What is the position of Chen Weiyin’s strength among MLB players?

First of all, in this world, left handers are always precious. It’s easier for hitters to practice left handedness the day after tomorrow. It’s very difficult for pitchers to practice left handedness intentionally the day after tomorrow. In animation, in order to turn left handedness, https://www.sptransfersticker.com/baseball-mlb-embroidery-c-5723_7827.htmldeliberately makes himself use his left hand first to do everything in daily life. It’s not caricature rendering. It’s really necessary.


At this point, Yin Zi had a congenital advantage. In addition, the technical surface straight ball: https://www.sptransfersticker.com/baseball-mlb-custom-number-letter-kits-c-5723_1438.htmlhas the ball speed and enough tail strength. Basically, he can be classified as a fly ball pitcher. If the straight ball does not have a slight upward tail strength, it is impossible for the hitter to play the fly ball all the time; change ball: there are many kinds of balls in the Yin Zi club, and the curve ball is a good weapon ball for grabbing the number of balls, luring the hitter’s slide ball and variable speed ball. Under the cover of a good straight ball, the change ball can play a good effect. Ball control: there are many players with fast ball speed in the minor league, but it is not too bad for those who can control the ball in the major league, but Yin Zai is still good at controlling the ball, and four dead balls rarely appear. Guard: Yan Zai’s guard is a very confident part of his own. It’s good to deal with the pitcher’s strong attack, the infield roll the earth, and the short fight. You can often see his own double kill.