Leonard interviewed Spurs about the past! Five years later, this scene seems familiar

Leonard became the biggest winner of the season. After defeating the Warriors in Game 6 of the Finals, he succeeded in helping the Raptors win their first championship in team history. Not only that, Leonard was elected FMVP with 28.5 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists in the Finals. Of the total 11 votes, he won 10 of them.


Winning the championship is naturally a happy thing. Leonard also laughed excitedly after receiving the FMVP trophy. He first thanked his teammates and management, and said: “The effort has finally been rewarded.”


Later, reporters interviewed Leonard told him that he was the third player in history to win FMVP in two different teams after Jabbar and James. Leonard said: “Last summer, I experienced a lot of things, many things, I just worked hard, the goal was to win the championship. I came to this team, different cities, but the heart of trying to win the championship is unchanged.


The reporter’s interview clearly reminded Leonard of some past events. At the post-match press conference, Leonard once again talked about what happened last season: “Many people questioned me. They thought I was fraudulent and didn’t play for the Spurs on purpose, which disappointed me. Because I love playing basketball, as I said before, it makes me sad that I can’t play. I know, I just need to play for myself. No matter what others say about me, I know who I am. I speak with my performance on the court, and I don’t care what the media say about me.


One interesting detail is that five years ago, when Leonard won the FMVP trophy, Spurs, including Ginobili, compared Leonard’s “Big Claw” gesture behind him. Five years later, Leonard was re-elected as FMVP, and his Raptors excitedly compared the “Big Claw” – as if nothing had changed, but the people around him changed the ball. It’s just a change of color.


In this regard, we can only say that, without knowing what specific contradictions have occurred, we only hope that both sides will be well. Now the Spurs are still Spurs, Leonard is still Leonard, he just won the championship for another team.


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