The premise of reconstructing realistic oil painting style

Since the 21st century, the development trend of global integration has been clearly placed in front of all mankind. Due to the collision of various cultures, human beings are not only facing the challenge of economic globalization, but also facing the impact of various cultural phenomena. In this environment, China’s contemporary art circle has formed a diversified and loose pattern. In this kind of big cultural atmosphere, any kind of artistic idea and style is difficult to occupy the absolute leading position. In this so-called background of globalization and diversification, maintaining national cultural characteristics should be an important issue for all countries to consider. -A country without its own cultural characteristics has no cultural voice. It is one of the most important problems to find and establish its own cultural symbols with contemporary and historical continuity in front of every country, as well as China. China should reconstruct contemporary cultural symbols and paradigms.

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Since the late 20th century, Chinese cultural circles seem to be used to the new forms and theories of various schools and the lively display of different opinions. The trend of modern art and avant-garde art in the middle and late 1980s has changed the previous cultural pattern, enriched the field of cultural expression, brought about a certain degree of prosperity of culture, changed the excessive political meaning of the previous culture, and showed new autonomy in artistic creation.