the Raptors are in the dominant position

Let’s talk about our support for the Raptors. No matter what, we will continue to tell us silently that support is one aspect, right? Strength is one aspect, right. On the other hand, emotion, devotion, or liking degree are on the other hand. Ah, this is not a conflict. I hope you can understand what Wang is, right? The current situation is that the Raptors are in the dominant position. Well, for this, er, Wang Wang team, the staffing is better than the warrior currency. However, everything has to wait. After Durant comes back, he will have a look at the real level of the two teams. Durant is now in a serious problem. I don’t think the injury is so simple. As we said before, it’s not so simple. It’s not so easy to be in a hurry. It’s not like pulling injuries when he comes back. It’s a serious injury, but it’s easy to repeat. Ah, I’m sure Durant won’t play for this one game. It’s possible to play five games, six games, seven games early to leave injuries and damage his career.

It’s not worth the loss. So, tomorrow’s game will be wonderful


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Big card changes!

Finally, let’s take a look at the road.

These, brain damage powder, right or wrong, I don’t really know whether it is true to see, handsome Raptors or really, can’t see us these cobblers, right? I said before, ah, boastful, said the puppet strong team, right? I believe a lot of netizens. Some netizens, ah, have always held this view, right? We don’t talk much, say enough people, and fight hard. Now we look at the 3-1 lead, even if it is turned over, even if Durant’s comeback is very small, raptors I am very responsible to tell you, the Raptors team. You can’t say that he is a fake strong team, a pseudo strong team playing warriors, playing three to one for a strong team to play in the finals, winning the cup for the pseudo strong team, ah, winning the cup for the team, and other teams, the Raptors, the pseudo strong team, then the Rockets, the warriors, the 76ers and the Celtics, what is that. Dregs, rubbish,


I can’t predict. Who knows? Who can? Foresee? Can’t meet? Look at the two teams, ah, the winning and losing are half and half, half a dozen. Ah, at this time, you can only rely on experience to judge, and can only rely on your own good luck to judge. For example, the 76ers and the Raptors, which are similar to each other, can play in the finals. The 76ers can also play against the warriors. The probability of winning is concentrated in the position between the Raptors and the bucks. It’s also higher than someone, a little bit lower than bucks. Focus on this position, but you finally choose, 76 people or so. Do you believe in 76 people or with little panda? We’re just lucky. We just have a better vision

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Raptors! Champion!

The sixth game of the finals is over. I believe everyone has watched it. It’s 11:50 on the spot. Lyonnard is ready to take the MVP trophy of S, and he is hugging van Flett and Daniel Green. Er, there’s nothing to say. I still think that the Raptors are too hard to beat. I think that half of the time, I also think, curry, Thomson, ah, great enough to drag on, and there’s a chance to win. It’s too strong, the warriors are so powerful. It’s true. Ah, we’ve all said before that the Raptors want to win, the boundless warriors, it’s the advantage game of the u-cup, the silver plate, and if the Raptors go to play the moderate warrior captain, it’s a losing game, because of this.


No, well, Xichang doesn’t know what to do. I personally think that even if you can’t play in the seventh game, the warriors can’t fight the Raptors. Again, the Raptors are not rookies. They are not rookies. They have to be turned over one to three. Ah, the probability is quite low. I just shared it with you in the group. I also believe in miracles, but compared with probability, I believe more in probability. Well, classic, 2018-19 season, the finals, ah, a few happy, worried, ah, but the warriors are really strong enough to get. Respect, then, the Raptors have completed a season of surprise attack, ah, through the early season, gambling, er nade, in the middle of the season, the small family swallowed the contract of more than 30 million

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