America decided to withdraw troops from Iran and raise the alert level

American Embassy in Iraq announced on the 15th that the American State Department has ordered the American non-emergency staff of the Embassy in Iraq and the Consulate in the Kurdish Autonomous Region (Kurdistan) city of Erbil to evacuate from Iraq. Earlier, the U.S. Central Command issued a statement saying that in response to potential threats from Iran, the U.S. military would raise its alert levels in Iraq and Syria.

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In response to the decision to withdraw from Iraq, senior US State Department officials said anonymously that Iraqi armed personnel “under the leadership and control of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard” were threatening American personnel in Iraq, which was “directly related to Iran”, so it was a reasonable decision to withdraw part of the American personnel in Iraq.

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Faced with the rapidly rising tensions in the Middle East, Dan Mahafi, deputy director of the Center for Congressional Research and the President of the United States, said that this opened a dangerous gap for misjudgments between allies and agents of the United States, Iran or both sides. Although some of Trump’s advisers supported stronger action, Trump himself was sceptical about sending troops to the Middle East.



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