Abandoned Owen!

Let’s talk about basketball and nets vs. Grizzlies vs. Er, this game was also taken to watch. I added a little at half-time. Let’s talk about my personal feelings. I played three games, the nets played three games, Owen scored and scored three. The average score is 30 points per game. Of course, how many points can you get in the end? Is it not very clear? But from my personal point of view, if I come to know Owen, it is very likely that this year, Owen will have a very good chance to reach the scoring king. We have to go to see, because in the early years, Owen had this ability. But without this, he left the Cavaliers and joined the Celtic team after leaving James. But, ah, Owen, ah, chose to be a character like James, or chose to take the road of James. He wanted to become a blank.


Well, the absolute core of the team is all-round, Wang, right? But in fact, it is, er, in this respect, it is slightly inferior, right? Er, we have been saying that if Owen reaches the scoring king this year, I think it is right and should be ah, Owen has such strength, but he has no idea. Realize that you are as like as two peas.

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