What is the material of heat transfer film

What is heat transfer film? The heat transfer film is a “medium” for transferring patterns. The lettering film is engraved with a lettering machine or an integrated jet printing machine, the pattern is transferred to the substrate with a hot stamping machine, and then the pet release film is torn off. Is there only one material for the heat transfer film? Of course, the answer is wrong. There are many types of heat transfer films, including nine series of heat transfer films. Here are two main popular materials;

1. TPU elastic lettering film

It adopts 100% polyurethane (TPU) elastic material, with soft hand feel, stretch, high covering, and surface sanding effect; 100um thick high temperature resistant polyester (PET) release base material, which is not deformed after high temperature hot stamping, suitable for numbers, letters and patterns, and easy to carve, cut and waste discharge, makes it stand out;

2. PVC lettering film

It is made of environmental friendly thermosetting ink PVC material, which is coated precisely, with super soft hand feel, high covering and matte surface effect; 100um thick high temperature resistant polyester (PET) release base material, with protective film on the surface (tear off before hot stamping), which is not deformed, degummed and discolored after high temperature hot stamping, easy to carve, cut and suitable for design of large area patterns, numbers and letters;


After the production of lettering film, it needs to be tested, tensile test, brightness test, washability and so on. Special materials need to be tested differently to ensure the quality of products. The finished products of lettering film should have excellent drawing, resilience, weather resistance and water washing resistance, and be easy to operate, fast and convenient.

These two are the main types of heat transfer film, as well as the dazzling fine glittering gold onion lettering film, the lettering film with reflective and luminous effect, and other materials. These are also common ones. You need to know more about others. You can consult customer service online.