Siakam is eager to visit his hometown of Cameroon to comfort his late father with his achievements

It is reported that Siakam, the Raptors’rising star in recent years, is eager to return to his hometown of Cameroon when he talks about his plans for this summer.

Siakam has been nominated as the fastest-growing player this season and is currently playing in the Eastern Finals. Outside the stadium, he hopes to return to Cameroon during the off-season, where he has been waiting for a long time, and ultimately pay tribute to his late father, Tchamo, who died in a car accident in 2014.

Father’s dream is to see one of his four sons enter the NBA. Siakam’s three brothers are all Serie A players, but young Siakam is not. When Siakam was 11 years old, his father sent him to a Saint Andrew seminary in Cameroon, hoping that his son would become a Catholic priest. During that time, however, Siakam resisted the desire to be expelled, and the path of religion did not suit him.

Although Siakam did not become a priest, his father was very proud that he could win an American college basketball scholarship. In 2016, Siakam fulfilled his father’s dream of entering the NBA. Siakam was selected by Toronto Raptors in the 27th place at the 2016 draft. Siakam said, “Ujeri is the African basketball leader, he is a person I can deliver, he can help me.

Since leaving Cameroon, Siakam’s only African trip is to play in the 2018 NBA Africa Tournament. As an advisor to the African Basketball Borderless Organization, he hopes to return to Cameroon to help young people in his hometown. Siakam wanted not only to be a role model for Cameroonian children, but also to build basketball courts and provide sports that he could not get when he was young.

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