It seems that there has been a qualitative change in this way of playing

In particular, the team has, um, I think if I look at it like this, it’s almost like a warrior, right? Durant curry Thompson, it’s almost like this. Um, basically, it’s a copy of the championship mode. Um, I don’t know what kind of panacea the Bucks have taken this season. Compared with last season, it seems that there has been a qualitative change in this way of playing, a kind of sublimation. It’s better, brother. We have to observe it through more games. Ah, basically speaking, it’s OK. 89. I’m sure.

Basically, this kind of play will continue all the time. So, er, can we still stay in the East 123? Next, let’s talk about the hot topic recently, which is the hot topic in the past two days. James, about the news about the Lakers, I know James is so good in front of the media. Maybe he said something wrong again. That is, in the media interview, he is suspected of recruiting Anthony Davis. Today, he is a big fan. Yes, he is suspected of this.

However, it can be said that, er, it won’t last long, so we won’t give these young players a lot of time. Well, in such a season, 82 games in such a season, the basic thing is to make sure who will stay and who will leave, so there will be big names next year. It’s certain that players will join the captain of the Los Angeles team, because James is an ambitious man. James will never allow it. He just gives you too much time. I came here to win the championship. I came here to play in the finals, right? I didn’t come here to train young players for the Los Angeles team.

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