Brave men are brave and brave!

Let’s talk about the warriors. So far, we haven’t done much for the warriors since the finals. The main reason is that, in the case of the Lakers and the Rockets, well, some defense teams in the east also have problems about losing their leadership. The Raptors, ah, really don’t take enough care of the warriors. So we said in this program that some warriors, warriors and warriors fans are also in this fan group. The operation is not a few, but also the majority. So, in this program, we have a single program to say that some warriors fans are just concerned about the future of the warriors, right? Next year, there is no expectation. We are mainly looking forward to the 2010-21 season.


What kind of changes, then, er, consulting us or asking questions for us, ah, thank these netizens for their trust in us, right? Your question? Ah, your request is the driving force for us to move forward, or some warriors are right about this question. Let’s look at it this way. If summer is of course a high probability event, if the warriors take the lead in the summer, Durant and Thomson, plus Curry’s contract salary cap does not change significantly, then Green’s contract is basically. The warriors are getting farther and farther away. We should talk about this issue from the near and the far

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