You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis

In those cases, the direct performance of non dominance is that this player is not lethal, in other words, there is no free throw. Some players can see that they can also score more than ten points and more than ten rebounds per game, right? Ah, 15.6 points or even 17.8 points, plus 11 or 12 rebounds. As an inside player, you can see the data.

timg (31)

It’s OK, right? Because when you hit 20, you can become the league’s first-class center. Ah, more than 20 plus 10. Ah, you can become a super center. But even if some players hit this number close to the data, they still can’t become the inside line with lethal force. It’s worth affirming that these players don’t. Even more than, first-line blue collar players, not as good as, because the price of functional single and no outstanding contribution, outstanding contribution is reflected in sports, you can score, play rebounds and be able to kill the opponent is a very important indicator for the inside players. You can change the opponent’s structure. In other words, you kill the opponent’s inside players, or the players who focus on your players to protect the goal. After that, your outside players can attack in the opponent’s hinterland. In fact, it is a strategic strategy. Sorry, oh, it’s a kind of strategic play, so you see the Super Center, ah, the super interior line, they can not only score and grasp, but sometimes the rebounding ability will be a little poor, it doesn’t matter, but they must have the ability to kill the inside line to create fouls. This indicator is very important. You can see the previous several games on Anthony Davis, right.

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The net is broken! be more in name than in reality!

Let’s talk about today’s several games, one game, another game between the Lakers and the bulls, the Celtics and the Cavaliers. Ah, let’s talk about the other two games. The factory didn’t watch them. There wasn’t so much time. The Laker team played the Bulls themselves. It should be bran. We have to play this game like this. We have found a problem with Anthony Davis in these games. We have to play a few more games and then play a few more games after the game. When there is enough or I think I can say it, I think I can say it. OK, this is about love. Davis, it’s bad news. First of all, the world will talk about the bad news for the Lakers. Secondly, let’s talk about Hayward. Oh, let’s talk about the Cavaliers and Celtics. Hi ward, I’ve been saying 30 million and 35 million recently.

timg (4)

I still think it can be traded. If it is calculated in this way, two points are full, medium, 39 points. Ah, now the game is finished and the average is 20 points. If you play 35 million, you can’t play 20 points per game. I’m really sorry for your price. Then can you play later? Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. Or I’m not optimistic about it personally. I can achieve 20 points per game. First of all, the team should cultivate him to be the first, second and Walker.

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Cannons are not needed

There are more teams imitating the warriors. There are more than half of them in the league. It seems that you can win the championship by typing. In fact, these teams are. Go a wrong way. All of us have to take bayonets to fight for bayonets. Cannons are not needed. Zhengyin’s No. 1 and No. 5 positions are replaced. Right? Those with advantages are also replaced. Those without advantages are worse. The whole league is in chaos. Now you can see these games are slowly and slowly reflected. Justice 5, as long as you are strong enough, these players can play a huge advantage in the team. Right, the 76ers don’t have the NBA. This game is ugly and ugly. Right, the Nuggets, you can play without passion, right? It’s the same with other teams, including bucks. It’s the core of the tactics. Without Lopez, you can’t play this game. The Lakers now have two towers in the interior, right? Those three-tier twin towers, mountain pagodas, right? They reflect the great advantage of the heart. Right? Because there are such players in the fifth position, including XX, he also saw his own problem. One is that Capella is a woman.

timg (4)

If you don’t fight enough, you have to use Tyson Chandler. Right now, in today’s Chandler game, Chandler and caper are playing 32 minutes plus six minutes, in other words, 48 minutes. I don’t have a time game. It can be seen from the technical statistics that there is always a camp big brother in the No.5 position on the field, even though it’s coffee. Not so, the camp. But, he has always been like this, big has developed a habit, right, is to use it as a mini center forward. Howard can play this position with 2:0. It’s normal for him to play in this position. Starting is also a normal response.

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Indispensable winning weapon

Well, today’s XX lost to the decision, that’s just to tell the ball. Some netizens said, ah, Hadden’s performance is abnormal, or the team’s performance is abnormal, or this reason and that reason are many, but it seems that I didn’t think of it. I just said it aloud.

timg (7)

Moreover, in this competition, the embodiment is very obvious, the embodiment is incisive, say poor Hadden, you are average 30 points per game, Tang Jun has scored 38 points, now it is 28 points, ah 10 is even, but this ball is really lost to Haden. But, no longer lose, his score does not reach the average level, because it is very difficult for you to imagine that harden’s average score per game can be 38 points per game. In other words, when you always have high and low points, you will affect all the matches under 38 points based on the matches with more than 38 points. This is unrealistic. Then, God told me that you can observe the winning mode of XX now, which means that the game is indeed lost, but fortunately, there is still a chance, in other words. This team, there is hope, is that he played the winning mode, ah, did not play the hero mode, really lost the game, afraid that he played his own normal level, and also lost the game, then it is not exciting. You can go and watch the data of this team, then the five of the league.

Send data ah, top 10, data, score, rebounds, assists, 3-point hit rate, you can have a look at these balls

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Why are Kates willing to exchange players

In fact, the reason is very simple. There are two major reasons. The first reason is that Celtic team now has a problem with point guard, which is serious and from Thomas Jr. to Owen. Even in the modern era, there is no point guard in any camp. Do you think Walker isn’t? Every player of Celtic team gets it. That’s what we do. This is what we do. This is what we do with all the balls, including Owen, before Hayward, and before hofford, we can help, organize and organize. But this problem is not very serious. So when Owen comes to Celtic team, he is both a father and a mother, and he also sees Celtic in time.

timg (20)

The core of five organizations, then, ah, these Luo, cheles, Matt, including Rex Rabbit, do not get the ball is to do, he has no organization, to get him to the ball is to do a bit of organization, there is no sense of organization, there is no such team is very affecting his online. Ah, because I don’t know. A team has a good organization core, and the point guard is the team’s brain. Ah, there is a flexible and strong brain. Only four teams have a better future, right? So the problem with Celtic is that we didn’t talk about it in detail before. Now we can be a representative. Therefore, he would like to see that players like Murray can organize in the Spurs. Let’s talk about the glass in the Spurs. Ah, I’ll talk about the glass. He has the ability to organize. The players can use it. Ah, it can help. The Celtic team’s second win is Hayward. I guess so. The problem with Drogba is that he has no time for Celtic now. Do you know that he would like to do it tomorrow if he wanted to drive. If he wanted to drive his car, he would like to do it tomorrow. It has been so many years since the 76ers and bucks boarded the plane smoothly

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if you mess up, you have to meet the league

What they did was that the players really didn’t have a good deployment on the lake island, and the coaches didn’t ask for them, so they played me like this, almost the same. However, these young players from the Laker team and so on came from a group of talents, in other words. There are still players who can be made, and some players will be reflected in the future. Therefore, they are talented. Once a strong team is met, you must be careful who he plays and doesn’t follow your normal thinking. In other words,.


First, second, third and fourth, right? Including the playoffs, you will always have the possibility of winning. Ah, you need you. If you don’t lose a tenth of eight points, it will be great. But often, if you ask you to lose, you will be shocked to see what the pelicans have played and won some opponents.

I’m very hungry. Once a team like him starts to attack, he won’t consider who the opponent is. In other words, it’s a neuropathy team, a professional neurotic team. We must be careful of this kind of player. This kind of team should not touch as much as possible. We will talk about the team in the East. The pattern of the East, 1234567, basically, has shown that the teams outside the playoffs are from 9 to 15. If they can’t beat him, they will not play shamelessly. They will line up at 103045, and they will focus on faces. The Bulls team is a typical player in a sense. It’s easy for me to rely on hundreds of millions of typical representatives. These players, ah, want to play seriously, want to play in the playoffs, and have exposure for themselves. First of all, it must be because they may not be able to play a big contract with the bulls, but they can find new owners and have a better platform in the playoffs. Flash out, but the Bulls team, he does not want to see this happen, he only superstitious, one is to take the top all the draft right, take, high ranking, players, because of this team, you just play good results are not necessarily.

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76 face difficulties in winning the championship

These excellent teams, champion teams, these players, ah, these players in the champion teams. Which players, performance, fair, which players are not satisfactory, very, unfortunately, hofford, disaster performance is not satisfactory in the range, I often enter the data field of ten games, but very few rebounds, few assists. He also lost in succession. Recently, he lost two games in a row at home. So, some people should take responsibility for these demands. Unfortunately, hofford took this part of the responsibility. He took the high salary of 25 million and nearly 30 million. Obviously, it was not qualified. Obviously, it was not qualified.timg (4)


Our summer, when we said, ah, skin care for, skin care contract is expected to be 75 million in four years can not exceed 75 million in four years, 75 million can not be more than five 75 million this number, ah, in the end, ah, give us the fact, don’t give us a heavy blow, ah, four. 1.1124 set 100 million. I remember correctly, it is more than 25 million. It increases by 1.2 million every year, which is close to 30005 million tons. But now you say 25 million, for example, 30 million, that is to say, 25 million. At present, every game has five rebounds, five assists and nearly 10 games. It must be unqualified. Ah, it must be unqualified. Then we have to say, ah, I am not here. I have no doubt about hofford’s ability. First of all, we say that I have no doubt about the ability of hofford. I give him 75 million yuan in four years, mainly considering the age of his beating him. This is the third and fourth year. In the first two years of competitive state, I don’t think it’s a problem to get 25 million yuan. Then, the sum of 250025 million yuan is 50 million yuan, right? In the third year and the fourth year, how can we add up to 15 million yuan a year can’t exceed 8000 yuan, which is a maximum

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a Laker team

Let’s talk about the second game of the Christmas War. It should be held at the same time, right? The Los Angeles twins clippers and the Lakers. This game, ah, I really think it’s boring and boring. Why do you say that? The two teams, um, these two teams, have great attitude problems. Well, I don’t know whether they will seriously play this game. I always think I always think that I should be. Wow, take out 100 points. 100 efforts, at least 80% efforts, take this seriously. Most players in the game should be like this, but you can see that the recent games or the whole more than 20 games and nearly three games are like this. The most cynical are the two teams, um.


The clippers, a Laker team, the team’s continuous, digging holes, I have analyzed the game, this kind of, ah, or is really not good, but he hit the first in the west, you can’t say that he is not good, right, or is the attitude problem, I say the Laker team is attitude problem, the whole attitude ah. It’s a very problematic team, right? Cynical. Ah, it doesn’t want to give 82 regular season games, make a version, try to solve the battle quickly and enter the playoff mode directly. Ah, it starts to kill. Ah, 82 games are really long, for these old bones. It’s not a small test, they keep good, the whole staff is neat, avoid injury is their most important task, but we can see, ah, repeatedly, dig a hole, pretend to die in the first half of 2123, sleepwalking, which is basically like this, relying on the third quarter to rely on the fourth quarter.

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Paul succeeded in revenge

I said, the team in the second half of the competition area, we said that the team rate in the second half of the season may be the Mavericks and the thunder team, as well as some other teams. But if the Spurs can also play, I think if the Spurs can play, they can also become an object that needs to be studied, so where to go after work is ray. Well, yes, he has real strength. He has the first half, the division, and the strength to reach the second half of Symbian. But in the end, I don’t know whether he can reach the fourth and fifth. Well, we’ll see it then. Well, in the first half, we said that only the Nuggets, only the Nuggets, are weak teams. My team, play is relatively easy, the first half of the season those teams, ah, the second half of the competition area had better not meet thunder, ah, meet the Mavericks is the most happy, so if the Grizzlies can come in to play Grizzlies, then the thunder team is, in the second half, take the team that I think is the strongest, then the troublemakers play the thunder team, it is also the same, it is strong right. Yes, the winning rate of the missile against the last strong team is 50%. Although it seems to be a reversal, a counter attack, and so on, in fact, the missile pair often has this kind of short-circuit phenomenon, and there are insufficient power supply and overload of power supply. He often does this, so don’t study it.

timg (8)

It’s meaningless. Just take a look. It’s better not to encounter missiles. Yes, those teams that want to win the championship. It’s better not to encounter trouble because it doesn’t play routine with you. How to say the second game is more important. It turns out that it’s a meaningless game reaction. Play into suspense, hard hit, focus game suspense, hard, hit the focus of the game, the last game of the pioneers team on the Warriors team, ah, this ball is really wonderful, the pressure of the high ridge 60 plus points, and, the impact of the game, say ah, high, cut 60 plus you have to win the game, otherwise you you you you your college entrance examination 70 points 80 points. If you can’t get into the game, it’s a tragedy. It’s a negative teaching material. Please don’t be too surprised. Oh, I’ll tell you that the Blazers team, ah, is basically out of the playoffs. Basically, unless Nur’s information is available, before the fire line comes back, it says before the All-Star game, come back. I’ll see how you pay. Ah, when you come out, I believe you can rush into the playoffs, but you can’t come out. Well, that’s what the Blazers are like. Well, even though Mike doesn’t have the microphone with lidadel’s double gun power to play in the playoffs, the results in the past years are not good, but I want to tell you that now, this team is not as brave as it used to be, and its playing method is too simple.

the group Kwai Chung praised the player

I believe you don’t care too much about the victory. The heat don’t care too much about the missiles. They just care about the clippers and the Lakers. Then the Lakers are not dynamic and don’t say much. Anyway, it’s so difficult to play us in the playoffs. I said, again, mainly about the fast hand, the first successful, trading, parents crying Maurice to torture what data, we have seen, many of our programs this year, ah, including the group Kwai Chung praised the player, uh replied. Can be close to 20 points, three-point shooting rate of more than 400000, but also can shoot 2.6 2.7 per game, not worse than Dell fans, not worse than Duncan’s efforts. This is a very excellent player, the key is that he has psychological advantages for James, the Clippers side.

I can tell you responsibly that if the Clippers are not injured, it will be the finals team this year. The Laker fans may not be happy, but you have to accept the facts and face the reality and wait for the opportunity to flash. Now, how strong is the Clippers? I tell you, there is no team in the West that can win the Clippers in the normal, opposite and inferior position. He now has more three-point shooters, and the strength of the front line is also strong, both inside and outside are balanced. Don’t discuss it any more. His interior line is in accordance with his taste, whether it is excellent or not. This is no longer important. Even if the missiles, the clippers have to fight outside to shoot three-point hits, and the three-point hit rate is not the Clippers’ opponent. It is really self humiliating. In this transaction, the Clippers did not pay any price, I simply said. With a handwheel ring for a championship finals ticket is very cost-effective, value, very high, then the Lakers have no chance, there is no possibility that the answer is yes, but the balance of victory has been reversed, to the side of the clippers, the Lakers want kidney.

timg (12)

Inside or inside, or the winning magic weapon and life gate of the Lakers, the Lakers still have a kausins to form four inside lines to play double towers. This is the only hope of the Lakers. There is no second way. Let’s talk about it later.