“American Spring Festival Gala” comes again. Who is the champion? It’s the least important thing

The 52nd “super bowl” of the United States was held at the United Bank Stadium in Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win the final title.

But for Chinese audiences, the appeal of rugby matches is still less than that of midfield star performances and advertisements, and NFL is only remembered in China on the day of Super Bowl.

What’s more, because this year’s “super bowl” was not held during the new year, after the freshness faded, the overall attention of social networks is not as good as before.


NFL has set up an office in China as early as 2007, which has been nearly 12 years. However, it is an embarrassing fact that most Chinese people’s impression of NFL is still outside the competition, watching concerts and advertisements.

In the view of Yang Ruiqi, general manager of NFL China, it’s a shortcut to attract more “traffic” if you want to really get attention in China like NBA.

“We are still promoting NFL through media, especially social media. On Weibo, we will publish a video collection of the game, telling the audience what excellent teams and players the NFL has, so that they can learn more about football. “