Inherit the great legend of No.23!

If a large number of players join the Rockets to broadcast the Laker, then these players will join in with the base salary. If the quantity is too large to go to the clippers, they will stay and be hazy. Then they will earn their share of English, right. I’ve played. I can’t play for nothing, right? He’s in the lineup. Ah, throughout the lineup, ah, point guards, dragons, James, point guards, Rondo James, ah, there’s still a better one missing. There’s still a qualified backup guard. We should sign another one. Ah, cool dog can’t do it. I don’t feel what’s big, Jianshu, other positions. Ah, some of his positions No.1 and No.2 should not be a little weak. Ah, in addition to this action, there is Denny green, who looks a little bit more like him. Not too big. Ah, this kind of contribution I don’t think there is too much contribution. I have to think about ways to make a move. Say again, the position 35 to 35 is very, thick, very, thick. There are so many, tall, tall and powerful.

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Tall and powerful, strong inside players, front line players, so many inside players, ah, this team, you dare to go up, feel up, it is also a bit strange, ah, the trend of the opposite sex, ah, the Laker team, it is difficult to have this line-up, ah, play slowly and play success rate. Run, slow down, answer killing, playing physical, quality, ah, this way, the other side’s small forward, the other side’s team are all destroyed, reflected in the inner advantage, ah, don’t throw shooters on the outside line, no shooter is not important, so one or two years old is almost the same.

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