Rocket’s boss supports Morey’s restructuring plan

ESPN has previously revealed that Morey intends to radically restructure the team, all players and draft rights can become chips. According to the Houston media, Rocket owner Feltita expressed his support for Morey, saying that as long as he could improve the team’s competitiveness, Morey would do whatever he needs to do.

According to ESPN reporter Werner Roski, Rockets General Manager Morey is eager to improve the team’s lineup strength, he is very active at the negotiating table, all players and draft rights can become chips. Voshen pointed out that the possibility of a rocket deal with Harden is extremely limited, but the team has assessed the value of Capella’s deal, and if there is a suitable plan, Paul may even be sent away by Morey.

We are forth team in the West and one of the top teams, but we know that with our current team, we may never win the championship. We need to figure out what’s going on. So, as I said before, if there is any chance to improve the team’s strength, try to seize it and do it freely, whether it is to change the coaching team or the players’lineup.

After Moore’s coaching restructuring, players and draft picks may be required to “move the knife”, but it is not yet known which player he will send away. In addition, the Rockets have no draft rights this year. Morey will not be able to use the first round of signing in 2020 as a bargaining chip until the draft conference is over.

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