The key is that the players who deal with the ball are Durant

Thomson can keep the right to guarantee the hand every year. Thomson, ah, I think that a Cole’s care is still very in place. A little bit of the Durant, a little watermelon, then this one in Curie. Make up all the hands. Ah, 17, 18, 9 times, uh, help you to make it up.

Otherwise, it is also a damage to the whole team. After all, the team, in many critical moments, or, uh, should we say it is the basis or the need for the three people, curithompson and green, to lay the foundation well, the key moment is that Durant is needed to stand out.

We see it every time we see. In the space station, the key is that the players who deal with the ball are Durant. So Cole has obvious bias on this issue. He believes that the fact that he is not in dispute with Durant and less believes in Kuri is a fact can be reflected from one side.

The difference between Durant and Kuri is different. So for James to lead the Lakers, they can play in the top four. Can we? Personally, it is very unlikely because you are not a player of quantity. I am still convinced Durant will believe that Durant will believe it is impossible.

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