He’s an NFL legend

Rugby is their biggest sport in the United States, and it is reported that the annual Super Bowl Final is a holiday for many Americans. At that time, many people asked for leave to watch the game, so rugby is the most successful business League in the United States.


American Football League has a great influence in the United States. Michael Jordan is the representative in the NBA, and the Super Bowl League also has its own representative, that is Brady. He is a legendary NFL player who has won six Super Bowl titles. Some people say that Brady is like the NBA’s James. In fact, in terms of influence, Brady is obviously better, but in terms of personal assets, James has to throw out his street.

This season, James’ annual salary is 35 million dollars, while Brady’s annual salary is only 20 million dollars. Although there is a big difference between his annual salary and that of James, he is the king in rugby. James is only 34 years old, and Brady is 42 years old. Many people say it’s not easy to earn 20 million yuan at the age of 42.