Magic Johnson’s operation been mentioned

I’m not you. It’s Anthony Davis. I have to. But this kind of operation is very powerful. It’s inferior. It’s very low-grade. Almost no fool. These are all human beings. If you operate like this, everyone knows that the team of the Lakers is three. Ah, it’s not the 2.5 giant. The 2.5 giant is not enough. So, you can talk about Leonard, Jimi Butler, and also say that Jabari Parker also used this saying thing, that is, obviously, it’s just ringing around and stealing information. To hide one’s ears and steal a bell, when people are all idiots, ah, all idiots. Finally, to sum up, ah, four first round signings can keep a young player, but ah, I can’t flatter you. Why has Magic Johnson’s operation been mentioned in previous programs? Well, look forward to the smooth completion of the transaction. That is to say, the deal can be done or not, because Anthony Davis is in the third tier in our framework of recruitment. The third tier is Thomson plus green, ah Thomson, or green or Tang Seng, or isolation. This is the first tier, ah, you, of course, you can’t go from there.


It’s unrealistic to dig both the two players in the first gear. We just say that it’s the first level in terms of pros and cons. The second level is Leonard and Jimmy Butler. Ah, you can also take the beautiful packaging. Thompson and Leonard, or Thompson jajinwei Butler, it’s not a problem. The third level. Anthony, Davis and Owen, this is the third gear. As for why, it’s 123. We’ve all said that before. You can translate it into not saying much here, or it will be a long speech.

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Kobe’s rings was sold

Specificity, there is no doubt that we need to make up for all the money before, right? I helped you to win three championships and three FMV Pu, which proved that my value can not be unlimited. Ah, if you win ten or eight champions, you don’t need to talk about professional players. I’ll tell you that professional players still make money in the end. The only purpose is to win the championship to make money. It’s all for this, this, and beauty. Ah, that’s the truth. How much is a ring worth if you have ten eight champions, ten eight trophies, ten eight rings, and one ring? One of Kobe’s rings was sold by her mother for only 50000 dollars, 50000 dollars or 80000 dollars. I forget. 580000 or 200000, even if it’s 200000, 2 times 7 is 1.4 million yuan. How much is it worth? It’s not worth money. In the end, I still need to transform it into influence and other things. James makes 80 million yuan a year. I remember seeing it two days ago.


Er, with this report, I still listen to the host program. James is now the sixth largest earner in the world. Athletes earn $80 million a year, and their wages are 30 million, 3800, 300, 78 million, and so on. We won’t talk about the company’s operation and this kind of income

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Wind, fire, thunder and lightning!

If you can’t make a good start, you can send Gordon up. In case of failure, Gordon doesn’t have a very low percentage of hits in the second of the clock 12. Go to see brother. His experience is not as good as last year, right? The percentage of hits, the chance drops suddenly. So the player is unstable. It’s suitable to disrupt the war. Ah, once we get to the last moment, we can’t find the opponent. When we are in the north, we can’t do anything. In this case, the advantage of this kind of player will be brought into play. You look like Lu Weiwei’s face and this kind of thing. Crawford, and so on, ah, are all chaos experts, ah, can’t play the first start is certainly not up, can’t the Lakers, right? But when playing on the bench to play rotation, the advantage of playing this kind of player is reflected. So Gordon personally thinks that it should be put on the bench, and also enhanced. Do you remember, this kind of impact, ah, do another job of this kind of insurance, insurance measures are not, er Er, Porter is more suitable for ah main players, the starting individual thinks so, but we said that this player is easy to be injured, so we should take these players out of the field.


The time is evenly distributed. If you go to Porter, Paul Gordon, green, or tucktucktuck, you won’t be able to count it. Even if you include Hadden, you should control their time. Yes, a little bit more other players, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit smaller, about 25 or six minutes. Ah, furio’s and Tucker’s can try hard to build. These two players have very good physical quality

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The ultimate secret of basketball?

Basketball is the ultimate secret of the world. It’s all about the confrontation between Paul, George and Hardon. Ah, the proposition of this article is very big. Let’s first talk about how long an article can be written and how well organized it is. It’s really good to say a thumb, but for some basic concepts. Well, I still hold a negative attitude, so I put it out. It’s for sure that we won’t say it, right? It’s not to challenge God, right? Listen to me. I mean, Hadden and Paul George have now turned his passive skills into active skills. What’s passive.


Ah, it’s killing and fouls. It’s three points. It’s forced out to throw. It’s also called passive skills. Active skills are scoring skills. Simple, you can have a look. I’m still carrying the central idea. The first question is to ask the readers. Basketball, what is the most efficient in the world? Of course, we must be saying that we have scored, what is the highest efficiency, ah, there is no doubt that it is a dunk. Ah, this is the original words of the author. There is no doubt that it is a dunk. When I see it here, I want to ask the first question about dunk. It is really basketball efficiency and score. Is this the most efficient? I would like to ask, this thing? I feel that if you write this way, you will not dunk first

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NBA and the U.S

Of course, it’s more difficult because Wei Shao’s jealousy is the scoring king. It’s more difficult to bring three double records. In addition, we won’t talk about the records of other technical teams, such as Chamberlain’s 100 points, 100 points. If it’s printed, it won’t come out. Ah, if it’s printed, it won’t come out. Ah, I’ve seen some players in the NBA and the U.S. second League two days ago. So it’s not necessarily impossible for a single game to get the results right. It’s more difficult to break, including Stockton’s assists record. Paul said two days ago, how many assists his record has been made and how many places he has been ranked. He said that it reminds him of those who are absent and how many games he has missed in the regular season. Stockton, this assists, record is also difficult to surpass, but any giraffe is really difficult to break, very sad, very difficult, ah, so we need to know this thing clearly, so we always said that James to get the historical scoring king is very, very important, more important than the championship.


Well, this is unique and irreplaceable. No one can argue with you. Since there is no argument, you are the king. Just like Jordan’s world can play, it’s the king. The king doesn’t really need to discuss. It’s very important for James to play in the playoffs and win the playoffs. Scoring, Wang, ah, now it’s the scoring king in all star game this year. Consolidate it. We need to break the scoring King record in the regular season, or break the scoring King record in the finals. The scoring king is not jealous

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Daniele Green’s strong

Raptors, is there any criticism on this point? Is it meaningful? I believe it should be meaningless. In droozan’s position, there are lyonnard and Daniele Green’s strong supplement in siacam. This, the players, also got a, ah, the quality improvement of the team. We have said in the previous program, er, not only the previous program, when the season starts, is the program in January. You can go and read our judgment on the Raptors team is siacam and anumobi.


It’s decided that the upper limit of raptors is where hilkam, a player we really appreciate, has also played a very good performance this season. He has been won the best band award of the week by the media or fans. Fingernails are still menstruation, these several games, ah, recently, these more than 20 games also played a very good performance, continuous, praised, this player is very good, oh, very good, now do not see any malkanin Collins fox ah, and so on these young players were kicked up and then put forward. So this year is just, er, Dongxi Qi has played very well, including Eton. For his evaluation, the popularity has been overwhelmed by this thing, ah, the fastest player, the progress award

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Rockets may be as good as

Can you put Gordon on the bench, Gordon, as a player, we said that he is good at playing chaos. In the new environment, if you can’t play well, you must be on the bench. We can see that there are still 20 games in the back. We can see Gordon’s efficiency.


I believe that in this position, if you adapt well, you can play this state of last season. Gordon is good at disrupting war. Some players are good at disrupting war, just like, er, Williams is the same. He never plays first, but he is very good at substituting. Now, Luwei, I have a look at the antibacterial drugs reaching 20 points. Have I misjudged that 20 points should be close to 20 points in less than 30 minutes? What efficiency? But if you can’t play the main force, it’s a mess. There’s no tactics. In this situation, it’s Hu Da. Troublemaker, if you don’t have tactics, you have to answer, just like Ginobili of the Spurs, but no tactics. Popovich doesn’t arrange tactics. Ginobili is tactics. If you go up, you are to stir up the game for me. Up is, er, as a cavalry. I think the Rockets may be as good as d’antony now expects. It’s the same to be able to advance to the playoffs. Last year, this kind of strength can be comparable to last year’s strong team. Now there is still shanbert who can’t think of it.

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NB, you can’t look at it

t’s the same importance as any champion. James did it himself. He said it himself. It’s not what we said, but it’s exactly the same as our anticipation. In NBA games, there are champions every year, right? And the competition is very fierce. You can’t always win the cup, right? The competition for the championship is that everyone wants to fight for the championship. This idea is very good.


Yes, or it’s the primary stage of watching the ball. It’s because the champion also depends on the number of champions. If we have more champions than anyone else, the following one will never become the first person in history, right? LaSalle has already climbed Jordan’s head, and Jabbar is on the same level with Jordan. That’s what it means. So let’s watch the game. NB, you can’t look at it with this kind of idea. Then there will be many events like this. Games and characters will have wrong predictions. But why do we say this moment? Well, in our eyes, it doesn’t mean how big it is. It’s significant because James is going to go to the No. 1 scoreboard in history, to surpass Jabbar, to get 40000 points, oh, 40000 may be a little big, and then 39000 will surpass Jabbar to reach the first in history

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The pioneers are still the historical background after all!

We haven’t said a lot about the Blazers all season, maybe because there are few fans for the Blazers, but there are also individual mentions. Lulu, let’s talk about it in a unified way. Is it really the pioneers’ fans? No problem? Where are Li Na’s fans? No, well, so when we do this kind of show, I don’t know who to listen to, so I don’t believe it. But if some netizens raise the topic, we’ll say more good words. Let’s talk about it when we have to. So let’s talk about my personal views on the Blazers. We said before that the Blazers and the Spurs are the touchstone of the west, right? We repeatedly stressed that you can play the playoffs now, right? There is no one left behind, right? Some people still look down on the Spurs and say that Mazz can’t reach the playoffs at the beginning of the season.


How many fans yell and see, the Spurs are right, they’ve given the Lakers this, um, and that Timberwolves, right? The Timberwolves made a trade, and then we can see that the Timberwolves will play wild tomorrow without any disease in Butler’s case. I said this medicine responsibly. I didn’t think that Downes and Wiggins could waste their lives. If they had, they would have jumped. I must be Tang poetry. I could play the playoffs. I was also given by Jimmy Butler. Although this word is not used very well, you have to be grateful. You should thank Jimmy Butler for giving me another chance next year, and then you can answer the playoffs for yourself. Can you play the playoffs under the circumstances of these personnel structure? So there is no absolute strength or leadership.

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Which box office is higher!

Let’s talk about it again. We’ll see. We’ll see it later. Now, well, we’re not listening to this. We’re all watching the live broadcast at this time. Let’s talk about another game. The score we see now is Nuggets vs. thunder, 56-52, 4 points ahead. The thunder team is really going to die now. In my personal opinion, in the recent 34 games, it’s just watching the warriors’ ranking playing. If the warriors win, I’ll lose. If the warriors lose, I’ll win. Anyway, you’re in the first place. I’ll go to Dubai. In the second, I’ll go to the sixth and seventh district. I’ll take you out in the first round.


Well, I feel this meaning. Now the Rockets have fallen to the fourth position. Well, er, it’s the two D and ah, the early fight between the second brother and the third brother, ah, the script of this year. I think it’s very possible. Big brother Zan, second brother and third brother are fighting each other in four days. Ah, it’s very interesting. This is very interesting. I think this script should be well written. We always say that the NBA can tell the best story in the past ten years. Ah, two of them are called James 10, James 10 is James’ eight years in the East. Then the second story is about thunder three little. It seems very interesting that three scoring kings, three MVPs, including Durant’s running away. Ah, the controversial runaway, the little, the bloody, the unfair, the sudden rise of harden, the talent of alignment, and the story of three young thunder

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