Who is better than sumo and NFL lineman?

Sumo is fierce when it collides on the field, and lineman is fierce when it collides on the football field. Sumo wrestlers are generally heavier than lineman players, and their daily training is for this face-to-face nude collision. On the rugby field, lineman put on the protd7853c33327fe4465ed08007fd1cea8d_720wective equipment. At this time, when facing this group of people who want to intercept for a living, sumo wrestler’s instant explosive power and sumo wrestling technology are useless.


Chaoqinglong once offered a reward of 10 million yuan to challenge the national experts under the rule of not allowing slapping the face. As a result, he won eight consecutive games, one of which was against Japanese American football player qingjiatuo. His physique was bigger than that of chaoqinglong, and his strength was absolutely no loss. His weakness was that he had insufficient skills to deal with the wrestling.

The sliding friction is equal to the pressure times the friction coefficient

Olive players and sumo wrestlers with the same weight, from static starting speed to collision, the force with the highest speed in the middle is large. Junior high school physics is the momentum conservation of senior high school physics, and the force is positively related to speed and mass.