The concept of the small ball era that 12345

The concept of the small ball era that 12345 has been played by the warriors or led by the warriors has been very vague. Now we are talking about 12345 just functional. Well, it is clear that the 12345 is just functional. Come on, name, and don’t eat me in the real market. 12345 is the position.

That is, functional is very important. What function do you play on the court, so what position do you reflect, so we say that the Rockets team is only 135. O’wei didn’t understand this 24 weeks ago, because there is no such function on the cabinet. If you can’t understand us, then we may not be on a level. Right. I can’t help it. I can’t help it. I will tell you that I personally feel this thing.

It seems that I have said very thoroughly and very simple position of rocket team No. 1. On the one hand, hardenbauer has the ability to organize the ball with the master control ability, and can play double guard in position 2, but they still play in series team for more time. So Hardon is wrong with this kind of play right now.

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What kind of lineup is the Rockets in today

No front lineup, seamless, freedom is death five small ah, right? You say card, villa can also say death five small doesn’t matter, kabela also switch also changed, you think kabela is four can completely no problem, as long as he changed, we always emphasize that we now basketball position concept is very fuzzy ah. It’s to judge the position of the player from the perspective of functionality, right?

What kind of lineup is the Rockets in today? Three guards and three small guards Gordon ha added, that’s right. Inside, inside, coffee, those. Tuckers Dennis told you which is the middle wind. His brother is the center, and his brother is the substitute of center taktin kabela. Then you go with the tiger, and you follow the NBA director. You don’t like it.

You say that it’s not right. He played 400000 small games, right? He doesn’t have a center lineup. This is the lineup. Do you understand. Ah, who’s going to top the coffee? Does kabela need to top it? Is it necessary for someone to top his position when ecabella is not here? Does he also need to top it? Does 2345 chase? The Rockets’ lineup can be infinitely switched. It’s called the concept of infinitely changing defence. How can this be done this time.

It may change the environment

Yeah, of course, it’s really bad for this team. Really lazy. I think Davis, who is very poor, has wasted a lot of youth in this team.

Ah, this team, if it is a bad team without him, it is a poor boy without a father or a mother. An orphan has no one to claim it. It’s really pitiful. This place is not a good place. It is not a good place to bring in any big players. Cusins, ah, come here. Yeah, most of them are cheated. I think it is also cheated. Well, there is no way. It can’t be mixed with the kings. It may change the environment.

Maybe there will be some breakthrough. So it is true. If there is no injury last year, it is also a good thing to play playoffs. Breakthrough, first round, and the elimination of pioneers are also a bright point. Right, you have to say, well, if there is a team of corhins this year, well, it’s no problem playing playoffs, right, right, but what stage can I reach? Well, I think it’s hard. If you play modern basketball, you have to play double high doubles.

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Move into the Laker team is the rapid rise of the Laker team

Davis can, move into the Laker team is the rapid rise of the Laker team, right? Because James’s career is not long, he may have to play 34 years to retire, he may play 34 years to retire, so there is not much time. However, it’s not too boring to have the Laker team set up a dynasty against the warriors, because it’s really the strength of the warriors, which can’t be described in words. You’re not a super strong team, a super team, and you can’t fight with him. It’s boring to feel that you can’t compete at all.

You give me, roll, to the three-point line, go to Bosh will run three points one by one, it’s over. Have you seen bosh throw three points in the Raptors? No, but have you seen bosh throw three points in the heat? Many, many, many, many, many, so James still needs shooters. Thomson is better. Of course, we don’t mean that. Well, it’s not good if you bring it back.

Anthony, when Davis comes, then playing personal ability is personal ability. When we are tired, we will give the ball to Anthony Davis. You can play you to me, right? Anthony Davis is good at playing anyone. I think that Anthony Davis is good at playing anyone in the league. It’s also good to call Durant. If the Lakers can meet the warriors, if Anthony Davis can be in the Lakers, it’s strong for Anthony Davis to play Durant,

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Then Mitchell can know the offensive and offensive of backcourt

I think it’s a better choice for the jazz to win hollerdy, right? As for resistance, I don’t think it’s of much use, if possible. Ah, give me more chips. For a very good player who is affordable and durable, at least it’s better than his wife. You want to play offensive and backcourt, right? Play offensive.

Then Mitchell can know the offensive and offensive of backcourt. The firepower is enough and strong, so to speak, it’s about this deal. Er, some netizens said that he said that the right sex will not trade to win the first place, or it won’t be more serious. Davis will go to the western team and so on.

That is, I don’t want to add. After the strength of the western team is created, it’s almost difficult to play CY. I think this kind of consideration is redundant. Very few teams will say, ah, in today’s League, there are very few teams in today’s League. Say, ah, it’s stipulated that the team should be traded to the East.

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Rockets are finished a part of the team in accordance with our expectations ah today

Capello still plays as usual if, card, is pulled down, under the circumstances, the raw, play is also small, Rockets play these two sets of lineups to continue to use the game to verify ah, but now I have not said that before said that the Rockets still have to make up or the first time to send the material when there is danger.  I played a few games to see if you can’t give it.

The one who sent out is not really useful. Right, we have to make up. We said that vita and the first round of signing to replace it. If the deal and Gordon are brought, we should make up a good rocket team.

Fans will not be disappointed this, all Ming, star level players, well, now Gordon can not go up, right, Wright directly, plus the first round to change to,  the position of the third position is well completed, ah rockets are finished a part of the team in accordance with our expectations ah today. This cycle is a matter of this. Ah, in the previous class of the season, there are fans who want to say how to get the coffee. He can take the coffee and he doesn’t have a chance. We can’t avoid using the cycle. Although it is our Chinese people who don’t want him to play well.

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There are 61 ha global and 6 billion


Can you reach this level? Ah, analogy: how many degrees does Durant have? How much is the squash? Black? Can you reach this level? How many other Hami? How much ha ha ha can you reach this state? Kobe Bryant on the day. Oh, yeah, it’s also known by Koch.

About six billion American names. There are 61 ha global and 6 billion. Well, you see, he reached the last period of his career. Once he announced his retirement, the whole United States was the whole. Basketball is like a tour.

There are countless flowers and applause. As Wade has been, where are those black? KOH is dead. Ah, James is also a professional. How long can you play? Three years, four years or five years. In a flash, James’ career has passed 20 years. You should know that he is a really good basketball player when he retired.

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Which is enough to show the value of this MVP

It’s very difficult to record 30 chapters in a row. So, when Wei Shao held this MVP, it was full of weight, and he was able to get a regular season MVP among the eighth team in the sixth Western National League, which is enough to show the value of this MVP.

When it comes to difficulties, ah, I mean 35.6 points per game, including harden. I think it’s a little inferior to the three doubles 30 plus three doubles of weishao’s scoring king in those years. This jealousy is, ah, a little inferior. Now harden’s average is 36.5 points per game.

I think it’s a bit difficult for you to break Jordan’s record. If you can break Kobe’s jealousy, it’s OK. This year, it depends on what kind of scoring record harden ends up with. Both players are excellent.

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ames has to criticize that this season is a failed season

In the East, it’s more clear that 45 teams are bad. Basically, we all say that they are in place. Right, we all say that when we raise the nets, the other four teams are at the bottom of 1234. At the beginning of the season, we said that, well, these teams are ready to go to the bottom. Let’s talk about it today. The Lakers lost again. Ah, they lost two times in a row.

Ah, they couldn’t play the first in the East. Ah, they couldn’t play the bottom in the West. They couldn’t play the bottom in the chest. They couldn’t play the suns. As we said before, it’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard. Isn’t it? James fans still don’t believe it or have illusions. Then you can continue to have illusions. We have never been James fans, nor any team, any player, fans, right? You can see now, ah, our essence.

If we play well, we have to praise, if we don’t play well, we have to criticize, if we play well, we have to criticize, if we play well, we have to criticize the Lakers, if we play badly, James has to criticize that this season is a failed season. Failure, the season, the following game, ah, as I said before, James can brush the data, ah, this season, er, give up, I personally think that in a few days, he will be ready to surpass Jordan, meet the milestone, brush the data of the regular season, don’t get hurt, right.

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I believe it’s not necessarily less than 30% of this possibility

Isn’t it true that the international players who win steadily have their own characteristics? Ah, what’s more, let’s not say that they lead an era and the wind. Let’s talk about the more specific, the more teachers are. Well, there’s another proof that we can, er, wait and see.

Paying attention to him together is the competition of MVP. The selection of MVP is now focused on the letter of kokumbo and this harden. Who is the third? I don’t know. Who is the third? I don’t know. Who is the final third? We can go to see if it will be an appointment. Physical education, teachers, I believe it’s not necessarily less than 30% of this possibility. I think it’s less than 30% of this possibility.

Of course, it’s also possible. When I get to the third floor, I feel that, when I get to the second floor, I can definitely make an appointment with the ability to please teachers, because you want to die. You can’t play the team in the playoffs in a season. You can play the first place in the West in this season. In terms of the ability of the first place in the west, you should be the MVP of the party concerned. At least you are in the top three. Let’s follow ponning’s suns.

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