remembered as a New York jet player.

But some will remember that the hall of fame quarterback played for the Los Angeles Rams for a year before retiring. For the legendary life of nemas, this season can only be said to be a minor footnote.

That’s why nemas can’t imagine quarterback Tom Brady wearing the jersey of another team.


“I can hardly believe that he will join other teams under any circumstances,” said nemas. “I can’t imagine the two sides going their separate ways. It was also difficult for his family to leave the New England area he was so familiar with. I don’t think he will leave New England completely. I really don’t think so. ”

However, with his contract coming to an end, Brady is likely to join other teams. He has said he is open to joining other teams.

Although nemas feels that Brady will not leave the Patriots, he fully supports Brady to continue his career. “As long as he’s physically and psychologically allowed, I want to see him continue his career as much as possible because we’ve seen over the years that his execution is at an excellent level most of the time,” said neymas. “We don’t often see players like that, people like that. Such a player is rare

Nemas just didn’t want Brady to repeat his mistakes and leave a team that was very close to him. “I hope I knew what I would learn from this transition before I decided to change the team,” said nemas. “I ended up with a very difficult transition.”

Mexico advertising exhibition

Mexico advertising exhibition Expo publicitas is the largest advertising logo event in Latin America. It has been successfully held for 18 times, with more than 500 enterprises participating in each exhibition. As a strategic fortress to enter the North American market, Expo publicitas attracts world-famous enterprises and buyers.

In 2017, 24987 visitors and 8600 VIP purchasers from European and American countries attended the conference, with an exhibition area of more than 22800 square meters and more than 500 exhibitors. Among them, 53% of the exhibitors said that the exhibition effect was very good, and they would definitely continue to participate in the next session; 38% of the exhibitors said that the effect was very good, and they would consider continuing to participate in the next session; 9% of the exhibitors said that the effect was not good, so they gave up participating in the next session. Chinese exhibitors gave a high evaluation to the quantity and quality of the audience, and the exhibition effect was very good. Participating in expopublicitas is an important platform for Chinese advertising logo companies to expand the market in Mexico and even Latin America. We sincerely invite you to participate in the best advertising exhibition in Latin America to understand the latest trend of the development of the advertising industry. The annual advertising investment of more than 8 million pesos will bring you great business opportunities for the three-day exhibition.


Mexico advertising exhibition Expo publicitas is held by armexpo S.A. de C.V. once a year. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Mexican market. Mexico advertising exhibition Expo publicitas attracted 500 exhibitors in the last session, and the number of merchants reached 24987. The exhibition is in Centro, Mexico City International Convention and Exhibition Center Held by Banamex, the exhibition covers an area of 22800 square meters.

Arrest of two NHL players: beating villains because of a tip discrepancy

July 8 NHL Columbus blue shirt forward Sonny Milano and Colorado Avalanche left forward A.J. Greer were arrested for minor injuries early Sunday in New York local time. According to the New York Post, police sources said the two players had a physical conflict with another man and beat each other when they failed to reach an agreement on tips while playing in a Manhattan nightclub.

Milano and Greer were playing at the oak No. 1 nightclub at the time, according to a police report. At first, they received a verbal promise to tip only $1200, but when they paid, they found that the bill showed a tip of $2300. The two had a quarrel with the staff. Enraged, Milano and Greer fought with the staff who had promised to tip them cheaply, resulting in varying degrees of neck, bicep, chin and rib damage.

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The two players were released from NYPD 6 on Sunday morning and will appear in court in September this year. The two declined to comment on what happened, but Milano’s father insisted that the conflict was not about money, but more likely because the man who had been beaten was playing the two players unreasonably.

Fans scored a commemorative goal of up to $50000

As early as May 9 this year, in Los Angeles angel’s 13-0 victory over Detroit tiger, Albert Pujols, the biochemical man, reached the great milestone of 2000 points with a home run in the direction of left field. This meaningful home run should have remained in the MLB Professional Baseball Hall of fame as a great souvenir, but at that time, the court looked at it A tiger fan on stage, Ely Hydes, finally won the baseball.

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Because of MLB’s tradition, fans have the right to keep their own home runs, especially when Heidegger learned that this baseball has such an extraordinary significance, he decided to keep this baseball for good collection. But after a few days, Heidegger had a good idea. He thought that the ball should be given to Marquis or left in the MLB Hall of fame, so that the baseball could realize its full value and significance.

As a result, heides personally delivered the ball to the MLB Hall of fame last month. In addition, the fan also revealed some anecdotes: from May 9 to now, including the Los Angeles Angels, there have been numerous enthusiastic fans calling to buy the baseball as a collection, with a price once as high as $50000. But Heidegger’s heart is not touched by money. As a pure baseball fan, he just wants the baseball to go back to where it should go, because it is much more meaningful than money.

The 36th Harbin International Ice Snow Festival Russian oil painting sculpture (Art) exhibition held

Russian oil painting and sculpture (Art) exhibition of the 36th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival opened in Harbin Art Museum Wednesday. This exhibition is sponsored by the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, and organized by Harbin Art Museum. There are more than 100 Masterpieces of 38 Russian people’s painters and meritorious painters on display.

On the arrival of the 36th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, more than 100 works of realism and Impressionism style from Russia and Ukraine were exhibited, showing the elegant demeanor of oil painting masters between color, light and shadow, bringing a gorgeous visual feast to the audience.


Among them, the former Soviet people’s artist jablonskaya Tatyana’s works are characterized by general and concise modeling, decorative colors, and natural feelings and poetry. The works of the Ukrainian people’s artist Vera barrinova show the beauty of rural natural scenery and harmonious life. The works have strong folk customs and reflect the unique national style of Ukraine. Russian people’s artist Ivan vasiliyevich rabachuko’s works mainly show the natural scenery of Kamchatka, Chukchi, Magadan and other areas in the Far East, with strong color contrast and a certain decorative style, often showing traces of modern industrialized society in his works.