It’s a little less than 58 points

All through, prove that my MVP is not a real name. You can see the ability of Hardon. Well, I think you can understand basketball basically without rainstorm. It’s a little less than 58 points. 60 plus ah, as like as two peas in the year, Kobe is really the same.

This score is more than assists, many rebounds and bullies 060506. Kobila comes out to compare five points, namely, scoring rebounds, tackling and assisting shots. I can go, look, ah, well, I said I think that maybe in all directions, leading Hagen in a single field score is not that high, there is no top other links.

The three data scoring rebounds should be all-round lead well. Well, well, I can only say that, well, it’s a great game, but you can see that the Rockets are not good enough to fight the hard work now.

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