Does “subconscious advertising” exist?

Whether subconscious advertising is effective or not has been debated for a long time, but more and more experiments prove that subconscious influence on consumers is technically possible! In 2014, the park prize of the American Society for consumer psychology (Awards) was awarded to the 2011 article “inconscious transfer of measuring to brands”.


The experiment was held at the University of Hong Kong. The computer quickly switches between a bunch of Chinese characters. Only when the two characters “black” or “white” are displayed, the participants press the key. Before the appearance of “black” or “white” Chinese characters, the computer screen actually displays two fictitious Chinese brand names respectively, but the display time of fictitious brands is only 26 milliseconds, so participants have no time to realize the two brand names they see. After this experiment, the audience was asked to choose a brand name for cola and soymilk respectively. The results showed that: when choosing soymilk, participants did not like the brand name before the word “black”; when choosing cola, participants did not like the brand name before the word “white”.