NBA open training center! Lakers return time

At present, there are more than 1.26 million new crown infections in the United States, but the NBA is still actively exploring the possibility of a rematch. The league has previously announced that teams in areas where home ownership has been lifted can open training facilities after May 8 local time. According to various reports, the traineers, nuggets and Cavaliers will reopen on time.

Among them, Knight’s prevention and control measures are the most strict, and the training hall is only open to players who come to the training voluntarily. There is a temperature measurement link before entering the stadium. Only one player and one assistant are allowed to use a single basket, and the coach will wear masks and gloves. The Cavaliers will give each player at least two basketballs with the player’s name and number written on them.


The Cavaliers are only 19-46 this season, second to last in the league. No one expected that they would be the first team to resume training. The training time is earlier than the championship teams such as clippers and bucks. That’s what the Cavaliers are all about.

But there are still many teams unable to restart training on time, including magic, lone ranger and heat’s training center, which is expected to open as early as next week. State policies vary. The mosaic team wanted to open the training center on time, but Texas delayed the opening of the gym and other training facilities to May 18, so it failed to do so.