The concept of the small ball era that 12345

The concept of the small ball era that 12345 has been played by the warriors or led by the warriors has been very vague. Now we are talking about 12345 just functional. Well, it is clear that the 12345 is just functional. Come on, name, and don’t eat me in the real market. 12345 is the position.

That is, functional is very important. What function do you play on the court, so what position do you reflect, so we say that the Rockets team is only 135. O’wei didn’t understand this 24 weeks ago, because there is no such function on the cabinet. If you can’t understand us, then we may not be on a level. Right. I can’t help it. I can’t help it. I will tell you that I personally feel this thing.

It seems that I have said very thoroughly and very simple position of rocket team No. 1. On the one hand, hardenbauer has the ability to organize the ball with the master control ability, and can play double guard in position 2, but they still play in series team for more time. So Hardon is wrong with this kind of play right now.

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