You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis

In those cases, the direct performance of non dominance is that this player is not lethal, in other words, there is no free throw. Some players can see that they can also score more than ten points and more than ten rebounds per game, right? Ah, 15.6 points or even 17.8 points, plus 11 or 12 rebounds. As an inside player, you can see the data.

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It’s OK, right? Because when you hit 20, you can become the league’s first-class center. Ah, more than 20 plus 10. Ah, you can become a super center. But even if some players hit this number close to the data, they still can’t become the inside line with lethal force. It’s worth affirming that these players don’t. Even more than, first-line blue collar players, not as good as, because the price of functional single and no outstanding contribution, outstanding contribution is reflected in sports, you can score, play rebounds and be able to kill the opponent is a very important indicator for the inside players. You can change the opponent’s structure. In other words, you kill the opponent’s inside players, or the players who focus on your players to protect the goal. After that, your outside players can attack in the opponent’s hinterland. In fact, it is a strategic strategy. Sorry, oh, it’s a kind of strategic play, so you see the Super Center, ah, the super interior line, they can not only score and grasp, but sometimes the rebounding ability will be a little poor, it doesn’t matter, but they must have the ability to kill the inside line to create fouls. This indicator is very important. You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis, right.

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