The net is broken! be more in name than in reality!

Let’s talk about today’s several games, one game, another game between the Lakers and the bulls, the Celtics and the Cavaliers. Ah, let’s talk about the other two games. The factory didn’t watch them. There wasn’t so much time. The Laker team played the Bulls themselves. It should be bran. We have to play this game like this. We have found a problem with Anthony Davis in these games. We have to play a few more games and then play a few more games after the game. When there is enough or I think I can say it, I think I can say it. OK, this is about love. Davis, it’s bad news. First of all, the world will talk about the bad news for the Lakers. Secondly, let’s talk about Hayward. Oh, let’s talk about the Cavaliers and Celtics. Hi ward, I’ve been saying 30 million and 35 million recently.

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I still think it can be traded. If it is calculated in this way, two points are full, medium, 39 points. Ah, now the game is finished and the average is 20 points. If you play 35 million, you can’t play 20 points per game. I’m really sorry for your price. Then can you play later? Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. Or I’m not optimistic about it personally. I can achieve 20 points per game. First of all, the team should cultivate him to be the first, second and Walker.

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