MLB launches joint products of Disney mouse year

Shanghai, January 10, 2020 / Meitong news agency / — MLB, a trend sports brand, launched a Disney mouse year co branded series of products to celebrate the new year with Mickey and create a “rat in your trend adventure”. While inheriting the MLB trend sports brand gene, the joint series integrates Mickey images representing different team’s clothing and accessories, and perfectly demonstrates the collision between baseball culture and fashion trend.

MLB x Disney Co branded lookbook 4

As one of Disney’s well-known animation images, Mickey has been loved by all ages with his distinctive and diverse images. In the MLB x Disney Co branded series, Mickey rarely changed his clothes and wore baseball uniforms and caps on behalf of different MLB teams, which made the classic lively and changed into a playful one, bringing a fresh and fresh sports experience in a diversified and innovative style. At the same time, the brand-new combination of Mickey and MLB’s iconic Monogram products creates a unique high street sense of the joint brand series.


MLB x Disney Co branded lookbook 8

MLB x Disney Co branded lookbook 14

This MLB x Disney Co branded series, on the basis of keeping the classic best-selling version, adopts special crafts such as embroidery, printing, knitting jacquard, and patching, which makes Mickey present a more vivid and three-dimensional image. Contrast stitching on the color adds fun and style to show MLB’s exclusive American style. In addition, the exclusive joint brand hang tag and main logo for the series create a unique fashion experience.

MLB x Disney Co branded new products will be launched at MLB tmall flagship store and MLB Shanghai Metro and new world store on January 16, 2020.

Exploring the NHL history of American professional hockey league

NHL is a team of ice hockey teams from North America. NHL is the world’s top professional ice hockey game, one of the four major professional sports in North America.

The alliance is divided into East and west regions, each of which is divided into three divisions. Ice hockey is Canada’s national sport, which combines the characteristics of football and hockey. Each side of the game is composed of five skaters and one goalkeeper.


Ice hockey has long been widely sought after in the northern part of the United States, as well as in Canada, Europe and Russia. For people living in temperate areas of the United States, this is a relatively unfamiliar sport. But with League clubs in California, Florida and Texas, people there soon got to know the sport.

Although the exact origin of ice hockey is not very clear up to now, it is generally believed that it evolved from a folk game in France, England and other places, playing with cane and softwood ball in the field.

The game is called hocquet in France, bandy in England, Hurley in Ireland and shinny in Scotland. Today we know about hockey, which originated in Canada in the second half of the 19th century.

Why should American football set a shot with 1 point after reaching the goal?

American football scores three points for each shot, six points for each touchdown, which is exactly equal to the score for two shots. The value of this extra point lies in that it is well known that the difficulty of touchdown is incomparable with the difficulty of shooting and scoring. How many teams can’t push in the last ten yards

So the point that breaks the balance is the regulator that adjusts the whole situation. In a football game, both sides get the same attack opportunity. If you can get the score that the other side can only surpass by three shots in one attack, the temptation will be much greater than the temptation that the other side can catch up with two times, which will also arouse everyone’s enthusiasm to fight for a better match Who likes to watch so many shots and scores… It depends on shooting and watching football


And that point is not given directly, but also to increase the game’s variables. Everyone knows that in addition to the extra shot, it’s one point, and the extra score is two points. This setting can make the game have huge variables in the last second. How many teams are losing a game because of the make-up shot And I’ve seen the extra touchdown at the last minute of the team get eight points in the last attack and drag the game to extra time even though I lost…

I used to be bored to count too many points. The final score of rugby game can be any number after 3 or 6, although 11 points are not very good…

No matter how many rules are added, deleted and modified, the only purpose is to make the game more exciting

Inspiration of oil painting to modern art

1、 Zhai Yong’s introduction and characteristics of oil painting

Zhai Yong, born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province in 1965. He graduated from Art Department of Anhui Normal University and Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of fine arts. Now he is a member of China Artists Association and a professor of Art College of Shanghai Normal University. The artistic characteristics of his oil painting are reflected in the following aspects.


(1) Composition. Zhai Yong’s oil painting composition is flexible, rigorous and flexible. Specifically reflected in the following aspects. First, we should respond to each other. Influenced by Chinese painting in the early stage, Zhai Yong had a deep understanding of the “different meanings of the pen” in traditional Chinese painting. He paid great attention to the coherence of the aura and pursued the echo in the integrity. Take the oil painting “quintessence 2″ as an example. One of the three opera characters in the picture is located in the upper left corner, two are located in the lower right corner, one is standing, and the other two are squatting. The three characters form a stable triangle composition. The faces of the three characters are all white, echoing and harmonizing in the picture. Second, a strong sense of space. Zhai Yong paid great attention to the sense of space and perspective of the picture, and arranged different objects carefully. For example, his oil painting ring showed a strong sense of space. The Miao girls from different angles in the picture were more three-dimensional on the two-dimensional plane and looked lifelike. Zhai Yong usually divides his work into three parts: foreground, middle view and back view. The description of foreground and background is omitted, and the description of middle scene is very detailed. Third, density and order. Density and order is one of the skills of oil painting composition. Density refers to the aggregation and change of points, lines and surfaces formed by various objects in the picture. With density contrast, the rhythm of the picture can be reflected. Zhai Yong also followed the principle of “density and order” in his oil painting creation, thus forming his own unique composition style. Take the oil painting “autumn chrysanthemum” as an example, the dense flowers and sparse bottles echo each other, the purple flowers are numerous but not crowded, many but not disorderly, with a good sense of order.

What is the outlook for the first MLB season (2018 season) of Xiangping?

According to the MLB official website, if you are interested, you can have a look at it at the end. But. In fact, the current data need not be read, because this is the first week of the regular season, there is nothing to say. And he just won the Al weekly MVP, only to say hot as ass. in terms of performance, he has proved that he has the strength to stand in the major league and is very likely to create a number of history (this week has created a lot, never seen such a racing). The speech brought by the low tide of spring training was broken by his actions, and almost all netizens sealed him.. Although the media is used to playing the role of the wind, there is nothing wrong with it. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been playing for 11 years and I never watch other people’s games. It’s the same with any higher level. Because it’s not interesting. Occasionally, I watch NBP because I like the style of their court jerseys. I never watch the real tactics and performance. Because I have confidence High level can be achieved through hard work. What is needed is training. Da Gu Xiangping is the beginning of watching NPB and MLB routine, because I really feel the gap. A huge gap.


Offset sublimation heat transfer ink printing process?

Offset sublimation heat transfer ink printing process?

Products used in offset printing (heat sublimation ink, offset machine, double offset paper, heat transfer machine, cloth)


1. Color separation and typesetting of manuscripts by computer. (Note: files need to be processed according to the image principle)

2. Film output, drying PS version

3. Printing on offset press to get printing paper.

4. Put the printing paper and the cloth to be transferred into the heat transfer machine, and take them out after 20 to 30 seconds under the specific pressure and 180-220 ℃ temperature.

Poetic perfect presentation

On the eve of the new year, my wechat accidentally received a precious gift from the music class of the Art Department of the University: “complete works of Chen Yifei”. Nearly 300 classic oil paintings systematically and comprehensively reflect Chen Yifei’s oil paintings of various themes in different periods. On the 12th anniversary of Chen Yifei’s death, this electronic gift came in time and I can’t help it. It also reminds me of my memory for this legend. Although some of his works have been read, it is the first time that he can enjoy so many oil paintings at the same time. What’s more, the generous gift is from the old students who just contacted after 36 years of university graduation. They are filled with infinite gratitude. I devour and savor every painting. Deeply understand the dots inside and outside the painting.


Among the overseas Chinese painters, Chen Yifei is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and internationally influential. First of all, it was through Europe and Russia that Chen Yifei conquered the eyes of all people. This makes his works full of infinite texture under the light and shadow, which is combined into a strong “creative persuasion”. But it’s shape, not God. The God of Chen Yifei’s works is oriental aesthetics. He did not indulge in the deep foundation of realism, but quickly entered into the super easy and lofty artistic conception, making everything poetic. Poetic slate, poetic morning fog, poetic dress, poetic hairstyle, poetic spirit, under the contrast of poetic composition and color, reach the acme.

What kind of off-site violence has NFL experienced?

Does Michael Vick abuse dogs? Is it OK for ray rice to slap his fiancee in the face? (the heroine married the brother within a week of the incident and pleaded for him in court.) did Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son drown in his swimming pool? This is what happened in recent years, but to be honest, in the eyes of most fans (especially Chinese fans), NFL players are symbols of violence, and there are many bad boy gangs in universities or high schools in movies Guy), but in fact, it’s not like that.



Take my personal experience for example, I attended the dinner party of the American university football team, which was not a big silver mess party that everyone had made up. Everyone was like a beast on the court, but they were very gentlemanly off the court, and there was almost no speech in the conference hall before the opening. For example, it may not be appropriate. Do chefs usually cook at home? Do actors always act in daily life? Players have too much time in training and games to release their emotions and release their hormones. In normal life, they are as tired as playing chicken blood NFL athletes are all graduated from famous schools. Although most of their studies are mediocre, there are also many players with good results. American universities are not like China. It’s very difficult for you to graduate from famous universities. The quality of the graduates is still very high. NFL athletes are not simple minded and limbed. They all have to memorize hundreds of tactics without any mistakes, or they won’t be able to play at all. Last but not least, there are more fights in basketball and football than in NFL. It’s because of small moves and rubbish words. American football is used to it, so there are few fights.

A comparative analysis of Chinese and Western oil painting

From the beginning to the middle of the 20th century, a group of outstanding young painters, such as Shuhong, Lin Fengmian, pan Yuliang, Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu and Wu Guanzhong, went to Europe one after another. While learning the techniques of oil painting from the west, they also tirelessly explored how to nationalize oil painting. They are the pioneers of Chinese oil painting and become painters with distinctive Chinese freehand Impressionism. When Lin Fengmian and Xu Beihong returned to China, they began to set up schools around the country, including oil painting as a professional course to teach Chinese students oil painting skills. Among them, Xu Beihong is particularly outstanding. “He brought back the most basic things (modeling and color) of Western oil painting, which played a very important role in the education of Chinese oil painting.” Jin Shangyi, former president of the Central Academy of fine arts, commented on Xu Beihong in an interview. It can be said that Xu Beihong was the first pioneer to accept and establish modern art education in China during the period of transformation from China to modern society after the revolution of 1911. During his art education, he set up the concept of western education and introduced western oil painting major. He used Chinese culture and Chinese thought to interpret the teaching of Western oil painting, which not only accurately, vividly and profoundly understood the modeling system, but also had the essence of Chinese culture and philosophy. For Chinese oil painters, no matter how skillful their oil painting techniques and how rich their oil painting knowledge are, the feeling of painting is obviously oriental charm, because the influence of Chinese culture is deeply rooted. Just like the Japanese and Korean landscape paintings, there is always an impure Chinese style. The image in Chinese culture is neither the representation of the pure objective world nor the pure subjective expression.


The “freehand brushwork” of traditional Chinese literati painting is a mood, a feeling, a kungfu, an attitude, and a baptism of the deep heart. In Xu Beihong and Wu Zuoren, two famous painters, we can see the alternation of Chinese culture and foreign culture. Their oil paintings are realistic, Chinese ink painting is more freehand, the combination of the two is also very limited. Wu Guanzhong is the painter who can make the eastern and Western art blend perfectly. He combines two different painting mediums and two different national traditions in these two different styles. Wu Guanzhong has made a greater step forward than them in eastern and Western painting.

Who is the best in the NBA?

First of all, Kobe.

What’s more, I have to choose Kobe Bryant in the face of detailed, reliable and well documented data. Of course, according to the impression, it’s OK to choose Jordan, big dream, aopang or something.

So, in order to avoid disputes, I give a limit:

In the 21st century, Kobe Bryant is the most powerful player in the NBA.

Although the proportion of singles has been reduced, its importance is self-evident. When the running tactics fail and the whole is prevented from dying, there must be a person standing up to solve the game with his own ability. Singles can ignore the system, only depends on the individual play of stars, in the bayonet red, fighting defense playoffs, especially valuable.


The age appropriate stars, in this statistical advantage, such as Durant, LeBron, Wade, Anthony, this time period coincides with the peak; and the old generation of singles, such as Iverson, McGrady, arenas, due to early retirement, failed to make the list. The new generation of Hardon, Owen and curry have not been on the list because they haven’t played long enough. As for Kobe Bryant, the peak period of 00-04 was not included, and the decline period of 14-16 was counted instead, so the data was underestimated, but even so, the data still dominates the position of the leader of the singles, and Kobe Bryant is in charge. Add a word more, Hardon’s peak period happens to be the last two years. If you add the data of the last two years, he should be on the list, and the ranking is not low. But if you really fight, you can’t use this trick, and the effect will be greatly reduced.