Liang Na’s in the Spurs

The biggest interests, first of all, he has to compete for good results. The second bullet of the team can appear as the core leader of the team. Of course, the core leader has to rely on his own strength to fight for it. He was still with the group yesterday. Fang you level of leadership de and Paul George joined the clippers, who is the absolute core of the clippers, who is the team, boss right? Some netizens said it was a large amount, I said not necessarily, ah, Paul George is poor, Paul George. It’s because there is no honor. Leon Nader just has a good environment. Liang Na’s in the Spurs, and the leader only has the basic contradiction. Paul George, if you go, can win the championship. Don’t you believe it? Ah, it’s very stupid to press people with honor and not to take English. When O’Neal ran three championships to join the heat, do you think that O’Neal is the absolute core of the heat? I believe you can not have such an understanding. Durant only took a champion in this MVP and joined the warriors in this MVP. The Warriors used to have the double MVP.


MVP is a championship. It’s easy to crush Durant, but you can say that curry is better than Durant. It turns out that Durant is better than curry. Durant is the top super in history with the same level of history as James. Explain what team player’s ability is the key, ah, not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods. It’s better to put two players in a team and you can compare them. If they can become the core of the team, the absolute core depends on their own strength to play out.

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