How did the Yankees outfielder Aaron judge do in 2017

In the statcast data, which marks a new era, judge’s performance in 17 years also proves his strength advantage. The average speed of batting is the first 94.9mph in the whole league, the average speed of high flying ball / flat flying ball is the first 100.2mphbarrels * in the whole league, and the rate of barrels per position of Giancarlo Stanton, who is the second, is 12.8%. The rate of barrels per position is 11.0% in Stanton, which can be translated as “playing really hard”, and the decisive variables are the speed of batting (exit velocity) and the angle of hitting (launch angle).


If a batting event has a batting rate of more than. 500 and a long-term batting rate of more than 1.500 at the same speed and angle, the batting event will be listed as barrel. The feature of the data is that the attack is completely regarded as an independent event and the defensive factors are eliminated. Based on statcast’s measurements and Yankee Stadium’s friendliness to hitters, it’s not hard to understand that judge’s single season home run / fly ratio has reached the highest 35.6% in the past decade. In addition, the pure strength advantage of the strike and the control of the high roll to flight ratio (less than 1) make it reasonable to reach a babip of. 357. -Finally, I will briefly talk about the influence of judge off-site. Less than two months into the league, Yankees built judge’s chamber in right field. According to two friends working in Yankee, the wood decoration cost of the whole section is hundreds of dollars. But because of the name of judge, an ordinary right field seat has been given value. Justice Sonia Sotomayor made a lot of earned media when he appeared in judge’s chamber on August 31.