Fast fashion collapses ,will H&M and ZARA be over?

Discounts, clearance, closure, withdrawal from China… Fast Fashion, once a strong brand, is experiencing a big shuffle, and it’s prospect is getting worse and worse.

Forever 21 has confirmed that it will withdraw from China, and has been dealing with the remaining refunds before May 7, and the official online customer service will be out of work after May 30, according to Forever 21, the official customer service.The failure of Forever 21 in China is just a microcosm of the bad situation of Fast Fashion brand. Before that, Topshop, New Look and other brands have withdrawn from China one after another, and the developing speed of H&M, ZARA and other brands has slowed down significantly.

So how to attract the eyes of those young people?Although online is a key consumer channel, the offline market can not be underestimated. “New technology brings business model innovation, the diversity of traffic has a greater impact on this user group, online shopping habits preferences make offline physical stores need to understand the online and offline integration of all-channel brand thinking to survive.

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