Russell a top salary

It’s said that Russell is excellent or not, we have to observe again. From 1.19 to the 2010 season, we can determine what kind of player Russell is. But for many teams, there is no chance and no time to gamble on many teams in Lhasa. We are considering whether to give Russell a top salary, including the current nets team. We are not sure or there are rumors. We have accurate information for Lhasa to sign for the nets for five years, and the top salary does not indicate that the nets are either. He is skeptical and hesitant, so I think Durant should stay in the warriors with a high probability, and go to the warriors and Y team with a small probability. This team should be the basketball and nets team, and the basketball team should be the basketball team. Can win, Durant, under the circumstances, must be able to win, Owen must be incidental, these two players should be trapped together, if not, then Durant to the basketball nets team also has no greater significance, it is better to stay in the warriors.

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