A chance to play after work

The second, also, insinuates the first, the condition is that your physical condition is good. If your physical condition is not good, you can’t have enough, um, enough balls. At last, when you hit the back, we said that Anthony’s 60 home pitches were almost aimless, and the ball couldn’t be played. It really couldn’t be played.

This netizen, er, said that KULI ah often clocks 50 points in three quarters and doesn’t have a chance to play after work. We have to analyze this problem. Does a player have a lot of time and opportunities in his whole career and long career? Can’t he get 60 players in one game? Obviously. It’s not an excuse. It’s feeble to say this kind of excuse.

I’m a member of Kobe’s team. You have to tell them that you three Capricorns clock out and get off work, so you can’t reach 60. So how did Kobe’s 81 score come from? How did so many 60 come from. Also, is it a cheat? Is it Iverson, Kobe bridge, Iverson, Coby, O’Neill, McGrady, or something like that? They have never pruned the clock to get off work? If we all want to attribute these factors to, ah, curry Durant.

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