Jim, I don’t understand your world!

Western sales, compared with the East’s ability in position 4-5, especially position 5, supports the mini center position. In other words, after the 76ers signed the contract, they would have to sign if they didn’t sign a hundred billion yuan. This possibility can be dealt down by the bucks and intercepting Hu in the second quarter. In the past year or two, hofford, just use this strength, we will never worry about it Doubt, the latter’s, ability, is just doubtful, hofford, this premium contract for the last two years.


In the last two years, the third year and the last two years, his contract of 30 million will certainly bring negative impact on the team. So, finally, ah, the 76ers, even if it is lost, will still have a certain competitive ability to enter Butler next year. It is also able to make a conclusion. We still need to see whether the action team has wood. More supplements, if not, the two sides will have such a smooth transition operation. I support the 76ers to be able to stand in the East. The next year or two will be competitive. Simmons has also kept his big contract. So, in the next three years and four years. It depends on the follow-up, whether the contract can be fulfilled or not, and its value is hard to say. In addition, it also depends on whether some patrol teams have follow-up supplements. Then we know that in the last year, these Eastern teams did it at the last moment before the trade began on February 1. From ah, these teams are in the last minute, increase the size, so is it possible for bucks to top up at the last minute

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