Paul succeeded in revenge

I said, the team in the second half of the competition area, we said that the team rate in the second half of the season may be the Mavericks and the thunder team, as well as some other teams. But if the Spurs can also play, I think if the Spurs can play, they can also become an object that needs to be studied, so where to go after work is ray. Well, yes, he has real strength. He has the first half, the division, and the strength to reach the second half of Symbian. But in the end, I don’t know whether he can reach the fourth and fifth. Well, we’ll see it then. Well, in the first half, we said that only the Nuggets, only the Nuggets, are weak teams. My team, play is relatively easy, the first half of the season those teams, ah, the second half of the competition area had better not meet thunder, ah, meet the Mavericks is the most happy, so if the Grizzlies can come in to play Grizzlies, then the thunder team is, in the second half, take the team that I think is the strongest, then the troublemakers play the thunder team, it is also the same, it is strong right. Yes, the winning rate of the missile against the last strong team is 50%. Although it seems to be a reversal, a counter attack, and so on, in fact, the missile pair often has this kind of short-circuit phenomenon, and there are insufficient power supply and overload of power supply. He often does this, so don’t study it.

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It’s meaningless. Just take a look. It’s better not to encounter missiles. Yes, those teams that want to win the championship. It’s better not to encounter trouble because it doesn’t play routine with you. How to say the second game is more important. It turns out that it’s a meaningless game reaction. Play into suspense, hard hit, focus game suspense, hard, hit the focus of the game, the last game of the pioneers team on the Warriors team, ah, this ball is really wonderful, the pressure of the high ridge 60 plus points, and, the impact of the game, say ah, high, cut 60 plus you have to win the game, otherwise you you you you your college entrance examination 70 points 80 points. If you can’t get into the game, it’s a tragedy. It’s a negative teaching material. Please don’t be too surprised. Oh, I’ll tell you that the Blazers team, ah, is basically out of the playoffs. Basically, unless Nur’s information is available, before the fire line comes back, it says before the All-Star game, come back. I’ll see how you pay. Ah, when you come out, I believe you can rush into the playoffs, but you can’t come out. Well, that’s what the Blazers are like. Well, even though Mike doesn’t have the microphone with lidadel’s double gun power to play in the playoffs, the results in the past years are not good, but I want to tell you that now, this team is not as brave as it used to be, and its playing method is too simple.