he XX team blocked the Kanter

The blockade was as like as two peas. The XX team blocked the Kanter. Now it is, the first half is the same as ours. Kanter is the news law, Walker, the guard, Tatum Jalen Brown.


Ward recalled that it was surprising that Hayward also went into the first serve and then hit. The score of 25 plus, ah, 25, er, this 25 point, is the birth really good, is it really healed, is it really good? Ah, ah, my personal feeling is that it is hard to refuse. Well, we have to look at Hayward’s state of scoring, ability, performance on the court, shooting rate, explosive power and so on when he was in jazz. I believe it will not be back to that time. But we have to say, er, this is not normal. Hayward can’t, taste Jun, it has been 25. It’s not normal. A game or two is not enough to explain the problem. We need to observe for a long time. Although the Celtic team can’t compete with 76 players, I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, what’s the characteristic of Celtic team? It’s good at cultivating young players. So it’s called the regular season. It’s all about the playoffs and the standard to play regular season games. So, you can see the record behind this team. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. The top four in the West and East are the basis of this ranking. Now, ah, Celtic’s, of course, it’s more than that. It’s like staying in the West.

He also wants to win the championship. He has this ideal

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