Do you know the Hamburg aircraft interior design and equipment exhibition?

Germany Hamburg International aircraft interior design and equipment exhibition relx The group is the world’s largest aircraft interior industry exhibition and the leader of the global market in the aircraft interior industry. It has gathered many famous airlines, top suppliers and professionals in the aircraft interior industry in Europe and the world. The latest aircraft interior design, leisure and entertainment facilities in flight, communication and passenger service will be displayed at the exhibition.


In the last exhibition, 500 companies from 70 countries participated, and 11000 visitors visited the Hamburg International Exhibition of aircraft interior design and equipment.

Scope of exhibits

Related to aircraft interior design: Cabin management system, cleaning, cockpit door, connector, design studio, environmental system / air conditioning, fastener, finishing, floor, food / food service equipment, kitchen and kitchen equipment, hardware, in-flight entertainment and communication, indoor paint and anti-corrosion, toilet and waste equipment, lighting / LED, materials, OEM / aircraft manufacturer, storage open Pins, plastic molds, power supplies, refrigeration, repair and refurbishment, safety, emergency and safety, seats, services / consultants, signage and billboards, upholstery and textile, acoustic equipment, uniforms, curtains and shutters, wiring and fiber optics

Wu Lei’s handsome young oil painting is classical and elegant

Wu Lei, who grew up in the camera, has profound facial features and increasingly distinct edges and corners. He has a pair of affectionate eyes that are fearless, alert and warm in a scarlet. Oil painting like handsome young man, sitting quietly in front of a white wall, with red and green as a companion, like the people in meticulous painting, clean classical and elegant. Wu Lei, who has a three-point gentle and steady sense of gentleness, has become a bright young man in the sun. He becomes friends with mischievous Mickey Mouse and roams in time with the naive and naive self hidden in his heart. From the invincible youth of sunshine and vitality to the full-fledged youth spirit, there are many surprises from Wu Lei.




Ice hockey mania again how to build the most successful season in ten years

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Among the 31 teams in the NHL League, hurricane Carolina has been unknown for many years, with no particularly commendable results or superstars. Even if we return to the playoffs 10 years later this year, many people don’t think the team can go far. However, hurricane fans don’t think so. They not only believe in the team, but also enjoy every game.

It’s not too late to go back to the playoffs in 10 years

Four or five hours before the start of hurricane’s first playoff home game, fans have driven to the parking lot outside the stadium, eating barbecue, listening to songs, drinking beer and playing various games. From time to time, there was a smell of roast pork on the grill, Kanye West and country music were playing in the car, and the parking lot had obviously become a playoff carnival for fans.

It’s unbelievable for the players who have come to the team soon. Because they think the fans here have lost faith in them. Center Sebastian aho said: “I’ve heard stories about how great the fans are here. In the two years I just came here, what I saw was obviously different from what I heard before. But now, I really see it. ”

When Hurricane won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 2006, it successfully ignited Carolina’s passion for ice hockey, but then it cooled down as the team’s performance declined. From 2009 to now, the hurricane team that hasn’t entered the playoffs in 10 years seems to be abandoned by fans.

MLB home run competition prediction: strange rookie Alonso has won the championship? Little Guerrero or black horse

In every All-Star game week’s events and programs, in addition to the main match, the home run competition is the most noticeable one. With the rise of the “flying ball revolution” in the league, there are many strong hitters. The players in this homerun competition include the new players such as Peter Alonso, little Vladimir Guerrero, Josh bell and little Ronald acunia, as well as the old Jianghu such as Alex Bregman, Carlos Santana, jock Peterson and Matt Chapman.

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The eight contestants have different physique, technical style and tactical characteristics. Who among them can stand out and win the home run championship in 2019? Tencent sports also invited eight authors to make predictions on the final results for the reference of audience friends.

Akadimer: this season Josh bell has had an explosion in his career. He has hit 26 home runs so far. He’s not only good at home runs, he’s also good at quality. Two home runs of more than 470 feet, no one else in the league can match except Norma mazara. According to statcast, Bell’s strike speed and long-distance ability are all the best in the league. From the distribution of home run, Bell’s fall point is almost evenly distributed in every corner of the field. Compared with the strong hitter, Bell’s feature will be dominant in the home run competition. Considering the long-distance ability and comprehensive hit coverage, bell has the hope to stand out from the competitors and win the home run championship.

Pakistan railway’s military rushed out to rescue the Dutch beauty pageant. The scene was unbearable

According to the Russian satellite news agency on February 10, Pakistan’s military rushed to rescue the Dutch beauty pageant. Pakistani sources said the scene at that time was simply intolerable.


On February 9 local time, the Pakistani military helicopter rescued lotta hintsa, a Finnish citizen known as Miss Finland 2013, from the summit, along with her American boyfriend Donald Bowie. Donald Bowie wrote on his instagram page that the reason he was evacuated was because he had pneumonia. It is reported that the Pakistani military returned to them from Mount Bharat. Bharat peak is the third highest peak of Karakoram mountain and the 12th highest peak in the world. It is one of the highest peaks in the world, with an altitude of 8051 meters. It is located at the border between Pakistan and the second largest country in the world. Its original code is K3. Subsequently, a Finnish website further clarified that from May to June 2019, hintsa and Bowie tried to conquer Pakistan’s gashubrumu 2 peak, but both failed.

Pakistan’s military sent out helicopters to evacuate the two men, including lotta hintsa, who was Miss Finland in 2013. Lotta hintsa was only 24 years old and majored in finance and economics at Jyvaskyla University in Finland. Her father is McLaren team doctor akiinsta. She took part in Miss Finland trials without her father’s knowledge, and finally won, and represented in Miss Universe 2013. Hintsa also had a brief relationship with British driver Lewis Hamilton.

Steve Young: Shanahan needs to trust quarterback garopolo more

If the San Francisco 49ers win the super bowl, no one will question coach Kyle Shanahan’s decision not to call a timeout at the end of the first half. But given that 49 people were eventually reversed, the decision was questioned.

Steve Young, a 49 person celebrity, doubts that Shanahan still doesn’t trust quarterback Jimmy garopolo.

“I think he and Kyle have to develop trust,” Yang said in an interview. “It was hard for me to understand what happened before the end of the first half. If I’m a quarterback, you let the time pass. What are you expressing to me? It’s just my idea. I know you want to take a little time so you don’t have to give the ball back to Patrick mahome. I understand that, but how about leaving some time for me? This makes me feel that the current relationship between the two needs to be nurtured, and the two sides need to build trust. ”

“Look, I always think about what would happen if I were on the court. What would I think? I feel like ‘Hey, wait a minute, give me the ball.’ So they have to find a way to continue building trust on the current basis. ”


Garopollo made only three passes in the fourth quarter, winning 36 yards. One pass was intercepted and the quarterback scored only 2.8.

Young praised garopollo for taking responsibility for his poor performance in the fourth quarter and hoped that he would continue to grow as a result.

“Jimmy doesn’t know his ceiling,” Young said. “Keep playing and his upper limit will gradually show. People say, “I know his ceiling.” No, you don’t, because neither does Jimmy nor Kyle. You can feel like you know it, but you need to show it. “

Mlb29 live video of the final battle between two old players

At 07:15 on September 29, Beijing time, there will be a civil war in the central region of the League of nations. The Chicago Cubs will visit St. Louis to challenge their old rivals, the Cardinals. This is the second in a series of three games between the two sides.


Review of war situation

The cubs beat the cardinals in the first game of the series, and finally stopped the disastrous nine consecutive defeats, but the rest of the series is meaningless. Poor pitchers may be the first factor for the cubs to miss the playoffs, starting rotation or aging or declining, major bullpen pitchers or declining state or injuries. They lost only 558 points in the 2016 championship season. This season, 702 points were lost in 160 games.

And the cardinal suffered three consecutive defeats, 90-70 to continue to rank the top of the division. The Cardinals are still 1.0 games ahead, but they haven’t been able to secure the division title yet, as the brewer has ended a seven game winning streak. One of the success of the season for the Cardinals is that they have more advantages in the regional civil war and 45-29 against the central division of the League of nations. The cubs were 36-38.

To break the gender gap, women’s refereeing will appear in NHL Alliance

For Kirsten Welsh, returning to the ice is an exciting event. After hard work, Welsh will make history and become one of the first female referees in the NHL League.

In a telephone interview, Welsh said, “I think it’s something I want to do, something I’ve always cared about. It’s very grateful to have the opportunity to pursue this dream that was once out of reach. ” In the position of referee, Welsh is fearless.

“Sometimes it’s very strange for the male players on the field. A female referee will rush to the crowd and try to separate the players. In the previous game, I was pushed to the border wall. It’s really interesting. I’m excited to be able to show up on the field. Here are these excellent athletes. ”

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Welsh, 22, from Canada, played for Robert Morris University in NCAA as a full back. Welsh became a pathfinder in the history of ice hockey and the first female referee selected by the NHL League. In addition, Katie Guay, Kendall Hanley and Kelly Cooke became the first female judges selected.

The four women referees participated in the NHL’s annual refereeing program in Buffalo last month. Of all 89 applicants, 11 were women. As a result, the NHL League has become the last of the four major sports professional leagues to hire female referees. The NBA has female referees since 1997, followed by MLB, which became the first female referee in 2000. NFL hired its first female referee in 2015.

High speed baseball hits the face. Yankee player Voith runs back to score before he retreats from injury

In Saturday’s New York Yankees game against Colorado Rockies, Yankee player Luke Voight was hit by a pitcher who threw a baseball straight into his face.

In the fourth set of the game, the pitcher Chad Bettis from Los Angeles shot 91.4 miles an hour, hitting Voith directly in the jaw. However, after being hit, Voith initially stayed on the court.

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In this case, teammate Austin Romine, the New York Yankees catcher, said in an interview that anyone who knows about Voith will know that he will continue to play. His fight for the game is like a bull.

Voith asked to stay on the field after the coach and the team doctor checked the injury. Voith, who remained on the field, ran from first to third, then returned to home to score, helping the Yankees to lead 9-0. The Yankees won the game 11-5.

Soon after scoring, Voith was replaced because the game had already won, with temperatures at one point as high as 107 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius) due to the recent heat wave in the eastern United States. It is also a wise choice to replace Voith at this time.

Greg Olson, a close forward, will interview with Redskins and bill

On Monday, the Panther officially cut veteran close forward Greg Olsen. Four days ago, Olson and the Panther announced a peaceful termination.

Olson, 34, has a year left on his contract and a salary of $11.6 million. But now he has the autonomy to sign the next contract – whether with a new team or with a radio show.


Although Olson said in a statement that he “still loves football” and would like to sign up with competitive teams in the next few weeks, he has accumulated a certain amount of TV work experience before. He recently worked as an analyst for Fox Sports’ pre game programming.

Olson plans to interview bill and redskin this week, according to NFL Network. The coaches of both teams have worked with Panthers. Bill has Sean McDermott and Brandon bean, while red skin has Ron Rivera.

Olson has made 718 catches in his career, advancing 8444 yards and reaching 59 times in the formation, of which 524 catches, 6463 yards and 39 times in the formation came from the Black Panther period.