There is also a terrier who is so interested

Just short of the quality of the last two shot put points, it gave infinite opportunities. That’s McKee. This kind of show turned to lay up, turn over, jump shot, ah, you heard right. McKee also had turn over jump shot. In that game, there was turn over jump shot. Do you think McKee had the strength of turn over jump? He couldn’t make it.

Finally, to sell a chicken, to win 10 plus 10 plus 10, shanshuang’s data, according to McKee’s excited, too excited, too long, finally these three pairs are not counted. Anyway, um, there is such a thing in my memory, which is also a joke in the league. There is also a terrier who is so interested. You can go through the information to have a look. Ah, so a triple double may be a very important thing for some players.

For weishao, now we have a chance to touch the eggplant three or the triple double king in history. There is a chance to touch all the three pairs of jealousy are difficult to enter the arms, ah, this may be a kind of idea or an idea of Wei Shao, just like curry to all the three points, three points record can enter the arms, but it may be a concept, but someone else curry does have this strength, is also born.

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