Who has the ability to score and explode

There is no super, the scoring point is the player who has no explosive ability to score. We can take a look at today’s game. We can continue to count Rochelle’s 20 points, Tatum’s 20 points, and others are 178 points. For the jazz, it’s actually OK. At least Mitchell and Michelle are absent from Owen. In fact, the jazz is also such a problem.

Frankly speaking, the problem is the same with Celtic. The types of these two teams are the same, except that the jazz has a super interior in defense. It’s slightly different from Celtic, but the problem is tangled. I’m also here with my sister. I’m superstar Shao, who has the ability to score and explode. Shao, don’t drive a second time.

Today, he scored 278 points, but it’s not his normal. I don’t say that the evaluation of a player must be efficient and stable, good game and bad game. A game of this kind of player, in general, can only fall into the stereotype. I just don’t have much concern about efficiency and stability.

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It’s just that after the first round of the playoffs

Yes, the Rockets, too bad, now the Rockets, no matter from the composition of the personnel or tactics, are quite backward, and those who scramble into Kazakhstan can’t bring it. I think Kobe Bryant in 2006 also led the Laker team. It’s true. Ah Dou, who can’t help himself, can’t be used as much as he can. Kobe is better than Kobe.

He averages 35 per game. It’s just that after the first round of the playoffs, he entered the playoffs and was kicked out. What can I do. Now, in the era of the big three, the big four, and even, no, no giant, it’s too difficult for us to look at one person of ha ha.

Harden, we are about equal to Kobe’s analogy with Kobe, although, er, this size is less than Kobe. High height, but in terms of personal scoring ability, harden’s, er, and Kobe’s, er, how to say, are relatively close, er, it’s a little unsatisfactory, but it’s also very excellent. It seems that he has now reached the position of scoring king with an average of 31.5 points per game, and the second place is Durant’s third place.

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What position do you position these players

Then I’m going to ask this netizen, ah, you say James first, since Simmons is now a guard, ah, Simmons is not the third position, this is called this, I want to ask so many players in history what position do you position these players, right? That is Duncan. Duncan, is he a center or a power forward? When Durant entered the league, he played as a guard and a shooting guard. Now he plays as a small forward.

You ask him whether he is No.3 or No.2, including Ingram now. You are also interested in these positions. What’s your understanding of these positions? Moving forward, Iverson played number one when he entered the league, point guard. In 2000, he played point guard under coach brown. These are all historical changes. These are conventions.

When the Rockets Battier, Artest, McGrady, you said three people are what position, you give me points, clear these three people on the court at the same time who play who who who play what position, this is not nonsense, it is really nonsense.

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